"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

An Example of Intel's Acquisition Of Other Companies     Fab 17/DIGITAL, HUDSON MASS. EMPLOYEES



Intel lied and cheated us!

From a Current Intel Employee:

Folks at FACE Intel; When I (working at Digital's Fab 6 plant in Hudson Ma.) first heard about the FACE Intel website, I thought it was a bunch of do-nothing complainers and that no company could be as bad as the website made it out to be, but I was WRONG.

            Since we have become Fab 17 the stranglehold has been slowly tightening and killing anything that was left of the Digital culture in HLO. Oh, sorry, we are now HD.

            First we were promised more money if we signed on to the Intel pay scale, (with the ECBP) and the other great things that Intel will do for us. Most fell for it and as time moved on it was becoming very apparent that all was not as golden as it first seemed.

            The first sign that things were about to change was a VSP (Voluntary Severance Package) where Intel had a "first call, first win, game show" where the first callers into the EASE phone number would be the winners of a severance package that equaled; 4 months pay + 1.25 weeks pay for each year of Digital/Intel service,

            Next, on September 22, 1998 we had an ISP (Involuntary Severance Package) thrust on us, where certain organizations were targeted as excess and offered a similar package as the VSP.

            Next on October 2, 1998 people working in the SAT (Sort, Assembly, Test) area were again gathered into a meeting where they were promised an additional ($10,000 non-exempt, or $15,000 exempt) to stay on until the transfer of the Assembly and Test operations to Penang (T3) was complete.

            Over the next few months most of the folks in SAT were making plans on what they were going to do with the money and where they were going to go next.

            On (about) February 25, 99 everyone in the S.A.T group were called into a meeting where they were told that Intel had decided that we all could "have a job somewhere in the Hudson facility' and the ISP program had been canceled...

            Since then the workload has been doubled, and most people have now realized that this is Intel's way of getting rid of the excess headcount without spending any of Craig's $116,000,000.

            Attached are copies of the letters we received on 9/22, and 10/2 but notice, nothing ever came out in writing about these programs being canceled, and it is not available on the web like all other meeting are.  This last year has made me want to jump up and yell at the top of my lungs - "INTEL, WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO WORK." .....


Intel Massachusetts, Inc.
75 Reed Road
Hudson. Massachusetts

                                                Date:   September 22, 1998


As you know, Fab 17 is making changes to its organizational structure. We believe these changes are necessary in order to increase productivity and reduce spending. Unfortunately, this includes a permanent reduction 'in the number of employees at the Intel Massachusetts site. As part of this reduction in headcount, your position is being eliminated.

We are committed to assisting employees who are affected by these changes in the business. As an affected employee, you will receive a separation package and outplacement support. The separation package will include (1) a base of four months' pay; (2) additional pay based on your combined Digital and Intel length of service (approximately I week's pay per year of service x 1.25); and (3) a lump sum payment equal to the cost of four months of COBRA (continued health benefits) coverage. You are also eligible for 3 months of outplacement support. Right Management & Associates will provide this service, and it includes individual consulting, job search skills training, office services, and job research resources.

In order to give you as much advance notice as possible, we will not be implementing the reduction in headcount until 1999. At this time, we anticipate that affected employees in your organization wiI1 be released from Intel between January and July of 1999. Between now and that date, you are free to use the outplacement services at the Career Resource Center. You may also seek other vacant positions (but cannot bump or displace other employees from their positions) within Intel until your scheduled release date, which will be approximately Q3 '99.

If you have questions regarding the business restructuring or about your benefits, please contact your supervisor or your Hunan Resource representative.


John Breseke/Norm Goulet


An Equal Opportunity Employer


Intel Massachusetts, Inc.
75 Reed Road
Hudson. Massachusetts

Date:   October 2, 1998


In order to ensure continued success of our Alpha, Strong/ARM, Bridges and Networks products, it is key to have a flawless transfer of our Assembly/Test operations. As we move forward in this direction, it is critical that we maintain employees with the right skills in Hudson to help with this transfer. To help us reach that goal, the following retention and performance bonuses have been put in place.

All Assembly/Test employees, as well as employees who are in direct support of Assembly/Test who need to stay until the transfer of Assembly/Test, will receive a retention bonus. Employees will also be eligible for a performance bonus provided the organization achieves its performance targets during the transfer.

Details of the retention and bonus are listed below:

Retention Bonus:

Non-Exempt Employees will receive:     $10,000

Exempt Employees will receive:            $15,000

Performance Bonus:

Both Non-Exempt and Exempt Employees will receive a $3,000 bonus. This will be a one-time bonus. To qualify for this bonus the Assembly/Test organization must meet its short and long term goals.

All employees must stay until their release date to be eligible for their retention and bonus. Management will notify employees of their exact release date, and these dates should be defined by end of Qtr 4 1998.

If you have any questions, please contact your manager.


John Breseke/Norm Goulet


An Equal Opportunity Employer 

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Intel's cultural indoctrination/transition is victimizing a lot of folks at Fab 17, former DEC Hudson plant.

Message from an Intel employee in Fab 17:

Hudson plant employees under DEC's human resources policies had a very decent life. A high percentage of employees had worked over 15 years for DEC with total dedication and hard work. Both DEC and employees where very fond of each other and always enjoyed a mutual respect and loyalty.

But under the new tyrannical reign of Intel, as it was expected, the livelihood of employees in Fab 17 is endangered.  Intel is using same old intimidating tactics to force the older employees out.

Many of the veterans have already left and many others are in search of a decent employer like DEC. So far, Intel is not yet turning up the full heat.  That is supposed to happen after labor day.  Only training now on reviews, expectations, and constructive criticism.  All of the most talented folks, the PhDs and designers, left right after the announcement.  These people knew that their creative talents would be squashed under Intel's merciless rules.  The rest of employees have no clue yet of Intel's cruel HR policies from a personal basis.  Intel MA ran ads this week for designers wanted.

This is an example of hardship and intimidation that Intel has created since inception of their "Intel Culture" at Fab 17.  DEC accommodated the daycare needs of employees by offering them flex hours.  But Intel who on one hand advertises its value system by telling the employees "Employees are our greatest asset." and "Intel is a great place to work.", requires the families with day care need to take the following steps:

  1. Write couple of letter to explain why there is need for flex hours.
  2. To complete couple of forms.
  3. And if they do not quit or get discouraged, as last intimidation effort, they will give them the following questionnaire to complete or fold.

As part of the exception process to standard hours, individuals making an application should address the following points in their application.

  • Child care (pre school age or before/after school hours) and Elder Care This is where hours of care are fixed and the employee cannot find alternative care.
  • Why does your current care provider not allow you to accommodate the established Intel work schedule?
  • What alternative child care search was done?
  • How many Day Care alternatives were explored?
  • Why didn't they work?
  • Have you considered alternative forms of child care (i.e., center, in-home, or at-home)?
  • Does the local school offer any programs (assuming child is of school age)?
  • Have you considered Day Care located closer to work, whose hours accommodate the established Intel work schedule?
  • Can your spouse or life partner share responsibility for child care drop-off and pick-up?
  • Do you expect this situation to change based on grade and/or age changes of the child? If so, when?
  • School Transportation This is where a parent is required to see the child safely to school or to the school bus.
  • Why does your current situation not allow you to accommodate the established Intel work schedule?
  • What alternatives have been explored (personal drop off at school, pick up at an alternate location [family member], etc.)?
  • Does the school offer any kind of early arrival care?
  • Have pre-care and after-care alternatives been explored?
  • Can your spouse or life partner share responsibility?
  • Medical or Disability This is where the employee depends on others or special means to get to work.
  • Why does your current situation not allow you to accommodate the established Intel work schedule?
  • What alternatives have been explored?
  • Why didn't they work?

What a cultural shock this must be for Hudson plant employee.

One thing to remember in MA - it seems everyone drives an hour to work.  DEC was very spread out over the area.  Employees come from NH, VT, CT and western MA.  So long commute is fine for employees but, employee's children do not need to be taking a commute that long.  Think about winter in North East.  Can't wait to see how Intel reacts to the winter storms when no one gets into the fab for a day or two....

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We all are familiar with the 'Intel Inside' logo,
but do you know what it means to be Inside Intel?
What Intel does not want you to know is detailed in this web site.

The information that you find in this web site is based on the court documents, Intel's documents, statements of the Intel executives and officials, depositions of Intel officials under oath, true stories of numerous former and current employees of Intel, testimony of very reliable sources, and etc.

The facts you must know and what you can expect under Intel rules:

Glorious honeymoon of Intel is over and the astronomical profits are trickling down. Intel is planning massive layoffs mostly in manufacturing sectors.  By end of 1998 we guesstimate that Intel will reduce its work force by 10,000.  We also guesstimate that over 90% of the people that will be terminated by the year end will be over age of 40, this will a mass age discrimination.  This means the already overworked remainder has to work even harder to compensate for the missing output of axed coworkers.

We have reported to you in the past the when Intel announced that the Digital Hudson plant will be Intel's fab 17, is was also announced that you will be indoctrinated with Intel culture.  What is Intel culture? It's definitely nothing like what they tell you.  The true culture of Intel is what we spell out in this web site.  You must expect more of a culture shock. 

If you are not already working more than 60 hours per week, most of you must expect to work that many hours and more, i.e., with no compensation for salaried employees.  Intel's predatory Ranking and Rating (R&R) and overall Human Resources policies and practices will put you in such a survival mode that you'll be forced to work yourself to a condition of burnout, nervous breakdown, or what actually happened in a few extreme cases, committing suicide.

Change of your employment contract:  If your contract with Digital is anything other than an "At Will" contract, it is highly likely that Intel will attempt to change it to "At Will".  That means that you as employee have no right or say in anything, Intel can terminate you for any reason at any time with no legal liability. Remember that you do not have to sign any contract without knowing exactly what the legal ramification of it is.  We made that mistake In 1991, when Intel tricked all employees who were hired before 1991 to sign a new (At Will) contract. They never explained to us what it meant. They just rushed it through with totally fallacious excuses.

Our managers told us that Intel needs to protect its intellectual properties and we needed to sign the new contract, in which Intel had embedded the "At Will" clause.  The previous contract was "For Cause." That meant that there must be a justifiable cause for termination of employment.

You will work harder and longer.   Intel's R&R system will force it upon you, or at your review time (twice a year) you'll fall into category of 5% Improvement Required (IR) or slower than your peers.  This means 10% of employees will be targeted each year for termination.

Those of you who are promoted through the ranks and are receiving a decent salary and/or accumulated stock options are the most vulnerable.  It has been our experience that they'll target you in isolation, put a lot of pressure on you, build a case against you, and either force you out or terminate you.  It also has been our experience that over 90% of employees who are pushed out or terminated are over age of 40.

Some of you will be forced to take demotions.  If you are targeted, put under a lot of stress, and put on CAP (Corrective Action Plan) with unreachable demands, you'll be forced to accept demotions, otherwise you'll be terminated.

We have observed that Intel's unjust and predatory R&R system and Human Resources policies and practices will replace good managers with incompetent and unethical managers who are willing to victimize excellent employees based on mandated quotas (5% each review period or 10% every year).  In other words, now that Intel has taken over it will like heaven for those of you with personality disorders.  Good manager will be replaced with egomaniacs, narcissist, self centers, and back stabbers.

Over 70% of your new hires will be RCG's (Recent College Graduates).  We have been informed that average age of Hudson plant (fab 17) is a lot  higher than that of Intel.  Those of you who are over age of 40 must be at alert and start documenting every incident on paper in order to protect your employment.  Do not wait until you are victimized.  

In an attempt to unduly influence the local community, Intel will flood your local media with deceptive advertisements that say "we will bring good and great things to community".   Since Intel's victims have not done anything about these deceptive measures in the past, they have been successful in hiding their EVILS BEHIND THEIR SUCCESS.  What you can expect from Intel is a lot of lies, deceptions, discriminations, and unjust treatment of employees.

Intel will aggressively brainwash your children with deceptive propagandas at high schools, junior colleges, and universities by offering them co-op and summer jobs, regular visits of recruiters to their schools, throwing money at schools, and so on.  But Intel will never tell them the only thing they want of them is the total exploitation of a few years of their lives after college.

It's very likely your local government will be muscled for lower taxes, more lenient environmental/regulations and requirements, and loans. 

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Survival Guide for Intel/Digital Employees:

-   One-on-ones and meetings that minutes are not published for and are significant. In case Employee feels that he/she is targeted, it is important that they copy their manager, their manager's manager, and HR.

-   Important documents like:    Weeklies, quarterlies, objectives/key results, achievement awards, warnings, and similar documents.

Memos, announcements, policies, org. charts, and other documents from management.

-   A copy of personnel record, legally employee can have access to it at any time.


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