"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."      Elie Wiesel


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Fellow Former And Current Employees of Intel

After a long term legal obligation I'm back and at your service.

Please participate, and keep the faith, we will prevail.

                                                                                        Ken Hamidi



Intel Corp. v. Hamidi



"Boiling Frogs" is a tell-all,
fully-documented report of Intel Inside New Mexico

This is a book that we all must read!!!

Intel releases tons of toxic chemicals into the air and destroys people's lives with no accountability.

The Tale Of Corrales Village & Intel Rio Rancho Plant

 Please stop Intel from poisoning people by releasing toxic chemicals. 

Send Intel's illegal toxic chemical release to Ken Hamidi




A highly Incriminating Documents Delivered to Intel and NMED



Ken Hamidi Won! Intel LOST its 2nd frivolous lawsuit, 2004


Ken  Hamidi  WON!  Intel  LOST In Supreme Court Of California, 2003


Landmark Victory for people, Intel loses in Supreme Court 
Intel The Corporate Traitor!                    

The Intel Sweatshop Part II

Recent Intel Employee Suicides
You might qualify to participate in Class Action Lawsuits against Intel     
International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health              
Reorganization or Deception???   
Isn't this Corporate Terrorism?   
How Intel Threatens The Future Of Your Children                                           
What Intel Must Do  -  What Intel Does Now
A Hire-and-Fire Shop called Intel?
Intel lawlessness
Intel Penang, Malaysia
Intel lied and cheated us!
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