"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Dear Students



Dear Students


Before you consider Intel as your future employer visit this page, which is full of information for college students: www.faceintel.com/collegecorner.htm

Challenge Intel's recruiters by questions provided in this page.


There was no FACE Intel (Former And Current Employees of Intel) when we were students.  We were deceived, trapped and mercilessly victimized.   www.faceintel.com


Therefore, we are dedicated to inform and educate Intel employees, students, and public about shocking facts regarding Intel's predatory Human Resources policies and practices.


Learn firsthand from innocent former students whom fell for Intel's lies and became an easy prey for Intel's brutal Human Resources system.


Intel managers are mandated to target 10% of employees for termination every year.  Results are mass age, disability, gender, race, and ethnicity discriminations.


Say  NO  to  Intel !

Work for much better companies where you'll be happy, appreciated, and empowered:

HP, IBM, Texas Instrument, AMD, Motorola, Xerox

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