"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Ken Hamidi WON, Intel LOST again

Intel Lost and People Won!

Ken Hamidi represents the People! 

Intel represents Corporations  "Enemy of Free Speech!"


After Intel miserably lost its first frivolous lawsuit against Ken Hamidi in Supreme Court of California in July of 2003, with clear intention of suppressing freedom of speech and keeping Ken Hamidi from informing and educating Intel Employees and public about:

  • Intel's predatory employment policies and practices.

  • Intel's intention to abolish freedom of speech on Internet.

  • Intel's unethical legal practices.

  • Intel's corruptions.

  • Intel's serious efforts to hurt and  weaken American job market and disadvantage American workers.

  • Intel's serious efforts to undermine United States' technological leadership.

  • Intel's serious efforts to undermine United States' educational leadership.

Intel filed its second frivolous lawsuit against Ken Hamidi in August of 2003.  After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of shareholders' money, in October of 2004, Intel again miserably lost to Ken Hamidi in Superior Court of Sacramento.  Since Intel had learned a very humiliating lesson from its first internationally publicized loss to Ken Hamidi in Supreme Court of California in July of 2003, did not dare appealing the decision of Superior Court of Sacramento in October of 2004 and Intel's loss  was finalized in favor of Ken Hamidi/People.


Ken Hamidi said:

Despite Intel's continuous plots, conspiracies, intimidations and bullying efforts and attempts I will:

  • Continue to inform, educate and support Intel employees.  

  • Continue to fight and stand for rights of those whom can not fight for themselves.

  • Continue to peacefully exercise my constitutional rights and will keep on reminding and proving to Intel's corrupt executives that United States is a free country and not a dictatorship.

  • Continue to resist submitting to Intel's bullying and deceitful actions and keep on reminding and proving to Intel's corrupt executives that Intel is not above the law.

  • Continue to remind and prove to Intel employees that we as Americans have to stand for our rights, because no one else will.  And if we do, regardless of how evil, corrupt or how powerful Intel is we will prevail.  All we have to do is a little sacrifice and rely on our constitution, which is bigger and above all of its enemies like Intel.  

Ken Hamidi repeats his message to corporate executives everywhere: 

Remove your heads from the sand and your P/E-colored glasses and you will see that this is the land of free and home of brave, a free country called the United States of America.

Your reign of tyranny and oppression will be over because there is a new spirit in the land and this new spirit understands globalization is evil and your Corporate Tyranny is an offense to the Founding Fathers, a violation of the Constitution and an endangerment to our long history First Amendment rights!

 -- KH 


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