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Intelligent Discrimination

Intel's policies have "Act of Discrimination" written all over them:

Age Disability Ethnicity and Race

  Age, Over 90% of FACEI members are 40 years or older.  

Ken Hamidi, spokesperson for FACE Intel, addressed Intel management during the May 22, 1996, Annual Stockholders Meeting with the following question, "Please explain the downsizing policies and practices of Intel and how they increase profitability?"  Several of the responses from the executive officers are worth noting.  Craig Barrett, Intel's Chief Operating Officer, replied to the down sizing question with, "The half-life of an engineer, software, hardware engineer is only a few years...".  One can infer from his remarks that those employees who were perceived as beyond the "useful life" at Intel have been targeted for termination.  

This example shows the philosophy held by Intel's executive staff per our opinion.  Carlene Ellis, Vice President of Information Technology, sent a memorandum to Intel employees in June 1996. In her memo she stated, "The average age of the Intel employee was approximately 36 in 1990 and is approximately 36 in 1996.  The NCG program has not changed the age fabric of Intel a bit."  It should be obvious that the base population ages.  An employee who was 30 years old in 1990 is 36 in 1996, assuming he / she still has a job at Intel.  To keep the average age the same after 6 years, as Carlene Ellis claims, the older employees would have to have been displaced by younger employees every year, from 1990 to 1996. This cannot be denied.  It is plain arithmetic.  We agree with Carlene Ellis that there is nothing illegal about the NCG program.  However, the methods of termination and the disposal of older employees are questionable at best and illegal at worst. This is evidenced by the extremely high number of FACEI members and other former Intel employees who are over age of 40.

Also disturbing was the misleading memo distributed by Carlene Ellis to Intel employees, which  denied the practice of victimizing the employees.  Our membership is just a small sample of the terminated employees. How many more victims are out there? Only Intel knows for sure, but we are determined to have each act of discrimination investigated.

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Intel plotted to terminate the disabled, rather than to accommodate or provide them with assistance.  When an employee is injured on the job or becomes partially disabled, he/she becomes an easy target for discrimination.  Employers such as Intel, due to competition and the investment community pressure, push the disabled off their payroll.  Intel views them as a nonproductive liability.  Instead of accommodating them, as required by ADA and the Workmen's Compensation law, they become part  of the target list for termination.  About a third of the FACEI members terminated by Intel have some type of disability.

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Ethnicity and Race

Ethnic characterizations such as; "Camel jockey", "Raghead",and "Terrorism is a way of life where you come from," depict the behavior and actions of Intel's discriminatory environment.  Close to 40%  of terminated FACEI members, are non-Caucasians.  You may ask why are there so many ethnic minorities in our group.  The answer is simple.  These members were targeted because of the prevailing prejudices in middle management at Intel.  Most ethnic employees are not part of the "Good Old Boy" network.  With termination quota requirements being enforced, who do you believe will be targeted?  It will be minority employees, of course, one dare not touch a fraternity member. 

A FACE Intel member, during a phone conversation with a high level Intel manager, was questioned as to his place of birth. The question had no relevance to the issue that was being discussed.  When the FACE Intel member responded that he was from the Middle East, the response from this high level manager was, "That explains it!".  Another high level manager said, "You come from a part of the world where everybody is corrupted and terrorism is a way of life."

These types of remarks are completely inappropriate from management at any level and especially from this individual manager's level.  Perhaps these managers should be instructed to take cultural diversity classes.  As an international company, Intel should take measures to educate all levels of management to be conscientious and correct in this area.  Most foreign born professionals try to ignore ethnic slurs and racial remarks. Furthermore, many of these foreign born professionals are seeking green cards (permanent residency status) and dare not question these ethnic slurs, at the risk of losing their jobs.

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