"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett


What Intel Must Do What Intel Does Now
1) Announce job layoffs publicly and honestly instead of privately targeting employees and forced resignations.  1) "Attrition" consists of targeted headcount reductions and forced resignation through VSP (Voluntary Separation Plan) and other contrived methods with these advantages to Intel:


a) Obtaining a signed release from the employees, which relinquishes their rights to any known and unknown claim when forced to resign 

b) No statements to press concerning layoffs and impacting morale

c) No statement to press impacting investor confidence in Intel's ability to make business decisions concerning headcount

d) No state benefits paid (unemployment benefit to state as with formal layoff)

2) Replace ruthless and inhumane ranking and rating review system with true individual performance reviews based upon individual employee merit.

2) Intel uses an unfair employee ranking and rating system with predetermined predatory criteria and quotas, thus isolating and terrorizing employees, inevitably leading to future employee termination.

3) Adopt an employee Bill of Rights. 3) Intel has no employee Bill of Rights.
4) Pay rightful overtime to employees presently misclassified as 'exempt'. 4) Intel purposely and with forethought misclassifies employee job functions as "exempt" and does not pay them overtime in violation of the law.
5) Stop sending US jobs abroad to foreign countries to exploit resources of poor countries. 5) Intel sends US jobs to India, China, Russia.... and many other countries in the interest of cheap labor and due lack or relaxed environmental policies when there is no future emerging market there.
6) Stop importing H1B Visa workers and bringing in contractors while Intel's US employees are made redundant. 6) Intel imports H1B visa workers and hires contractors while US workers lose their jobs in current and future US headcount reductions.

7) Stop discriminating against:

a) older workers

b) employees with medical conditions, either pre-existing or induced by workplace chemicals or stress

c) Racial grounds

d) gender

7) Intel discriminates versus older workers, workers with medical conditions and on the basis of race and gender.
8) Promote open communication with free flow of information in all media including the Internet.

8) Intel conspires to stifle freedom of communication and will not allow messages in the public interest into the company via the Internet. 


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