"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Who We Are

"It is only after time has been given for cool and deliberate reflection that the real voice of the people can be known."  

George Washington


FACE Intel Group Mission

To influence positive human resource policies and practices and create true long-term employment opportunities at Intel.  To influence Intel to abolish its predatory Ranking and Rating system and replace it with a true performance review system, which only be based on merits of employees performance.  To Influence Intel to stop age, disability, gender, race, and ethnicity discriminations.

The group was formed in early 1996 in Folsom, California. It was originally named AXEI (Associated X-Employees of Intel). We changed our name to FACE Intel which more accurately describes the makeup of our supporters: Former And Current Employees of Intel.

Our Membership/Supporters include more than just core members. It includes Families, Friends, Churches, Pro-Labor advocates, Labor activists, etc. Several pro-labor coalitions support our cause.

We were discriminated against by Intel because of our age, medical disability, ethnicity and/or race.

Our group members have been targeted, wrongfully terminated or have been forced out through Intel's ill employment practices.

We elected to "FACE Intel" as a group.

Our primary goal is to expose and help put an end to Intel’s discriminatory and predatory employment practices.

Some members of the group have filed civil suits against Intel to seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

We are actively seeking additional members through the Internet and other means.

The purpose of the Web Site is to identify, alert and rally Intel (and other electronic industry) employees so as to educate them as to the unsavory and discriminatory practices described above that have been perpetrated on us and may be perpetrated on them in the days, months and years to come. We also want to educate these individuals on how to survive downsizing and redeployment.



Age Discrimination

1.) Over 90% of terminated employees or employees who are forced to leave Intel are over the age of 40.

2.) Employees close to retirement age get targeted and  terminated.

3.) We know or believe that many of our jobs were filled by younger or contract/temporary employees.


Medical Disability Discrimination

1.) Employees who develop some sort of disability get targeted and terminated.

2.) Rather than accommodate our disability, we were targeted and terminated.

3.) Intel unjustly goes to any extent to keep the employees who are on Medical Leave Of Absence out of work until they terminate them.


Discrimination or Harassment Based on Race/Ancestry

Abusive power of Intel's Ranking and Rating system at disposal of unethical managers often victimizes employees of race and ethnicity groups.


Wrongful Termination

1.) Innocent employees get targeted and terminated because of annual 10% mandated quota system to weed out mostly the older employees.

2.) Targeted employees receive "Corrective Action Plan", a disciplinary action plan with unreachable goals.

3.) Intel destructively and systematically discharges many employees with excuse of falsified poor performance.


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