CRCAW's Goals



Itís difficult to conceive of a more basic right than having clean air to breathe.  Contaminated water can be purified in many ways, including water softeners, reverse osmosis, and distillation.  In extreme cases, we can always drink bottled water.  But we canít stop breathing.  So our primary goal is having clean air to breathe.


Three years ago CRCAW sent Intel information about a clean new process that replaces most of the toxic chemicals now used with supercritical carbon dioxide.  This new process would also reduce Intelís current water consumption of 4 million gallons per day by as much as 90%, which alone is sufficient reason to use it, but Intel continues to use an inferior process that could poison our air and our people.  Our second goal is to persuade Intel to use the best available technology to minimize their release of toxic emissions.


A current lawsuit involving former employees of the IBM semiconductor plant has revealed much higher rates of cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects among those exposed to typical clean-room chemicals.  Their rate of brain cancer is fourfold higher, multiple myeloma is six times higher, and breast cancer twice as high as the general public.  We are concerned about the increased health risks of Intel employees, as well as residents who live near Intel.  Our third goal is to have Intel share its employee medical records with a qualified independent agency, such as the California Department of Health, whose request for such information was refused by Intel.


So our final goal is to have the New Mexico Environment Department resist political pressure and pursue its stated mission of protecting public health and the environment.