"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Only The Paranoid Survive


At Intel you don't have to look for distress.  It screams at you everywhere!

Intentional infliction of emotional stress at Intel:

During the mid 80's to early 97 there was ample evidence of a high stress working environment within Intel.  By some accounts of witnesses, Intel applied a great amount of pressure on employees to perform better while continually increasing productivity. The following quote, "the bar has been raised" was consistently heard and repeated by management to employees throughout Intel.  It was common knowledge amongst Intel employees of management’s increasing demands to outperform prior efforts and go beyond the boundaries of reasonable expectations.

The excessive job related stress, hostile work environment and elaborate isolated system, combined with normal difficulties in daily life, became unbearable for some of the employees.  During this period, multiple occurrences of employee suicides became a great concern for Intel officials.  The number of suicides at Intel are a closely guarded subject and are kept extremely secretive.

The last targeted employee intentionally put under immense emotional and psychological pressure committed suicide in February of 1997 in Chandler Arizona.  In March of 1997 FACE Intel was established on the Internet.  Since then FACE Intel has been a source of emotional support and guidance to hundreds of emotionally distressed Intel employees under psychological bombardment by their management.  We listen to their problems, help them regain their strength and focus on getting their lives back on track.  Results have been gratifying and rewarding - even during Intel's massive layoffs in 1998.  None of Intel's targeted employees have committed suicide since FACE Intel came to existence in March of 1997.

Andy Grove, Chairman of Intel, wrote a book titled "Only the Paranoid Survive", which is a clear reflection of Intel's management philosophy and policy.  There is no doubt that Intel is paranoid, and its paranoia has turned them into a dangerous predatory beast.  It is pretty sad that we live in a society where a cold hearted predator like Andy Grove was named man of the year.  It is an absolute sickness of our society that people like Andy Grove and Craig Barrett, president of Intel, become trend setters of the business world.

One of saddest suicide incidents was that of two young men who committed suicide at Intel's Folsom site in California.  It was most shocking because the suicides took place one month apart from each other.  This was very alarming to Intel management because both employee's, Rob Scofield and Jeff Cavalier, worked in the same department.  There was nothing wrong with these two fine men.  Their manager it turns out was a sick power hungry dictator who drove them to the depths of depression which ultimately drove them to commit suicide.

Intel management took the following actions as a result of these two almost concurrent suicides because, like their leader, they also believe that "only the paranoid survive", or should we say "only the predators survive":  

FMD’s General Manager, Paul Otellini, at Folsom called a supervisors meeting after the above-mentioned suicide incidents.  According to witnesses, during this meeting Paul Otellini told them that he was concerned about work related stress and appealed to supervisors to ease up on the employees.  They devised a Stress Awareness Program for supervisors that instructed them how to identify employees under severe stress.

Management was instructed to identify and direct these stressed out employees to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  We can't help but wonder if the implementation of EAP was a genuine concern to help employees or did the two suicide incidents prompt a damage control policy?

Intel implemented the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) following the Folsom suicide incidents.  It is apparent that Paul Otellini called a managers meeting to instruct them to proliferate a message to all supervisors to ease off employees because of the high stress environment.

EAP abuses the five free cognitive therapy sessions defined as a minor tune up; then back to work.  Why?

Major depression, clinical depression and other psychiatric complications are conditions which require medication and long term treatment by a psychiatrist defined as a major tune up.  It is our opinion that such an employee gets ‘black listed’ and targeted for discharge.



Dr. Robert S. Elliot

One of the classes offered at Intel is Stress Management by the Franklin Quest Co.  In this class students are provided a cassette tape titled, "Is It Worth Dying For" by Dr. Robert S. Elliot MD.  Dr. Elliot is a world famous cardiologist who was hired by NASA to find out why many of their young engineers were dying mysteriously.  It was determined that they had experienced Micro Shredding (stewing) of the heart muscle that was caused by stress.  An old phrase in America is "Stewing in your own Juices", which mean that a person is under such duress, stress and anger that he is literally "stewing" his body.  (Stewing causes meat to become shredded as we all know.)

The symptoms are a sudden burning sensation similar to a "heart burn" but are not due to gases in the stomach.  Medical doctors cannot diagnose this stewing effect (even in themselves) because medication like antacids will not ease the pain.  What's really happening is that the stressed person is experiencing a type of heart attack caused by excessive long term stress.

Dr. Elliot discovered that NASA had employed a "Negative Incentives" policy in the work place which resulted in the termination of 15% of their engineers at the end of every successful rocket project.  This policy caused deep anxiety within an engineer's mind that, although they were contributing to the project's success, they were amongst the group to be terminated.  The study found this type of anxiety to be the cause of many heart failures.  Age, incidentally, was not a factor as many of these engineers were in the 30-40 year age group.

What is surprising is that Intel teaches this class and employs a Ranking and Rating performance evaluation policy which we believe is as stressful as the Negative Incentives policy that Dr. Elliot discovered at NASA.

Is there a parallel phenomena at Intel?  We are investigating the cases of suicides, attempts of suicide, heart attacks, job-related stress claims and the number of Intel employees that are seeking psychological or psychiatric treatment.


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