"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

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"No man would listen to you talk if he didn't know it was his turn next." Ed Howe


"Employees are our greatest asset" is one of Intel’s values. This sounds wonderful, but, first to show some integrity, Intel must align their policies, practices, decisions and actions to be in line with this claim. Intel needs to stop deceiving their employees with lip service and realize that such brainwashing tactics denigrate the employees into being slaves. Furthermore, if an employee does not fit the subservient profile, they are isolated, targeted and discarded via Intel’s abusive disciplinary action policies. This predatory manner of Intel’s downsizing and cleanup practice by means of R&R - Ranking and rating is a humiliating and cold-hearted practice.

If the employees are Intel’s greatest asset, then the question to be asked is, "Why is Intel using a quota based Ranking and Rating policies to evaluate the performance of their greatest asset?" This mandated targeting quota at one time was as much as 10% of Intel’s employees. Those employees were humiliated with an Improvement Required Disciplinary Action at the time of their review. It should be noted that after the inception of FACE Intel it was reduced to 5%. Intel by their Value "Employees are our greatest asset" should recognize that their employees are of the highest caliber and dedication, and don’t deserve to be treated like slaves, and with the constant threat of this humiliating grading on a curve at each review period. The only thing that this kind of unethical and unjust system does is to create a dog-eat-dog atmosphere. Conscientious, dedicated, and hard-working people are victimized and traumatized by this process of targeting 5% - 10% every review period. Is this how a company who touts the value "Employees are our greatest asset" behaves???

FACE Intel’s sample survey showed that commonly employees that have 6 years of service and more, e.g., 90% of employees that were terminated or forced to leave are 40 years or older, or those who develop a disability, or those who are outspoken. Discriminating managers (racial, ethnic, gender, etc.) are using this unjust policy as a weapon to satisfy their prejudice and hatred.

These predatory practices can be exerted successfully, if we allow it to. This kind of behavior becomes a common practice for a company to victimize it’s employees for more and more profit. Employees who are na´ve about their labor rights allow these wrong-doings to be committed against them. They are also further brainwashed by a facade that has nothing to do with reality. We get so wrapped up with working long and hard just to survive, and practically kill ourselves to contribute to the success of the company, and in return are subjected to de-humanizing mandates.

You must be aware of this degrading policy and practice, because as human beings we all have a breaking point. This mind manipulation can put your life at great risk, by destroying you emotionally, mentally and financially. Intel’s single minded Wall Street approach totally dehumanizes the side that existed in earlier years. We hope and pray that the executives at Intel will allow their human spirit to thrive again, because money can’t buy it, and technology cannot create it.

You need to educate yourself and do the following specially during the time that you are most successful. Remember that all victimized employees before getting terminated or being force to leave for years were very happy and successful at Intel.

At all times stay motivated, advance your career by continuously furthering your job related knowledge and exercise diligence in accomplishing your tasks on time and successfully.

Do not be intimidated, insecure or fearful. This will only limit your options and keep you from succeeding. That is the mechanism used to control, abuse and victimize you.

If you feel targeted, get legal counsel to protect you. Intel has attorneys constantly working on their behalf. This will prevent them from disadvantaging you further. Intel has a retainer with many attorneys in town, but don’t let that discourage you, because we at FACEI, will assist you in your search for legal counsel.

You have a legal right to your personnel records kept in your department and/or any records at any location. Request and obtain a copy of all your records.

If any document is missing and or modified within your personnel record via a letter or e-mail report it to your manager and ER representative and demand the original copy.

In your weekly progress report precisely document any task that you accomplish, even if you consider it trivial. And always keep a copy of your weeklies at home.

Start documenting any discriminatory, derogatory, or abusive comments made to you by your managers or supervisors. Write a letter or E-mail in that regard and copy your manager’s manager and HR representative.

Document via letter or E-mail any meeting that becomes stressful, i.e., when they give you unreachable demands, or set you up for failure.

Document anytime anyone threatens or intimidates you verbally and copy other appropriate people about the same.

Never throw away any complimentary or potentially damaging correspondence. Make a copy and keep them at home.

Always make a note in your day planner of any incident, interaction, or confrontation between you and coworkers, managers, supervisors and etc. Never throw away your day planners.

Keep a copy of any threatening or intimidating memo. Also keep a copy of policy changes.

Build a network inside and outside of Intel for alternatives. FACEI is here to assist.

Control your temper and emotions at all times. Secure yourself and your position with good work ethics and with utilizing good interpersonal skills.

Do not trust HR or ERS to be on your side, if you have a conflict with your manager or supervisor. Remember they are part of the system (fox guarding the hen house) and you are going against the system.

One sign of targeting is your manager or supervisor sends you a memo and copies HR or ERS. Very carefully respond in writing and ask for clarification, communicate in terms of policy or compliance, violation of your rights, and entitlements.

Do not endure the stress, it is not worth your life. Stay calm, cool, peaceful, and informed. It is time to stand up and fight for your rights.

You have LOST, if you allow them to intimidate, weaken, or frighten you. Don't be subservient and allow them to deprive you of your rights, stand up and fight for your rights!!!


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