"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Second Pony E-mail Express Delivery, 9-28-99



Intel's Headquarters (Robert Noyce Building) in Santa Clara, California.

 "The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett


9-28-99 Dear Intel employee message 2nd Pony E-mail Express delivery report
Intel's letter regarding 9-28 messages Intel can not stand the truth

40,000 printed of the following message was delivered to Intel on 9-28-99.

Dear Intel employee:                                                 September 28, 1999

You may have wondered why you have not received e-mail from me since September 1998.  Intel sued me and obtained a restraining order, which bars me from sending any e-mail over the Internet to any Intel computer system. 

I have appealed this court decision and as my civic duty to defend and protect the First Amendment I will fight this battle all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.  But this is not my fight alone.  This decision affects us all.  Don't let Intel abolish our right to free speech in Cyberspace! With your support I can continue the fight.  Please read the detail of this case at: www.intelhamidi.com and support me in my quest for justice and preservation of free speech in Cyberspace. 

Together we have made the difference and we can do a lot more.  We have achieved a major part of our goal in informing and educating Intel employees and the public about our strong beliefs about: 

  1. Intel's predatory HR policies and practices,

  2. Their bad faith in dealing with employees and customers,

  3. Intel's age, disability, gender, and ethnicity discriminations,

  4. Employees' rights,

  5. Intel's intention to abolish free speech on the Internet.

We believe we have influenced Intel to reduce its predatory Ranking and Rating (R&R) quota from 10% to 5%.  We also believe our 1:1 communication and support of hopeless and helpless targeted employees has been effective in keeping very desperate employees from committing suicide.  The last 'targeted' employee committed suicide in February of 97.  Since FACE Intel was established on the Internet and started communicating with Intel employees worldwide, there have not been any suicides.  We help targeted employees to see Intel's dirty tricks and get them to focus and not let Intel get them to fold. 

We believe that Intel's predatory R&R system is a root cause of age, disability, gender, and ethnicity discriminations.  Our unity will give us more power and strength in influencing Intel to abolish its R&R system and adopt a true performance review policy, which is only based on employee's merit of performance.  We can influence Intel to adopt a true long-term employment.  This will be good for employees and Intel.  We can influence Intel to adopt a philosophy, attitude, and belief of Win-Win, instead of Win-Lose. 

We are in search of our rights, but Intel believes it can buy, sell, and ignore our rights as it sees fit.  Well, Intel is dead wrong, we demand justice and together we'll get it.  To protect and preserve our rights we need a strong voice, together we have power and we stand.  If united and strong and when people peacefully exercise their constitutional rights, even a bully Goliath like Intel will learn and respect our rights. 

Thanks for your continuous support, the support that we depend on and which makes us all strong.

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Ken Hamidi's second "Pony E-mail Express" e-mail delivery

On September 28, 1999 Ken Hamidi traveled on a horse back alongside a horse drawn carriage to Intel's headquarters to deliver his latest e-mail message.

Intel's appointed representative Bob lawson and Ken Hamidi

The facts revealed in Ken Hamidi's prior e-mails to Intel employees became too unbearable for the corporate Goliath Intel and in October of 98, Intel filed a lawsuit to stop Hamidi from sending his informative and educational messages via e-mail to Intel employees. 

In June of 1999, a California Superior Court judge in Sacramento, California, barred Ken Hamidi from sending e-mail to any Intel computer system.

On July 6, 1999, Hamidi delivered his first Pony E-mail Express message directly to Intel corporate headquarters.  The e-mail was stored on a floppy disk and delivered to Intel representative Bob Lawson at Intel's headquarters.  Mr. Lawson said "I'll give this message to proper Intel authorities."

Intel never passed Ken Hamidi's message of July 6, 1999, to Intel employees.  An Intel manager told a curious employee that the cost of printing this message and distributing it would be too high, so Intel declined to do so.

On September 28, 1999, Ken Hamidi traveled again on horseback, while leading a horse drawn carriage carrying boxes of printed e-mail.  At 1200 noon, Hamidi arrived at Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara and delivered 16 boxes that contained a total of 40,000 printed e-mails.

Intel security is carrying the boxes labeled with "E-mail inside" logo to inside Intel.

Bob Lawson again was present to receive the boxes of printed e-mails.  When Ken Hamidi asked for his business card, Bob Lawson answered "I do not have one." Ken asked for Bob's work phone number and Bob replied "I do not have a phone number." Ken asked Bob "to whom are you going to give these printed e-mails"?   Bob said "The proper authorities." "Can you give me the name of the person you'll give these boxes to?" Hamidi asked.  Bob answered, "I'll give them to proper authorities." "Who is that proper authority?" Hamidi asked,  Bob answered "Media Relations and someone will contact you." Ken asked "Did you know that my July 6th message was not delivered to Intel employees?"  "No, I didn't know." Bob answered.  "Did you know that Intel did not deliver my message and they said we won't because it would be too costly to print and distribute them?" Ken asked.  "No I didn't know and I'll find out about that and will let you know." Bob answered.

Once the delivery of 40,000 printed e-mails was completed, Ken Hamidi and Jerry Bestpitch, the driver of the carriage, turned the horses around and left Intel's headquarters for home.

On September 30, 1999, Ken Hamidi obtained Bob Lawson's phone number and called him to inquire about the fate of the printed e-mails.  After greetings Ken asked "Bob, whom did you deliver my messages to?" Bob answered "Media Relations of Intel." "Any particular person in Media Relations?", and Bob answered, "No." "Did they say what they are going to do with the messages?" Ken asked. "No, but let me find out." Bob answered and put Ken on hold.  He returned in a couple of minutes and said "They will decide what to do with them by the end of this week and someone will call you to let you know about their decision, what is your number there?"  Ken gave his phone number to Bob and added "So if no one calls me from Media Relations I'll call you on Monday, October 4."  Bob said "That is fine," and that was the end of that phone conversation.

No one from Media Relations called Ken Hamidi on October 1, 1999.  

On October 4, 1999, at 8:50 am, Ken Hamidi called Bob Lawson's office and Bob's recording said that he will be out of office until October 7, 1999.  At 9:00 am, Ken Hamidi called Intel's Media Relations and they confirmed that Chuck Melloy has the 40,000 printed e-mails in his possession, Chuck was on the phone, his secretary obtained Ken Hamidi's phone number and said that Chuck will call him later.  Since Chuck Melloy did not call Ken Hamidi, Ken called Chuck again at 11:10, he was not in in his office, Ken left him a message.  Ken called Chuck Melloy again at 3:15, Chuck answered the phone and after greetings Ken Hamidi asked "Seems that you have received my 40,000 printed e-mails that were supposed to be delivered to Intel employees, is that correct?"  "Yes," said Chuck.  Ken further asked "Are you going to deliver them to Intel employees?"  "Do you have a fax number there?" asked Chuck Melloy.  "Yes," answered Ken and gave his fax number to Chuck.  "Later today, via a latter, which will be faxed to you, we'll inform you of our position regarding your messages."  Chuck Melloy added.

On October 4, 1999, at 5:29 pm via fax Ken Hamidi received the following letter from Intel:

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Intel's letter regarding 9-28-99, messages

Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Blvd.
P.O. Box 58119
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119
(408) 765-8080




4 October 1999


Ken Hamidi
7349 Cross Drive
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Dear Ken,

Regarding the material that you delivered to Intel last week, we do not distribute third party messages to employees.  If you want the materials returned to you, please let me know within the next three weeks; otherwise we will dispose of it.


Coeta Chambers

Coeta Chambers

HR Attorney


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It is not the method of delivery, it is the message itself that dictator Intel can not tolerate.  Intel's Win-Lose philosophy and policies will not allow its employees to learn the TRUTH.

Through elaborate efforts Intel persistently continues to keep its employees isolated, intimidated, uninformed, and brainwashed.  

Through devotion and tenacious efforts Ken Hamidi will continue fighting and overcoming Intel's created barriers.

Through letters, face-to-face meetings, and telephone conversations, repeatedly Ken Hamidi has told to Craig Barrett and other arrogant Intel executives that "Bullying, intimidation, overpowering, destroying justice and people's life will always fail.  But reasonability, good faith, and a win-win attitude always will do the trick."

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