"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Fellow Former And Current Employees of Intel



Hello all,

As many of my dear friends, acquaintances, and colleagues have noticed, the Face Intel website has been neglected (evidently) for quite some time now. Many of you have written to me, asking me what the heck is going on, and whether I am still active or not, eg whether I am still seeking integrity and accountability from a ruthless, globalized, corporate world.  

Here's the scoop: even though my legal defense was successful in the California Supreme Court, Intel refused to pay my attorney’s legal fees. During this period, my attorneys stipulated that nothing provocative be posted about Intel on the Face Intel website, because my attorneys felt they had a better chance recovering their significant legal fees from this beelzebub of a corporation if I kept quiet.   

Unlike the criminals, villains, and thieves who head today’s global corporations, my attorneys were real Americans; the kind of Americans who believe in integrity, honesty, justice and the common good. They helped me win the Intel v. Hamidi precedent-setting internet Free Speech case on a pro bono basis. These fine attorneys invested three years of their time, their money, and many other significant resources to defeat the behemoth Intel. 

Superficially it may seem that I have been inactive, but behind the scenes I have been very busy, keeping in touch with hundreds of current and former employees (victims) during this time. Now that I have fulfilled my ethical and moral obligations to my attorneys, I will be as active as ever, and at your service. As always it appears that this is a very tough time to be an employee inside a ruthless and rapacious global corporate, and there are many fine employees under unwarranted and unjust attack. 

Please stay tuned, and in a few days I will provide guidelines, recommendations, and suggestions for those of you who have been recently terminated, put on a so-called Corrective Action Plan, or laid off, as in the upcoming lay-off of one-thousand managers. 

Likewise I positively welcome submission of key internal communications and information to me via email from within the Goliath,  so that I may publish same or help others on a strictly confidential basis, in a positive and constructive environment, so that we may bravely face the terror we know as Corporate America today, together. I can only help you and help others with your participation! 

Please participate, and keep the faith, humanity will prevail.

Best and Kind Regards to All,

Ken Hamidi


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