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Intel values like family, teamwork, fun, positive work environment... all just MISREPRESENTATION!

Thanks for this great resource. As a former Intel worker, I have personally experience some of the negative things that have been presented on your site.

I was part of the Dupont, WA layoff. Originally in 1998, due to profit pressures, Intel announced they were going to remove their pc-server manufacturing staff. This would be accomplished through three different waves. Which wave you were on would be based on a random lottery process. I don't remember the exact dates they used... but the range was being terminated or put on 'redeployment' in 2 months or 8. What's even more demeaning is that everyone would get together and publicly have their name drawn from a hat.. if your name was drawn you'd be able to select your last day of work, as long as one of those spots were still available. After being selected early on, I later had to come back through the room after there was only the 2-month termination date available. I will always remember the sad faces.

Well, it turns out about 8 months later and several hundred less workers, they suddenly need workers and they weren't going to terminate manufacturing completely. The remaining workers will get to keep their jobs after all! Hurray! And they will hire temp workers to fill the roles that permanent workers once had.

It's apparent to me now that this was all just a grand scheme to replace workers with temps. At first when I thought of this, I just thought I was being paranoid and being too much of a conspiracy thinker. Now with your site and other information I've heard, I believe this to be true. This wasn't a simple mistake or a miscalculation of demand or a change of conditions that led to pc-server manufacturing being kept.. just more manipulation and lies.

Most of the PC-Server assembly staff went through extensive training that included Intel values like family, teamwork, fun, positive work environment... all just BS.

I applaud your site. Keep up the good work. I gladly no longer work for Intel and am happy I only wasted three-years of my life there. I am much happier at Amazon.com, they work you hard, but at least it is a truly positive and fun atmosphere as compared to dreary Intel.

I would like to stay anonymous!


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Employees are scared, angry, and feeling betrayed at DuPont


The morale is extremely bad at DuPont.  People are scared, angry, and feeling betrayed.  I can relate to all of them especially the ones who transferred from Oregon and other plants.  I know people who have been with Intel for 10 to 15 years, all they can do now is start a career all over again.  Since Intel is the only high-tech firm in DuPont, these people have to move out of area.

Around the second week of July we should find out when our separation dates are going to be.  Then we will get at least 5 months separation pay.

Hopefully some of these people will be able to find jobs, so they can feed their families.  I'll talk to you soon I'm sure.

We report you publicize,

Intel employee in DuPont

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Intel lays off 650 employees of PC plant in DuPont, Washington

Intel will lay off up to 650 manufacturing employees, at a DuPont, Washington, facility.  This will constitute about 36% of the present 1,800 employees who are working at DuPont.  This will be also the first group of some 3,000 employees that Intel is planning to terminate in next five months.

In August, Intel will begin phasing out its PC and server computer manufacturing operations in DuPont.  Intel will continue manufacturing these products, but will complete its transition to using subcontractors by January 1999, when the layoffs are completed.

The planned layoffs are part of the personnel reduction the company announced in April in conjunction with its first-quarter earnings report.  At the time, Intel said it needed to reduce head count by five percent, or 3,000 employees.   But Intel's first layoff bite is a 36% chunk out of DuPont plant.

Intel officials have said that Intel would offer affected employees the opportunity to apply for other company jobs.  This is an empty and untruthful statement that is just meant to make Intel look good while committing the ugliest act.   Almost all of the other employees on redeployment elsewhere in the company have problem finding jobs within Intel, because there are only very few jobs for a huge number of people that are competing for them.

Intel is offering a severance package that include four months salary and medical benefits for those employees in DuPont plant whose employment is being terminated.

One of the principal functions of DuPont plant is research and development on workstation and high-end server products.  Intel said, "We will continue to grow the site for engineering and business management" products and a third building on the DuPont site, which Intel has been constructing will not be immediately occupied.

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A real morale buster and a sweet deal for Intel

In an interview with "The News Tribune", Pierce County Executive Doug Sutherland called the decision "brutal" for its impact on the company's assembly workers and "a real morale buster" for the region.   "Many of those people uprooted their families and moved here to continue working for Intel. For others, this was a real opportunity to find a good job with solid benefits," he said.

Bruce Mann, professor of economics at the University of Puget Sound, said the impact of the lost jobs in DuPont will be felt in Thurston County, where many of the workers live, as well as in Pierce County.  "One of the real sad parts of it is that many of the people who were in the assembly line were involved in some significant job training programs to get prepared for that," Mann added.  "But they will still have their skills and will have to find equivalent work that can use their skills."

Sutherland had a different take on the workers' future employment outlook: "It will be very difficult for many of them to find new jobs.  As assembly workers, they don't have the kind of specialized skills that would allow them to find other employment easily.".

Colin S. Conant, executive director of the Private Industry Council, said Intel was the largest single employer of Empowerment Zone residents. For hiring workers from the low-income neighborhoods, Intel got tax breaks totaling $4.3 million.  "These were good jobs with excellent benefits," Conant said. "We put a lot of effort into this project.  The area's community and technical colleges put together a training program, and a lot of community service agencies helped locate job candidates.  It was very successful."

About 54 of the assembly workers at Intel were residents of the Empowerment Zone, an area of low income and high unemployment.  They were assisted in getting their jobs by the Private Industry Council, a nonprofit agency working with public and private agencies to coordinate Empowerment Zone projects.

Fisher (Intel's spokesperson) said the decision is based on market conditions, even though the plant was built just two years ago. He said Intel's investment in the DuPont site is "in excess of $140 million." "This is an industry where changes take place very, very quickly, and we have to respond to this," Fisher said.  He added: The cuts will affect all manufacturing division employees, including managers and support personnel.  Workers will be notified of their "release dates" in July.  None will be any earlier than Aug. 1.  Others will follow through the end of the year. Employees will have a choice among severance packages.

What a sweet deal for Intel:

For hiring 54 workers from the low-income neighborhoods, Intel got tax breaks totaling $4.3 million.  This will calculate to $79,630 credit per worker that Intel hired.  $79,630 is equal to over 3 years salary of an assembly worker.  That means if Intel would not lay off these 54 workers, they work free for three years. 

Are Pierce County Executives smart and brave enough to sue Intel for breach of contract and ruining the economy of the Empowerment Zone?.  They must force Intel to pay $4.3 in taxes that they can build up the economy of low-income neighborhoods, which will be affected by Intel's brutal and bad faith actions.

Intel Win All Others Lose, is a primary symptom of Uncle Andy's perpetuated CPS (Chronic Paranoia Syndrome).  Amongst common victims of Uncle Andy's CPS are: Employees and their families, communities, customers, suppliers, and competitors.

The FTC is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit against Intel in June.  FTC is alleging Intel unfairly used its virtual monopoly in microprocessors to quash competition and bully customers.

We (employees) have to follow the lead of FTC and file a/several class action lawsuits against Intel, for quashing us by age, race, disability discrimination, and breach of contract. 

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"DuPont A View from Intel's HR Department"

As   our author desired the original text is slightly modified to protect his/her interests.

Dear FACE Intel,

Please keep this message confidential.  Make use of the info, but please do not reveal the source or the exact wording of my communication.

These are facts, which I personally experienced:

In Q1-1997, individuals and small groups from the Cornell Oaks facility, the Aloha facility, the Jones farm facility, the Hawthorne farm facility, and the Amber Glenn facility were 'selected' for relocation to DuPont Wash.

These individuals/groups were prohibited from internal transfer.   We were told to move to DuPont (with reasonable relocation assistance) or to resign.  Individuals who chose to resign were told that they could not be employed by Intel, in any capacity, for one-year following their date of resignation.

The decision period for transfer varied from group to group, but in most cases was between 60 and 90 days. 

This is what I know:

The DuPont workforce (with perhaps 1% or 2% exceptions) was limited to local new hires and Intel transferees.  "Local new hire" means Washington resident who does not need relocation.  "Intel transferee" means current Intel employee from anywhere else who was selected to work out of the DuPont facility.


Your anonymous friend!

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Some useful information about DuPont:

Residing Population:  1,200 (DuPont is enjoying a very rapid growth; projected population for year 2002 is 7,000).   Intel transfers was supposed to support most of this growth.  Intel's facility in DuPont presently is consists of two buildings, third building is in construction phase and two more buildings will be built later.

Major employers:  Intel Corporation (1,800 employees, which by end of 98 will be 1,150) and State Farm Insurance (150 employees)

Relative location: 15 miles south of Tacoma and 18 miles north east of Olympia.


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As always FACE Intel is committed to providing information to assist employees and ex-employees of Intel.  We wish the employees in DuPont, Washington all the best in dealing with this unpleasant ordeal, specially those whose career and their personal lives will be negatively impacted by this recent layoffs plan.   


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