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Licensed To Cheat

The views, opinions, and allegations presented in this page are based on the vast experience, knowledge, and research conducted by FACE Intel members, court documents, testimony of Intel executives and managers under oath, Intel documents and policies, and real life stories of numerous Intel employees.


Intel threatens politicians and Clinton to increase H-1B quota

During a down sizing exercise in 1988 Intel got rid of over 10,000 of its American employees.  And throughout this year long cleanup operation Intel officials deceitfully told reporters that Intel will only reduce its head count by 3,000 employees.

This reduction in work force was accomplished by the following predatory means: 

  1. By forcing employees out by intimidating them through a "Corrective Action Plan (CAP)."
  2. By offering a separation package and forcing resignation, implicitly creating a fear of losing their jobs if the package is not accepted.
  3. By not allowing employees who are on "Medical Leave of Absence (MLA)" to return to work.
  4. By placing masses of employees in redeployment pools to find nonexistent jobs and then terminating them if they were unable to find a job at Intel.  

At the same time that Intel was torturously terminating over 10,000 American workers, including skilled, experienced labor, they shamelessly claimed that they have a shortage of skilled labor.  In fact, Intel and its like minded un-American companies spent and are spending millions of dollars in lobbying efforts to pass a series of bills which would allow well over 750,000 skilled immigrant laborers to enter the US between 1998 and 2002.  Intel is threatening Congress, the Senate, and the White House that if they do not pass the H-1B visa bill to Intel's satisfaction, the company will move its operations to other countries.  This un-American extortionist threat is aimed at our corrupted officials whom will help Intel and Intel likes to stab us in the back.

Bay Area newspaper:
Monday, August 17, 1998

"Unfortunately, some Silicon Valley firms, such as Intel, are threatening to leave the United States altogether if Congress doesn't kowtow to their demands.  We understand the industry's concern over meddlesome bureaucracy.

But that doesn't appear to be the case here.  On the other hand, there is evidence indicating that these companies have not made a good-faith effort to hire Americans and to retain older employees."

Craig Barrett (President and COO of Intel) threatens to ship U.S. programming and engineering jobs overseas if the H-1B cap is not raised.  Barrett was responding to President Clinton's threat to veto the H-1B visa bill because it did not have enough American workers protection.

This was nothing but a lie and an extortionist attempt to intimidate the legislators and the President of United States into.  Because Intel AS MUCH AS THEY COULD, already has offshore software development facilities in Israel, Russia, India, and China that are satisfying all software development needs of Intel divisions in US. Intel AS MUCH AS THEY COULD have manufacturing plants in Israel, Ireland, Philippines, Malaysia, Puerto Rico and other countries.  

In fact at the time that Barrett was making these bogus threats, Intel was transferring its assembly and test facility in Chandler Arizona to Philippines, which will rendered about 1,200 employees out of jobs and eventually terminated.

There is a rampant age discrimination trend in the high-tech industry that has rendered a mass of American workers over age 40 either unemployed or underemployed.  Craig Barrett and like-minded executives intend to import 750,000 cheap foreign workers to the US in the next five years.  Their ulterior motive is to glut the high-tech job market and drive wages down.

This high-tech plot is and will undermine standard of living of high-tech workers and displace American workers.  This carefully orchestrated un-American act is a conspiracy against American workers under the false guise of a so-called "skilled labor shortage."

When Intel officials are confronted with the fact that how could you layoff American employees and at the same time claim that you have shortage of skilled labor to import foreigners, they responded "non of the employees that we have terminated are eligible for H-1B visa."  Wait a minute, since when American employee needed visa to work in America?  If they meant that non of recently terminated or being terminated employees are skilled labor, you be the judge and determine for yourself that how shameless Intel officials are.  Is it possible that non of employees (over 10,000) that Intel got rid of in 1998 were skilled labor?

Depending on whom they want to mislead, Intel officials deceitfully talk from both side of their moth.  Andy Grove (Chairman and CEO of Intel) said, "I don't buy into the hyperventilated description of the technology worker shortage." (Washington Post, April 24, 1998.).

If a corporation is constantly lying, cheating, and misleading their employees by telling them that you are "greatest asset that we have" and "Intel is a great place to work", but constantly with bad faith is plotting against them and stabbing them in back.  If a corporation is constantly lying, cheating, and misleading the media, legislators, the President of United States, and American public.  What can you call them?

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Key events that occured at Intel in 1998

The following undisputed facts are being analyzed/utilized by FACE Intel to show the true nature of Intel Corporation.  These facts will expose Intel's premeditated unethical and un-American actions against innocent people.

At the same time, Intel shamelessly claimed that they had a shortage of skilled labor. Therefore, Intel wanted the immigration laws (H1B visa) to be modified to allow them to hire more foreign labor (cheap labor).  Intel also claims in the national media that without unrestricted access to cheap foreign labor, Intel will lose the competition to Japan, and the American economy will be adversely affected.  

People are often exposed only to the limited and misleading information that Intel presents to the public.  The following information and analysis is provided for the public and media to have a better understanding of Intel's ongoing evil intentions.

QUESTION 1.  If Intel has/had any shortage of skilled labor, then why it's not giving these opportunities to 1,000's of employees that it laid off, terminated, or redeployed?

ANSWER 1.  Actually there at the time of layoffs there were not any open positions at Intel.  In fact, the redeployments and layoffs were due to a surplus of employees at Intel. Therefore, we can safely conclude that there was no shortage of skilled labor and Intel Corporation was lying to the whole nation.  The fact of the matter is that Intel is terminating its experienced employees in order to hire cheaper labor, like RCGs and foreign workers.

QUESTION 2.  How is it possible to implement a massive redeployment and layoff plan at the same time?.

ANSWER 2.  A company can only have redeployment when for the same number of people on redeployment there are job openings in other sectors of company.  But when there is redeployment and layoffs concurrently, it only can mean one thing, the company wants to get rid of all of them.

QUESTION 3.  Intel claims that they contribute to the communities, then why are they deceiving the American public, lying to college students and destroying the lives, families, and careers of innocent people?

ANSWER 3.  Intel is only interested in a few youthful years of their employee's life.  When the employees get expensive, Intel gets rid of them.  Intel does not care about the well being of the communities and people, they only care about keeping Wall Street happy.  This gross abuse and exploitation of human resources in such a large scale is absolutely un-American.

QUESTION 4.  How can Intel retain RCGs and foreign labor at low wages?

ANSWER 4.  RCGs are required to sign a two-year agreement in return for relocation costs.  Once they are bound to that contract, the only way RCGs can leave Intel is by paying back a prorated amount of the relocation costs. As for foreign workers, they are absolutely at the mercy of Intel till they obtain their green cards (permanent residence status).  Intel's lawyers can drag out the process and thereby keep the foreign workers as technical slaves.

Intel complains about the weaknesses of the American educational system.  But yet Intel employees are the product of this educational system and have done all of the technological marvels, which have yielded fame and fortune for Intel.  Again there is nothing wrong with anyone but Intel.  Intel, by its brutal and predatory human resources policies and practices, is creating totally dysfunctional mid career professionals.

This cruel act of Intel is criminal and destructive to American economy, people, and future of this nation if people allow this kind corporate behavior becomes norm.  This kind of sickness is contagious and if not eradicated will spread to other hi-tech corporations and result in disastrous consequences.

Mother of all paranoids, Andy Grove and Craig Barrett should know that what they are doing will keep Americans out of engineering schools.  The man who promotes paranoia is sick and needs to be in a hospital rather than leading a corporation. The un-American act of cheating the whole nation to bring thousands and thousands of foreign labor is designed to drive the wages down, which will make corporations like Intel more profitable, but it will also undermine the standard of living in America.


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