"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

The Intel Sweatshop Part II


FACE Intel has learned certain facts about the Intel Corporation, shameful and disgraceful facts that besmirch the conscience of the nation! 

FACE Intel has learned of multiple instances where full-time employees were laid-off and then brought back a few months later via Kelly Services and other temp agencies as part-time/temp workers.   

FACE Intel has learned of a complex smokescreen where Intel leverages a dismal economy to claim “headcount reduction through attrition” and then brutally targets and terrorizes employees using a predatory ranking and rating system [described elsewhere on this site] until the older employees breakdown and leave.  Intel then hires desperate and cheap new hires from a huge pool of laid-off workers and rehires them at one-half of their former salary as temp employees with zero benefits! And so Intel is cynically destroying the future of the American worker by denying them: 

  • Benefits
  • Unemployment
  • Holidays
  • Vacation time
  • Overtime
  • Health Coverage

… while cynically paying temp rates at one-half the going industry standard rate! Can you imagine US workers earning less than counterparts in Bangalore?  By the methods FACE Intel has so described, Intel and like-minded corporations wage war against American workers and the day of the US “Bangalore” worker is here!  

While thousands of American workers are laid off by these disgraceful tactics, thousands more foreign workers are brought into the United States under the H1B and L1 visa program and hundreds of thousands more American jobs are shipped out to unstable 3rd world countries like China and India.  

FACE Intel asks: are these corporate decision makers our “leaders” and captains of industry? Or are these corporate villains and despoilers of the American dream?  While the American worker watches Rome burn and hears Nero fiddle the American way of life is being raped and violated by corporate criminals without soul or conscience who care for only one thing: share value and earnings per share!  But this country was not built upon the almighty dollar alone, it was built upon the principles of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and fundamental values that do not relate to opinion polls or political propaganda, or the greed of the powerful oligarchy.  

For we hold these truths to be self-evident: that every man, woman and child and citizen of this country has a right to freedom and a just society, with opportunity for all, and above all governed by the rule of law; the very law that these “captains of industry” are intent upon pillaging and destroying while the average American worker sits idly by! 


Contact FACE Intel at:

kenh@FACE Intel.com

When we have enough indisputable evidence we can file effective lawsuits, which will make Intel accountable for it’s actions and their abuse and exploitation of employees. If you are silent then you are consenting to Intel’s:

  • terror
  • abuse
  • exploitation

 …of employees

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