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What Intel doesn’t want the world to know

Example of some employee lawsuits

Some of the labor lawsuits against Intel

  Case # Plaintiff County Court Complaint *
  703204 Debra Jones Santa Clara WRTE/BCON
2 703327 Jackie Hutchins Santa Clara WRTE/BCON
3 719434 Willian Handel Santa Clara ADEA/BCON
4 727688 Henry Gregor Santa Clara ADEA/BCON
5 728046 Eddie Benjamini Santa Clara BCON
6 CV7444175 Robert Wilder Santa Clara ADEA/BCON/WRTE
7 CV794296 Michael Rich Santa Clara ADEA/BCON
1 CV738294 Nam Truong Santa Clara BCON/WRTE/CIVR
10 CV750435 Edgardo Attiennza Santa Clara BCON/WRTE
11 CV756724 Robert Care Santa Clara BCON
12 CV759813 Sarita Bhola Santa Clara WRTE
13 CV758138 Emerson Santa Clara BOCN
14 95AS0 John Benal Sacramento DBPD
15 95AS0 Stan Graham Sacramento WRTE/ADEA
16 540110 James Jones Sacramento BCON/CIVR/WRTE/EMPL/PINA
17 95AS01873 Cynthia Stowell Sacramento BCON/CIVR/WRTE/EMPL/PINA
18 95AS304595 Steve Altimari Sacramento WRTE
19 96AS03539 Lynn Charneski Sacramento ?
20 95AS02933 Terence D'Souza Sacramento DBNO
21 96AS02993 Rajiv Sachdeva Sacramento BCON/ADEA/BCGFFD
22 96AS05831 Clifford L. Thomure Sacramento ADEA/DBPD/IIED/NIED
23 96AS03630 Ulysses Hill, Jr. Sacramento BCON/BCGFFD/ADEA/DBOR
24 96AS05664 Kourosh K. Hamidi Sacramento BCON/DBPD/ADEA/DBNO
25 96AS05733 Michael L. McNulty Sacramento BCON/DBPD/ADEA
27 96AS05801 Harold N. White Sacramento DBPD/ADEA/DBOR
28 CV8600420 Sharon Roland Maricopa WRTE/BCON
29 CV8925937 Will be updated Maricopa WBU
30 CV9402306 Will be updated Maricopa WBU
31 CV9190121 Will be updated Maricopa WBU
32 CV9591615 Will be updated Maricopa WBU
  CIV-02-02245-PHX-JWS Ammar Halloum AZ District Court DBNO/Harassment 
  2003-SOX-0007 Ammar Halloum Dept of Labor Court Whistle blowing
33 5094261CV Matthew Barszcz Sandavoal City WRTE
34 5094364CV Timothy Tucker Sandavoal City CIVR/EMPL
35 5094408CV James Owens Sandavoal City BCON/WRTE
36 CV9701515 Herbert Logan Sandavoal City EMPL
37 5095051CV Bill&Linda Leinken Sandavoal City WRTE
38 5095259CV Donna Boyles Sandavoal City WRTE
39 C691014CV Ann Girt Washington Co Sexual Harassment/Wages
40 D74153 Cathy Harris Washington Co Sexual Harassment/Wages
41 C930215CV Rachel Red Washington Co WRTE/BCON/ADEA
42 D960650CV Robert Cortez Washington Co Wages
43 C960966CV Earl Kemp Washington Co Will be updated
44 C961033CV Ctherine West Washington Co BCON/DBPD/PPVC
45 C930215CV Michael Reed Washington Co BCON/WRTE/NH
46 C970360CV Sylvia Nguyen Washington Co IIED/IOP/
47 CVS941613 Joseph Friedrich Federal ERISA
48 CVS96295 Howard Woods Federal CVR Discriminations
49 CV98800637 James Vanderhyden Federal EMPL/VOCR
50 94CV20731 Hanks Federal ERISA
51 91CV20496 Simmons Federal ERISA
52 91CV20617 Eisenstadt Federal ERISA
53 98 CV 1099 Keith Martineau Federal CRV
54 98 CV 2678 Bansal Federal JD
55 97 CV 1852 Laura Johnson Federal ERISA
56 96 CV 2528 Peiz Federal JD
57 96 CV 0958 Martinez Federal CRV
58 95 CV 1645 Gluck Federal JD
59 94 CV 0172 Oliver Federal CRV
60 96 CV 2490 Melanie Palmer Federal ERISA
61 96 CV 2491 Ola Ambush Federal ERISA
62 CIV98-1990 PHX RGS Julie Frost Federal ERISA
63 2:00CV00601  Ferguson Federal diversity-other contract
64 2:00CV01329  Bunao  l      Federal Job discrimination
65 2:00CV00401  Samir Shiban Federal JOb discrimination
66 2:00CV00482  Markley  Federal Job discrimination
67 2:00CV00262  Dequina Federal ERISA
68 2:00CV01573  Cynthia Martin Federal ERISA

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ADEA Age Discrimination / Employment
BCON Breach of Contract
CIVR Civil Rights / Discrimination / Race
EMPL Employment / Discrimination
PINA Personal Injury / Work Related
WBU Will Be Updated
WRTE Wrongful Termination
BCGFFD Breach of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
DBPD Discrimination Based on Physical Disability
IIED Intentional Inflection of Emotional Distress
NIED Negligence Inflection of Emotional Distress
NH Negligent Hiring
DBOR Discrimination Based on Race
DBNO Discrimination Based on National Origin
PPV Public Policy Violation
ARBP Anonymity Requested By Plaintiff
CRV Civil Rights Violation
VOCR Violation Of Civil Rights
IOP Invasion Of Privacy
JD Job Discrimination
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act


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