"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett


"This was a disappointing quarter." Andrew S. Grove 

(Watch out employees, Intel is coming down with a heavy foot)

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Intel's 2001 Head Count Reduction Fiasco



Did Uncle Andy's Paranoia Zap 1750 Employees?



Intel has announced plans to shut down the Aloha, Oregon fabrication facilities FAB 5 and FAB 15  for a week, sending 1750 employees home without pay.   Next week, Intel will begin offering severance packages to these employees in an effort to reduce headcount.

Intel Spokesman, Bill MacKenzie has finally admitted to what FACE Intel predicted about two months back Intel's reduction of headcount will exceed the previously disclosed number of 3000 employees.  Boy, what a surprise!! It does not take Einstein to figure out that when Intel says 3000 they actually are thinking of laying off around 8000-9000 employees.

Intel has used terms like "attrition", "warm-downs" and "temporary closures", but in any other name it would still only mean one thing LAYOFFS. They play these name and number games in a desperate effort to delude their employees stockholders, and analysts.

Why can't they be like other hi-tech companies like Rockwell, Motorola or Compaq that have come clean and announced plans to lay off 10% of their workforce.  Perhaps Uncle Andy is paranoid about this too!!



In recent weeks, analysts have reduced earning estimates and are anticipating more layoffs in order to maintain profit margins.  Piper Jaffray analyst Ashok Kumar has said "The stock is not a buy at all.  You are going to see gross margin erosion for the foreseeable future."   To add to all of Intel's misery, HP announced that it has chosen AMD K6-2 for its line of home PCs.  

FACE Intel's alert to Intel employees:   If your customers are jumping ship, what are you waiting for?

Be paranoid and jump!  Remember what Uncle Andy told you

Only the paranoid survive.  Be a survivor!!

AMD/National is frantically hiring while Intel fiercely firing, what does this mean???

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Intel's Announcement on April 14, 1998:

Intel's layoff announcement in the Q1 Revenue Report comes as no surprise to FACE Intel.  Intel has revealed plans to reduce its workforce by 3,000 employees.  This layoff will be augmented by localized reductions that are taking place in the guise of redeployment.

FACE Intel was first to announce Intel's Redeployment plans for 1998 and the Chipset group Transfer to Du Pont.  For those not familiar with the terms coined by Intel's HR legal department, redeployment is a code word for "foreseeable unemployment."  For the employees placed on the redeployment plan who wish to escape humiliation and uncertainty, Intel is a big winner because these employees will potentially resign saving Intel the expensive severance packages and legal implications.

Intel's Q1 Revenue Report is a must-read, especially for those still inside Intel.  The clever language probably coined by the likes of Linda Shostak, Paula Barren, Scott Fortmann and Coeta Chambers, to name a few, disguise the havoc that the company intends to wreak on its unsuspecting employees in the near future.  Those employees that fit the target profile mentioned in the FACE Intel web site need to be especially careful.

To enable you to read Q1 revenue report with clarity, we have provided the meanings of a few key words in Intel's report.

What does the word 'attrition' mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word 'attrition' means:
1. A reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation, retirement or death.
2. The act of weakening or exhausting by constant harassment, abuse or attack.

What does the word 'augmented' mean?

 According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word 'augmented' means:
1. To make greater, more numerous, larger or more intense.

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Mixed Messages from Intel on April 15, 1998:
FACE Intel is proud to present some quotes from Intel's upper-management that confirm the statements made on our Web site for the past few months.

Intel Vice-President and CFO, Andy Bryant has stated that there is a recently imposed hiring freeze within Intel.  Andy's statement is exactly what FACE Intel stated in the redeployment article. 

Intel spokesman, Howard High has stated that "Intel plans to do some hiring later in 1998.  By the end of the year, Intel's employee count will be roughly the same as it was at the end of 1997, and possibly a little higher."

How can Intel layoff 3,000 people in addition to a number of employees who will be forced to leave due to redeployment and still have an equal or higher employee count at the end of the year?

This is how; while Intel is announcing layoffs, FACE Intel has learned that Intel also has also claimed a serious shortage of skilled workers and is urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to increase the 65,000 limit imposed on H1B visas.  At the same time, Intel is aggressively hiring at universities.  As Mr. High stated, they are hiring while firing.  That is a clear case of replacing the older employees with young RCGs (Recent College Graduates), or replacement of experienced with inexperienced, or replacement of expensive employees with cheaper ones.  It is safe to conclude that this is major cleanup operation.

The conflicting statements by Intel are indicative of their attempts to deceive their employees and the public.  The employees who are on the redeployment plan will be under the false notion that they can get other jobs within Intel, but there is actually a hiring freeze in effect.  The public and Wall Street is led to believe that the layoff will serve to cut Intel's operating costs and increase their profit margin, but in reality, Intel itself has admitted that they have plans to hire new employees.

What do you think about Intel's statements?  Let us know by emailing us at

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FACE Intel's Message to Targeted Employees:

Now is the time to face Intel and fight for our rights!
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And we can do it! "Together we stand, divided we fall"

FACE Intel guesstimates that about 6000 people will be affected by the upcoming layoffs and localized reductions.  In addition, our inside sources predict that an additional 2000 employees have been targeted (IR'ed or CAP'ed) during the recent Ranking and Rating period.
Our inside sources, who have provided FACE Intel with accurate information, are reporting another trend at Intel...the targeting of employees who are close to retirement.  Intel plans to replace its older, more experienced employees (over age 40) with younger, lower salaried, college graduates and foreign workers.  FACE Intel has already started receiving numerous mails from targeted employees. We are in the process of establishing a network of such employees, so please contact us so that if appropriate we can properly initiate a class action lawsuit to prevent Intel from victimizing their so-called "greatest asset."

As always, FACE Intel is dedicated to providing current and former Intel employees with helpful information.  Current employees can mail us at face@castles.com to receive individual assistance.

All communications will be kept strictly confidentiality.

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