"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

FACE Intel's Goals in 2005


1. To continue informing Intel employees, investors and American public about Intel's devious intention to abolish Freedom of Speech Right on Internet by:
  • After loosing the first frivolous lawsuit in Supreme Court of California in July of 2003,  Intel filed another frivolous lawsuit against Ken Hamidi in August of 2003 to keep him from informing and educating the Intel employees.  Intel for second time miserably lost to Ken Hamidi in October of 2004 in Superior Court of Sacramento.
  • Filing a frivolous lawsuit in 1989 and spending millions of dollars of shareholder against Ken Hamidi, www.intelhamidi.com, and miserably loosing the case in Supreme Court of California.
  • Even after losing the case in Supreme Court of California in July of 2003 persistently defying the Supreme Court's order and forcefully acting above the law.  Intel is still trying to get injunction against Ken Hamidi to deprive him of his right to free speech. 
2. To launch/Initiate two class action lawsuits against Intel Corporation:
  • For Intel's former and current "Exempt Salary" employees of Intel in California whom have deceitfully and systematically been defrauded and deprived of their overtime pay.  This case is filed, in progress and will finalize this year.
  • For former and current fab employees of Intel whom sustained fatal and severe health problems  (Miscarriages, Birth defects, Cancers, etc.)  due to Intel's negligence and deceitful cover-ups.
  • Initiate class action lawsuits against Intel for releasing the most dangerous and fatal toxic chemicals on residents of communities neighboring Intel's wafer fabrication plants in Rio Rancho New Mexico, Chandler Oregon and Portland Oregon

3. To influence Intel to replace its predatory Ranking and Rating system with a true performance review policy.

4. To influence Intel to stop age, disability, race, ethnicity, and gender discriminations.

5. To influence Intel to change its highly stressful work environment with a more friendly and conducive to empowerment.

6. To influence Intel to honor its promised disability benefits for innocent injured employees, and stop unjustly and unfairly fighting them to the point of destroying their lives.

7. To continue informing and educating Intel employees about:

  • Intel's deceitful and misleading values, which are used to brainwash employees.

  • Intel's lies about its disability benefits and crucially needed employee-obtained disability insurance.

  • Intel's lies about its deceiving early retirement plan, which is meant only for Intel's executives and high level managers.

  • Intel's brainwashing tactics, which are meant to create wrong perception and keeping employees in dark.  

  • Intel's lies about its acclaimed and frequent "Head Count Reductions by ATTRITION", which actually are "TORTUROUSLY FORCING TARGETED EMPLOYEES TO RESIGN"

  • Intel's merciless and inhumane tactic of targeting innocent employees.

  • Intel's brutal treatment of its victims.

  • Intel's lawlessness and unethical legal proceedings.

  • Intel's above-the-law attitude and its disregard for equal justice under law.

8. To continue informing and educating students about:

  •  Intel's entrapment schemes in college recruitment.

  •  What Intel does not tell them initially, which is crucial to the future of their carrier.

  •  What is really going on inside Intel and what likely will happen to them.

  •  What questions to ask of Intel recruiters before committing to Intel.

  •  What kind of documents they need to obtain from Intel representatives before signing any papers.

  • How to include all of Intel's promises on their contract.

  • What are their other best alternatives.

9. To continue informing and educating the public about:

  • Intel's cheatings and lies.

  • The real hell inside Intel.

  • Intel's corruption and abuse of the judicial system.

  • Intel's abuse of community resources in bad faith.

  • Intel's deliberate violations and abuse of environmental regulations.

  • Intel's lawlessness and above-the-law activities.

  • Intel's brutal abuse and mismanagement of human resources.

  • Focus and prioritize informational and publicity campaigns at schools.



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