"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett

Sample Of Comments & Feedbacks

Due to enormity of comments and feedbacks reported to FACE Intel since March of 1996, we only publish a small sample of comments and feedback by current and former employees of Intel for your information.

The material published in this page are original.  To protect our authors we have kept their names confidential where requested by authors.  

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61 - From a current Intel employee in US, November 17, 2002:

Dear FACE Intel,

Once again!! Intel is doing what they said they wouldn't be doing. I remember about 2 months ago when Craig Barrett was giving us the update, he specifically said "I want you to understand what I'm saying, we are not planning on any more mass lay offs."  Here we are about 2 months later and people are still losing their jobs.  Including me after 22 yrs. I'm not even a high paid manager!! They won't save any money on me.  After all these years I will never figure out their reasons for what they do.  We lost about 10% of our group and I know there are others, for example in AZ there's a group that lost about 60%+ and I'm sure there are others.

I love the way they hide the fact that they are having lay offs. This terminology "redeployment" means exactly the same thing, but in actuality itís a torturous way of getting rid of employees.  They put you in a pool where it is very unlikely that you will find any job, therefore forcing you out the door with total humiliation and destruction of your self-esteem and confidence. 

It doesn't matter to them that they have spent 20+ years training you, paying for schooling, when the chips are down you mean nothing to them. If you think there is security at Intel: look again!!!!!  Yes, there is job security at Intel, but only for those that destroy other peopleís lives and careers and make millions of dollars doing it. 

Now, I'm one of the older sector going to be out on the streets looking for employment; What kind of a chance do you think I have? And how much do you think Intel cares. Not married and no one to fall back on, stock is in the toilet and worth NOTHING right now.  Leaving anyone who leaves now with very little after 20 years of loyalty, this is what you get!! 

Creating fear, insecurity, uncertainty, terrorizing people to death is what Intel is doing to its employees.  I understand that Intel can run its business as they wish. But it isn't right to lie to their employees and put them under the impression that Intel cares for them, that Intel is a great place to work, that you as employees are the greatest asset Intel has along with a bunch of other lies.  They turn around and treat people like piece of garbage.  Intel deliberately targets its employees and like concentration camp prisoners torture them until they force them out. Isn't this Corporate Terrorism?

I'm sure you have had plenty mails about this, but just wanted to let you know what was happening around here.

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60 - From a current Intel employee in Ireland:

Hi - prepare yourself for a long - but hopefully informative - read!
I started work with Intel Ireland with three qualifications in the electronics field a number of years ago  (I'll just say more than five). I was given a job as a 'sustaining technician'. It was only when I started the job that I found out that this meant I was to be a machine operator! So, okay, once I was there a year I could advance myself and become an equipment technician ( a real technician). After six months, the rule that employees had to be there for a year before advancement was relaxed for a particular job. I went for it. The response I got was that I did not have enough experience ( I previously worked repairing mobile phones). Who got the job? Some guy from Dell who everyone was able to pinpoint as being the successful candidate before the interviews were even held! So, I asked what this lack of experience referred to. The answer? Not enough experience of Intel! The other guy had been a contractor there and so knew Intel's ways better than I. Okay, I naively accepted this.
So, six months later a tech job comes up for the machine I've been running day in day out for a year now. Did I get it? No. Who did? An ex-plumber who had been with the company six months at this stage. This guy thinks an electrostatic wrist strap means you can pull live boards out of a machine and be protected from electric shock - I am NOT joking. If you're not technical please please have someone explain this to you. It will just show you how badly screwed I was.
So, okay, I'm not going to get a job as a tech. Even if I was to get to do an interview for the job, my skills are diminishing as I have become out of practice. At this stage I'm losing interest in technical stuff anyway and decide to go for a job in a different department. I am successful at this and after about three years, finally in a job I like and am respected in. At this point I realize that it is only really the people in the Manufacturing department who are shafted really badly. Who else would be made take holidays instead of sick days so it won't affect their review? Who else has to tell their supervisor they're nipping out for lunch and call them again as soon as they're back? I could go on and on here - so I'll continue lest you get bored. Suffice it to say that with this newfound respect for my job and natural ability, I received a grade increase.
That job was downsized down the toilet and I find myself back in Manufacturing where my grade increase means I have to do more and more and more to satisfy my boss. As the grades lower than me get more and more work piled on their shoulders, so I am expected to be doing so much more than they do to justify my grade. As a result I start to receive disciplinary actions based on my performance. I have a hypocrite supervisor who jumps on my back for falling down on the job in nearly exactly the same ways he does. In my last review I got 0% and no stock options. I bet he still got his 200 or whatever. So I'm in strife about my review and am fighting it  when I now hear a substantiated rumor that Intel Ireland are to lay off 150 people and the announcement is to be made on Wednesday 25th April (2001).
How was the rumor substantiated? A girl in Manufacturing was applying for a mortgage when the bank refused it to her on the grounds that Intel were sacking 150 people so her job was not secure. AGAIN other people always know about these things before we do!!! Anyway, the girl in question approached HR who told her that, yes, it was true. A colleague asked our supervisor about this and he claimed it was only a rumor ( the same response he gave about the F24 and other issues which turned out to be true).
Before the end of the shift I heard that it was to be 500 people and rising!!! Watch out for the announcement on Wednesday and only time will tell.
I ask the following 2 questions: Why did Craig Barrett tell us that there would be cutbacks in our review pay rises and across the company so that we would be assured of keeping our jobs, if we're not?
If it's got so bad that they're switching off the lights in canteens to save money, surely there's more behind this cutback than they're telling us!?
All I can say is I hope we get offered voluntary redundancy so I can get my unlucky ass out of there before it's kicked out.
I had to leave out a seriously big number of gripes so that I wouldn't start getting a 'CTD' writing for so long, so I hope you get the message: BEWARE! and AVOID! are two words which I would urge you to keep in mind!

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59 - From a former Intel employee:

I started at F12, which is located in Chandler Arizona as an RCG (Recent College Graduate), working in the dry etch area. My first assignment was as a process engineer in one of the most stable areas of the factory. I had one boss during my entire time at F12. Gary always had positive things to say in our 1:1's during my first year.
One of the projects I led my first year saved the company over $2 million per year. During focal R&R, he defended me using this as one of his key points, and I received a 13% raise.

After the focal review, I led an effort to increase capacity, resulting in an additional $35 million of throughput per year. A few months before mid-year reviews, Gary switched me to one of the more intense areas of the factory (metal etch), which at the time was a gate to the P856 ramp. This was a very high stress, high visibility area. One of my responsibilities was to qualify the metal etchers for P856 production. The qualification process was very difficult to achieve, yet I was able to perform them faster than anyone else.

When Gary reviewed my R&R form for mid-year, he said that my projects "looked good" and should have "no problem" making it through. However, the results that came back from the mid-year review were quite different. Gary gave me the news that I received a slower than. The decision was based on one feedback form out of five that had one negative comment (all others were very positive), and he said that I didn't communicate with him enough (although I always had my weekly report in on time every time and regular 1:1 sessions). He said "don't worry" and that "it's no big deal" and that I had "until focal review" to clear up the rating. He gave me a few mundane projects to work on to address the "issues". About two months before focal, I was in the middle of the projects when he gave me an ultimatum to quickly write up an R&R form with the results of these projects that I was in the middle of. He said that the managers decided to have a mid-mid-year review to review the slowers' projects. I had not been told that this was going to happen; I had my projects on track for completion prior to focal. As a result, my form looked poor and, as you can probably guess, I was placed on a CAP (Corrective Action Plan) at this impromptu mid-mid-year review.  It should also be noted that I proxied Gary's calendar prior to the mid-mid-year review (he gave his employees proxy access to his calendar).  Anyhow, he had set up a meeting with HR to discuss placing me on a CAP PRIOR TO the mid-mid-year review.  Decisions for placing individuals on CAPs are to be made by the R&R GROUP, not the individual manager.

Upon reviewing my mid-mid-year results, Gary reveals that at the mid-year review, the managers had actually discussed placing me on a CAP at that time (which I understand would have been a violation of procedure), but Gary talked them into a slower. Also, Gary said that my projects at mid-year "weren't good enough". Excuse me, but when did $35 million become "not good enough"? If $35 million isn't good enough for Intel, then shouldn't I be allowed to have that ($35 million is definitely good enough for me :) ).
Gary officially placed me on the CAP a couple of weeks before focal discussions. On the day that I was going to be discussed for focal, I submitted my resignation. Gary tried to assure me that I would not be terminated that day based solely on the focal discussions, but after the way he repeatedly jerked me around I went through with my resignation (I also received a job offer at another company shortly before that).

I tried to go through the on-call system and through HR to try and reclaim losses for what I went through (monetary and/or stock options), but I'm sure you can guess how that went over.

My professional life has gotten much better since I left Inhel. I work for a company that is growing FASTER THAN Inhel, and at a job where I only have to work 40 hours to be successful instead of 60+ hours. My boss is so much easier to get along with, and tells me the truth. I hope this experience can be of value to you.

If there are any current employees who are going through the slower/CAP process, I encourage you to get out of that    situation.  It is not worth the time, effort, or your health to continue down a path in which you are constantly misled and have no control.  If you are a recent college graduate (RCG) or other professional considering employment at Intel, I encourage you to think again and get the facts about what truly goes on there. 

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58 - From a current Intel employee:

I have been thinking about writing this to Face Intel for while and figured why bother, but I have to tell you that when I saw the recent article that was put out on Circuit about Intel coming up the Fortune 500 list of Best Places to work I thought this could not be a better time. 

Iím not sure whom Fortune 500 poles for this survey but it would be very interesting to find out. They are certainly not talking to the ďaverageĒ Intel employee for their information. 

Let me give you a couple of facts to consider and an example of what Iím talking about. 

Intel is a very stressful High Tech Corp and demands much more than they are willing to pay for from their employees.  No matter what grade level you are and if you are not willing to RISK your heath and family, then you will not see the figures they are quoting in the salaries that Fortune 500 mentions.  In fact youíll get targeted, tortured and after a long humiliating process terminated.  What is published at FACE Intel is the true reflection of what is going on at Intel. Not just what you hear that Intel publishes. 

Hereís my story:

Hired at Intel 20 years ago, and certainly not planning on being there until retirement, I made the choice that I wanted to have a career but at the same time being a single parent I couldnít give them 70-80 hrs a week and keep my sanity at the same time.  But at no time did I give them less then 100% of myself while I was (and still is) there. I worked very hard to get to the next level but always seemed like there was some sort of barrier and just couldnít make that happen. Intelís turn over rate is very high and it seemed like my direct managers were always in the category. So I spent many hours/years training new managers, filling in while there was no manager for my dept. but never was I recognized for my efforts.

Twenty years later, Iím still there!! NOT one promotion in that time. Now, knowing that Intel does not keep ďslackersĒ on the payroll Iím having a hard time figuring out how all this can happen. Well a couple of reasons come to mind:

  1. Today, Despite what they tell you and want you to believe, they are very discriminating against age and lack of degrees. Spending 19 years in the same dept. I finally realized that this just wasnít going to get it. So I moved to an entirely new area, but not totally foreign to me considering what I was doing the past many years. While in this position I decided that itís probably to late to for a degree but not to late to change fields anyway. So Intel has been paying for me to take many classes to get certified in another area. This is all great and all fine, however, Intel is not good at helping you move into another direction with them. The dept that is paying for this is not a bit concerned whether or not I use it there or move on.  But then no other dept. is willing to take you in (if you will) and train you. Intel wants you running feet on the ground when you move to another dept. That dept doesnít want to have to take the time to train you. Even after spending thousands on your education they would rather hire from OUTSIDE with the skills they need and not bother with you. Case in point; I recently applied for a position that was a grade level higher but they decided to go with someone who was already in that grade rather then give someone (me) the opportunity to advance myself. (Perfect Example) So they are totally politically motivated, out for them selves and donít care about you like they PRECHÖ 
  2. Intel tells us we own our own employability. This is totally UNTRUE!! We own nothing. Our employability depends on many things and my ownership of it is not one of them.  Itís driven my politics (mainly), by budget, by R&R (thatís a whole subject in its self). R&R, which commands a forced distribution in the success or not of each employee. Someoneís got to be in that 5% and it might as well be your for a year. Because next year, it will be someone else. Just to keep the ball rolling. R&R says, ďany given dept. canít not have a whole group of satisfactory =ís and above in the same dept. someone has to come out in the bottom and at that point, they just draw straws.
  3. If Intel finds them selves in low times as they are right now (12/00) they will close all of the opportunities that one might be applying for. Therefore ďshuttingĒ the door on all opportunities. Iíve seen this happen so many times in the past. So Bad business decisions from up above are driving my employability. You could go on and on with this one and thereís not one thing that would push you towards the employeeís side. I canít even get a raise in my current position because according to the ďRULESĒ my manger has to be a certain level before I can move up!! Now who owns my employability? It doesnít matter how I perform.

The truth of the matter is, if youíre willing to sacrifice your health, and loose your family because of the long hours you spend there, then youíll do just fine. Theyíll make an exempt out of you and be on their way. They OWN you then!!! I made the decision long ago that while I wanted a career I didnít want my life to go that way. That I would give them everything I had while Iím there. Iím not perfect, none of us are, but I have not as much as been late to work, in 20 years!! Except for an accident I was in one morning. Iím at work no less then Ĺ hr early every day and I work any OT that my job requires to get what needs to be done done. And what do long time employees in my position get??? NothingÖunless you consider a 4% raise is something. (BTW 4% doesnít mean $200 +) It means ď$30 every two weeks after taxes!!!Ē) Thatís how appreciative they are for loyalty.   Intel does not recognize longevity at all so why bother staying there. There is no seniority, you can come in off the street with very little experience and do the same job Iím doing, youíll make just a couple $$ís less an hour than I make. Unless youíre an exempt, your treated like a second-class citizen (for lack of better description/or just nobody would work). You are just there, your barely acknowledged. They spend days and weeks on R&R for exempts and hours on non-exempts. They give the non-exempts nothing for raises (4-6 maybe 7% although I donít know of any that got that unless it was with a promo) compared to exempts. While they are credited by Fortune 500 with the fact that everyone gets stocks options, I would say the lousy 20-60 shares of stock with a 4% raise is a slap in the face to someone that has been on their payroll for ď20 yearsĒ. If one is good enough to make it through layoffs, rising of the bar, then itís their (Intelís) responsibility to help that person get to the next level. Not hold them down with the bureaucratic tactics that they operate under. Out of 20 years of reviews I have had two that were not favorable and both were given to me my NEW outside managers that just came in to Intel and new little to nothing about the culture here. They were also two of the many I trained when they first got in. My reviews were pretty good in-between and when I took this issue to HR, guess what? They focused on the 2 bad reviews and made the decision that these two managers must be right and didnít even consider the other 18 that were good. So needless to say ď I got no where ď. Surprise!!!  

I noticed another thing they were credited with on the Fortune 500 list is the fact that they gave us all new computers. Thatís a joke! Well that was announced a year ago, and probably to influence this type of thing, because itís been a year and we havenít seem them yet and wonít until February 2001 when we will finally get to put our orders in. Then not telling when they will be delivered. 

While Intel is a prestigious company and if I were to give anyone any advice at this point, I would say Ďseek out anotherí to work at where you are appreciated 100% no matter what your position is and no matter what your circumstances are. Intel hides behind the big corporate structure and you truly are just a statistic. I know your saying ďThis is the exception to the rule, but itís notĒ. I know several people in this position and Iím sure there are others I donít know. And just read the comments on this website and figure it out for yourself. Doesnít take a genius thatís for sure. 

One of your letters in the comment section really hit home. If your liked by a manager your in. I witnessed that a few months ago. A gal got a promotion into a req that was written for her so she got the raise and the promo money. Not 2 months later, they changed her responsibilities and they wrote the next req for her. So she was in!!! Well in between she was a warning due to PA time. Couldnít get to work on time, so they had to wait 30 days before they could put her in that position because you canít get a new job while your on a warning. The minute the 30 days were up, they offered her the job. Oh wait, the best is to come, her effective date was the first of the month, her new manager was out of the office and guess what? Yes so was she!!!!! Weíll sheís an exempt now and can do that! I thought that was just an ironic story and par for the course to support the statement that was mentioned. 

I will end with this stat that was published not long ago that says 72% of Intelís employees have been there less then 2 years and 46% have been there less then 5 years.  Not a place where you might plan on a long career without been eaten up and spit out at some point in time during your career here.  

Iím sorry to have taken up so much time here but after 20 years, I could do a whole Web Site on this subject, not good!! 

Thanks for your timeÖ

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57 - From Debra Walker:

Refused to Interview

I wanted to tell you that because of this website, I made a last minute decision not to interview. Researching Intel was the last thing I had done in preparation for the 2 hours of behavioral interrogation, oh I mean interview. After reading through this site and a few others on the net, I emailed Intel and told them I had decided not to proceed. I had searched a few other large corporate employers to see if this kind of site was normal, and found nothing. I felt that if 30 or 40 people had horror tales to tell, they were probably only the tip of an ice berg that contained tens of thousands. Being a 43 year old mother of two young children, Intel sounded like the last place I'd find balance or security. Thank You and keep up the good work.

Debra Walker

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56 - From Jason Rogers:

I have to say that my sympathies go out to all victimized employees of Intel. I too have been victimized by my ex-employer, but fortunately for me this has turned into a blessing in disguise, while I am able to close this chapter of my life, the memory is still potent and it fills me with anger and I still blame myself for not standing up to them, had I done so, this would have assured my dismissal but at least I would have won my self respect, and believe you me this is priceless. One finds solace in dignity but when it is lost, so is the spirit.

There are a lot of evil companies around and Intel stands beacon to all that is bad. Reflecting this struggle between good and evil, Intel it seems is losing significant ground to AMD (once boot boy to master Intel) and VIA. This has become markedly true, companies that were once 100% Intel (i.e. Abit, ASUS etc) are switching their allegiances to AMD and is hitting Intel where it hurts.

Witness the fall of Gateway, Compaq, IBM and et al, I hope this tide of change will exorcist the people at top and force Intel to change its culture within, because if its to remain competitive in a market place that has proven to be volatile, it has to learn to keep its best people.

I wish you all the best,

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55 - From an Intel fab 12 employee:

Fab 12 Chandler Arizona, "The Sexual Favor Fab of the Southwest"

Fab 12 called by many as a prison, and advancement to get a promotion is usually demanding your bones get jumped.
Good examples of this are a while ago a Shift 4 manager was caught at his home coming out of their bedroom with a newly appointed diffusion supervisor.  He was caught by his wife, also an Intel employee and now
The present Shift 5 manager was getting sexual favors from subordinate employees.  His wife is an Intel employee and now divorced. 
These are only two examples of the Fab 12 advancement program. It makes you wonder about the other managers that don't have spouses working at Intel, and don't hear all the rumors about their extra marital affairs.
I want to know whether this is standard operating procedure at Fab 12? Does Intel abide by this policy for advancement to management? The way I see it is that Intel management has no moral values with supervisors, managers and
business practices.

I am an employee of Fab 12 and all the above known to me is true.

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54 - From John Wasula:

FACEIntel members:
Thank you for providing this information for many of us to read. As we do not have the time/opportunity to investigate/experience these allegations against Intel, it always helps to make the information freely accessible so that we may filter it and judge for ourselves.
My personal opinion is that even if a small fraction of the information posted on your site is true, I would be morally encouraged to do business elsewhere, regardless of technological prowess.  Fortunately, as the technology stands today,
business elsewhere is at a company called AMD.  I have been following the chip market because I assemble my own PCs
as a side business. I enjoy it tremendously and it will help with two college careers that two young ones will be working towards.  I have found AMD CPUs to have steadily and routinely surpassed the performance of its predecessors.  And now according to Thomas Pabst (www.tomshardware.com) AMD has taken the lead with their new 64-bit CPU codenamed 'Sledgehammer'.  It is a relief that Sledgehammer will be backward compatible (and actually enhance) existing 32-bit Apps; unlike Itanium (Intel's 64-bit CPU) which basically cuts the umbilical cord to 32-bit altogether (well, maybe a strand of tissue remains).
I appreciate a company that makes decisions based on compatibility, reusability and customer finances.  I detest companies that make changes to form-factor (reducing compatibility), force new instruction sets and proprietary memory modules, etc. solely to leverage their dominance and squeeze competition. 
So, I will choose NOT to endorse Intel or its business partners until they answer for these allegations and provide a plan for
improving their management ethic.

                        Thank you again,
                                John Wasula

(Feel free to use both my letter and my name as you wish to broadcast your concerns.)

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53 - From a former Intel employee:

To Face Intel:

I urge you to PLEASE, publish this letter as soon as possible.

My name is Julie Frost and I worked at the Chandler site known as Fab6 in Arizona for over 7 years. I have been living a nightmare since I became ill in 1995. Intel and their self-insured long-term disability plan is the monster only it's not a dream it's reality! I'm not the only one either. I was naive and it took me a couple of years to figure this out. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the hell they've put me through. If only one person doesn't have to suffer because they know what I went through, then it will be worth it to share my story.

All employees of INTEL I urge you to please read, 
Get your own Long-Term Disability Insurance from an insurance company outside of Intel.
You'll receive your short-term disability benefits, because you pay into that policy, but the LTD plan that Intel says they provide for you in the event you should need it, is nothing more than a hoax!  It's paid directly from corporate assets and you'll be lucky to see a dime, if you become ill, in fact it may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight Intel who's hell bent on not paying you at all. Their behavior is so terrible and tactics so assassin like it's shocking.  I so believed in them and what they said they stood for, only to be repeatedly smacked in the face by this corporate giant.

I know many of you are thinking this will never happen to me, I know I did. You believe Intel will be there for you, after all because that's what it says in the T-comp manual.  WRONG !  An unpredictable accident or sickness can happen to anyone of us at anytime. It did to me and if it should happen to you, I can assure you that if you don't purchase an LTD policy from
someone other than Intel you will be SORRY! Intel will fight you mercilessly in an attempt to deprive you of the benefits they list in to the point of ruination.  The stress you have to endure will be unimaginable. Intel would like nothing less that to push you over the edge, because they have a 2-year psychiatric illness clause in the policy.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism. I have proven disability to the US Dept. of Social Security, but Intel doesn't think I'm sick enough to give me my benefits.  Specifically, they have an issue with CFS & FM, because there are a few people that have those same illnesses that have been treated as badly and in some cases worse that myself. It is so bad that the Department of Labor did an investigation and filed two Amicus briefs against Intel in one case.  Intel has taken the stand that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are not covered under their LTD plan, however they've yet to exclude it in the plan. So, you spend years not knowing it and trying to give them medical
information about an illness, because you believed in Intel. They totally mislead you into thinking you just need one more piece of evidence, when all they are doing is purposefully lying to you the whole time intentionally.

Intel has been using ERISA laws that were originally meant to ensure your rights. ERISA has changed from its original intent and now favors corporate America. Your ERISA rights will be violated by Intel many times over and finding an attorney to represent you is extremely difficult and costly.  ERISA law prevents them from being sued for punitive damages in the event of
bad faith claims. I know there would be many, I've run into many people that have been treated as badly or worse than me and the story is the same over and over again. I know there are many people throughout the facilities of Intel that have CFS and FM. Some are still bale to work, while others are trying to maintain their daily lives. Several have sued them in Federal
court and been ruined financially. Some are so scarred by the tactics used by Intel they can barely mention Intel. These people are sick and were persecuted by a corporate giant beyond your imagination.

Intel has been fiercely fighting all of their disabled employees since 1987, when as a cost cutting measure Intel brought disability and workers compensation insurance in house.  Previously it had been handled by outside insurance companies.  Intel's management company, MATRIX can't bear all the responsibility, as they are doing exactly what Intel wants. Not paying
claims!  It's probably in their job description! Getting awards for mistreating people!

Intel will deny, deny, deny and try to beat you down so badly, they hope you just go away! I'm not going away and I've done everything I was supposed to and they have been dishonest and deceitful since the beginning of my LTD application and many others. They never had any intention of giving me my LTD benefits.  They will lie, cheat and pay supposed Independent medical examiners to render a decision based on lies.  Intel pays them large sums of money to get a diagnosis they want. Some of the doctors are nothing more than insurance whores!

IME doctors aren't held to the same standards as your treating physicians, they can lie and falsify your medical records, etc. and they aren't held liable for anything. Intel pays them big money because it's cheaper in the long run.  If a doctor Intel chooses doesn't happen to render an opinion Intel likes they will go as far as asking for a refund. In my case, their
attorney actually requested a deposition, which means they should pay the doctor, only the lawyer took the deposition and walked, I was left holding the bill. Their attorney was told what the dollar amount was before he ever went, but he opted to leave me holding the bag! Outrageous, my attorney had to file a motion for sanctions in the matter.

Their doctors have misrepresented my medical records so often that now, it's like the proverbial fisherman story. I've actually read that I have an occult eating disorder and that I've been treated for bulimia. It was certainly a surprise to my doctors and me to learn of this.  I can assure that I've not been treated for anything of the kind! It's been truly interesting going through this, I wonder if AMD or any of the other companies that used to sue Intel felt this way.  But, hey as Andy Grove once
said only the paranoid survive, and I wouldn't put a thing past Intel. They are scum as far as I'm concerned, and the people that allow them to do this are right there with them.

Even if your immediate manager is thoughtful and sincere it won't matter, because corporate Intel won't have any use for their opinion and they won't be able to help you. For anybody I knew that still might be around, watch your back and if you get a chance get out of there! For anyone else that happens to be going through this nightmare please *Get copies of all files and keep hard copies of all monthlies, weeklies, and take them home with you.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

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52 - From a current Intel employee:

I would like to share my experiences at Intel with your site.  I was one of many that was hired  six years ago.  Like so many I came into what I believed was a "world class" organization that treated it people fairly.  It took me a few short months to realize how wrong I was.  It's difficult to pin point the exact source of the problem, but I do believe it has something very much to do with instilling fear and using that to motivate people.  This fear manifests itself in some very interesting survival behaviors.

It seems that the rewards and punishments are a very significant part of the Intel culture.  On one hand you will get cash bonuses, T-shirts, trinkets and other recognitions.  You'll be told how great Intel is. 

Youíll be inundated with "Let's be team!" at every turn. On the other hand you will get threats (privately) by your manager and supervisor akin to losing your job.  Always working harder because the "other guy" is and theyíll be more successful than you (aka, keep their job)!    A colleague of mine once made an analogy like it being in a situation where you got all the money, food and luxuries you wanted, yet were beaten, scrutinized and emotionally abused on a regular basis.

I've actually been present in  R&R sessions where supervisors and managers "get rid" of good employees.  The employees they "like" seem to do everything wonderfully. The employees they "dislike" have a case built against them.   It has nothing to do with performance.  It has everything to do with perception.   It is shocking to see.  The R&R system  process has become a way to find that bottom 5-7%  that will get "the performance message".  Hence the fear factor by the population at large My only hope in sharing this was to let others know that if youíve experienced these things, you are not alone.  Intel could be much, much better in many ways.  I think there are some fundamental flaws that have allowed it to become a paradox.  Things like instituting an accountable feedback system "up" the ladder rather than down would help keep the power lords in check.  Also understanding that diversity is more than those attributes protected by laws, but in the spirit of freethinking and approach.

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51 - From a former Intel employee:

What Does Intel Do?

Intel is moving speedily to obtain permits for its 2 million square foot, and two  billion Dollar proposed facility in Ocotillo. The new factory is to be built next to Intel's existing huge Fab. 12 plant.

What does Intel plan to do in the new facility?

According to Its public relations personnel, Intel plans to build faster and more powerful computer chips! 

What ingredients are used to make those chips?  

They are not exactly what you think of when making chocolate chip cookies.   Intel plans to use more of the most highly hazardous, toxic and flammable gases known to man. An investigation of data submitted with the permit application would reveal some of the hazardous gases used. 

Arsine (highly toxic gas) with a lethal dose (immediately dangerous to life and health "IDLH") of  3 parts per million (PPM).  Phosphine (highly toxic, flammable gas) with IDLH of  50 PPM. Diaborane (highly toxic) with IDLH of 30 PPM.  Silane toxic and pyrophoric (may explode upon exposure to air).  Corrosives such as HF and HCl are also used. 

Does the additional facility present additional risk to the employees and to the community?

The new facility requires more of the same kinds of hazardous gases, and larger process equipment. Thereby adding to the combustible loading, and the hazardous gas quantities on the factory floor. The presence of two huge facilities next to each other, each with its own set of special hazards increases the likelihood of a disastrous fire on the factory floor. When hazardous gases are involved in such a fire; employees, fire fighters and the community may be exposed to a higher risk of toxic fumes. 

Is Intel doing enough to mitigate the risk?  In its public forum meeting on January 24th Intel stated that it plans to ignore National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards on fire safety in the factory, and to use Factory Mutual (FM) data sheets. NFPA is public consensus standards, FM is not. NFPA is more conservative with respect to fire safety in the factory, and could be more costly to implement. Even if the Fire Marshall approves the use of FM data sheets, it is not the right thing to do. Applying FM guidelines as opposed to NFPA will save Intel money in the short run but it could spell disaster in the future.

Intel should live up to its claim of making safety the highest priority for it's employees and for the community.

Samir Shiban PE

Fire Protection Engineer

Fire Protection Engineer

Ph.:  480-821-9136             e-mail:  sshiban@doitnow.com

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50 - From a former Intel employee:


Intel plans to build a new Billion Dollar facility in Ocotillo, ground breaking is scheduled to begin within a few months. The facility includes a 120,000 square foot clean room and several hundred thousand square foot support buildings!

On Wednesday January 5th I attended a meeting sponsored by Intel and held at the Sun Lakes country club. Over 150 people  attended this meeting to learn about Intel's proposed new facility.  The meeting was facilitated by Intel and about half a dozen Intel employees were introduced to the frequent applause of the attendees. 

The information offered by Intel was presented by Intel's public relations specialist and was largely about how much money Intel was putting back in the community, and nothing about the added risks imposed by the new facility. The neighbors were given a positive and rosy picture. No information was offered about the potential hazards that will necessarily come with the new facility. Hazards such as a fire that could burn the clean room and involve highly toxic gases such as Arsine, Diborane and Phosphine. 

The new clean room will house new processes requiring larger tools with a much larger fuel loading and higher quantities and flows of very hazardous chemicals. What would be the impact of such a major disastrous fire on  the community?. The new facility will require additional precious fresh water.

How much fresh water will be used?, and what are the long term and the short term impacts on the water table and the community water supply? What is the impact of the new facility on visibility, air quality and noise levels?

Several questions were raised in the meeting regarding  those additional risks which must come with the new facility, those questions were largely ignored or brushed aside!. One of Intel's neighbors (Kenn Gorecki) recalled witnessing a fire at Intel's existing facility in 1997, he asked about that fire, Intel's safety Manager (Alex Heard) answered I wasn't here in 1997, none of the other Intel employees offered to give any information about that fire. I asked a question relating to the increased fire risk associated with the larger combustible process equipment, and the higher quantities of flammable and toxic gases used in the new facility and the effect of micro biological corrosion known to affect fire protection systems in Arizona .

Mr. Alex heard replied by saying that the insurance company has inspected their plant and given it high marks! Mr. Heard's response did not answer my question, because I believe it would be difficult for any insurance company to inspect a facility that has not been built yet! 

Intel is proposing to have it's neighbors live in the shadow of a giant new facility without disclosing to them the risks associated with this proposal. 

The risks to the quality of life and safety are real, and remedies could be costly. If Intel is to live up to it's claim of being concerned about safety; it must disclose to the community relevant information about past fire and chemical release incidents. Intel must also explain in layman's terms the risks associated with the new plant and explain what is being done to minimize them!

Intel is rushing to obtain permits and approvals for the new plant from the authorities, the neighbors must act very quickly to find out the truth, and to be able to have an informed opinion. Intel claims to care about the safety of the community!  In order for Intel to continue to enjoy the public's trust and to gain community's informed consent; Intel must first inform the public.

Samir Shiban  PE

Fire Protection Engineer

Ph.:  480-821-9136             e-mail:  sshiban@doitnow.com

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49 - From a current Intel employee:

This site is not bogus!

I am embroiled in a situation with Intel right now as an employee, I can not disclose anything about it as this site is fully blocked from Intel employee access, and I believe it to be monitored by its lawyers in regards to the pending case with the site sponsor.

While I can, most employees do not feel the real wrath as is being portrayed here I can say that this mode does exist, and is at the option of managers to use. If you are on the wrong side of a manager who does not like you nor want to work with you to improve or whatever, you have no chance whatsoever.

I have a friend who is a manager and has an employee 3 weeks into the CAP, he told me that he would not successfully make the CAP. This is three weeks into the CAP. I asked him it the employee did the work in the CAP "would he survive", he said no, since it was a behavioral thing that would effect him anywhere at Intel. I pushed to find out more, he said this "what I am supposed to do, the work that he was supposed to do, effected the way his boss was rated". I have not told the employee yet, I am not sure if I can, I am encouraging him to go to job fairs an be prepared, but he has no idea that outcome of his CAP is predetermined.

For those considering Intel I suggest that you look at the Bunny People (TM) for insight. While the public thought this was a great campaign, look a little more deeply, you never see the face of the bunny person, its just a black dark mask. This is what it is like to work at Intel for many, and clearly those out of favor. You become a nameless faceless worker unit with all the respect of malfunctioning machine that must be removed. Is it that grim for everyone, clearly NO, is Intel the insightful company started by Robert Noyce, clearly NO, is Intel a place I would send any fresh insightful college student who had passion in there eyes, ABSOLUTELY NO.

as we say at Intel


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48 - From a smart consultant:

After reading some of these postings, I don't know why anyone would even want to work for Intel.

Incidentally, after learning of Intel's HR practices and policies from the postings on this site, I turned down a IT consultant job at Intel.

No thanks.  If they treat their permanent employees this bad, I hate to see how they treat their consultants. 

I am currently considering consultant positions with other high-tech companies and for professional reasons, I cannot disclose the names of the firms I am considering employment at. 

But what makes these companies better employers than Intel?

In my personal opinion, they treat their employees with respect and promote an enjoyable working environment.  This is something I'm sure Intel is surely lacking judging from the faces I saw at an Intel site.  Employees don't seem to smile very much at Intel (a bad sign if you're considering employment there).

          No thanks Intel, I'll keep my sanity for a few dollars less elsewhere.

Keep up the good work guys.

Use this email as you see fit.

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47 - From a concerned citizen:

Hello , I stopped by from a link in Mike Elgan's newsletter - www.Winmag.com.  

If even 1% of what I just read is true, Intel can kiss my ass, and $$ goodbye . I could care less if they give their damn products away, I am not interested.  Other companies offer alternatives to Intel, I am betting one such alternative is treating employees as human beings with lives outside of their money machine.  For that, I wouldn't mind paying a few extra $$ if that's what it comes to.  I would almost expect to see Intel eventually packing up everything and moving to some third rate, third world country where exploitation is the norm, and not the exception.  

I am deeply disturbed by the latest trend in American Business.  This attitude is what led to the formation of Unions way back when.  I personally feel it reflects poorly on any company where an employee feels threatened, or manipulated into performing beyond what is reasonable.  I am also appalled by the threat of job security as a performance tactic . 

Intel wishes to be #1, but at what cost is this victory in human terms?  Is it really worth it?  Seems to me if you lose your heart and soul in the quest, then the victory is all together quite hollow .

You may quote any, and all of this if you wish to. 

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46 - From Kenneth L. Wilwert Jr.

Thank you for bringing to light all the problems with Intel and their employees.

I feel terribly for the people who have to endure Intel's managerial practices.  I fully support you and your web site.  Keep up the work.  It's always hard to fight the big giants, but it can be done.

My next computer is over a year away and I will never buy ANYTHING that has Intel products inside.  Also, many friends of mine ask me for advice regarding computers and technology.  From now on my advice will be AMD.

Curious, I am a union member, have you or other employees ever considered unionization.  I know it's tough to get one started, but it helps. 


Please use my name!  I don't care if Intel knows who I am.  It's just an affirmation that real people are out there writing this stuff and support your efforts.


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45 - From a former Intel employee

My story at Intel:

I began to work for Intel in January '87. Things went pretty good for the first few years. I was promoted after less than two years and received very good annual reviews.  Our department was responsible for the development and deployment of back-end test equipment. Most of the group's engineers were titled Equipment Engineers.

A major change came around 1991 when our group was absorbed by another department whose sole responsibility was assembly process development.  Despite my impeccable technical knowledge, experience and training, for no apparent reason (at least to me), my reviews started spiraling downwards.  Whatever excellent work that I was doing no longer was good enough. To paraphrase another employee no matter what you did, you did the wrong thing. It's interesting that the timing of these slower than reviews was coincident with my group being absorbed by another department and also coincident with the implementation of the slower, equals and faster than peer group measurement tool. Totally subjective of course, and obviously was used to replace experienced employees with younger and cheaper employees who were willing to work long, long hours with no compensation!

Now, around 1993, my manager and I decided that it would be a good thing for me to move on and work for someone else. So I went to work for another individual who gave me a couple of new equipment/process development projects. Both of these projects were in their discovery phase and I got a late start due to lack of visibility on the part of Intel's management. Most of the process modules under development had multiple engineers and technicians to carry out the necessary tasks involved in developing and deploying a new process. But in my case, I was given two modules (which were totally new) and no support engineers or technicians. Eventually my workload got to the point where I had to hand off one of my projects and focus on the other. 

Well, everything went like clockwork. Supplier selection, process viability experiments, etc. Just before buy-off of this rather large piece of customized equipment that I had been working on, I was finally assigned a technician to give me some help with it's buy-off and installation. After installation and start up of the equipment, we received approval to commence running our process with development material now being processed in our factory. The process yields were terrible (70+ %). We simply could not understand why, especially when our initial process viability experiments told us that we should attain at least a 99% yield to start with. Then, someone finally decides to inform me that there was an upstream process change and the process integrator decided that it shouldn't effect me so I was never told. As it turns out, this very subtle change caused my process yields to plummet from 99% to 70+%. I eventually proved this with a very robust experiment that was fully documented.

In the meantime, I was given another slower than annual review but never warned of any consequences or given any guidance for improvement. I requested an explanation of why I received a slower than and his response was quite simple. You ended up on the distribution at this point and this is what you get as a result. I was quite shocked, especially after approaching my supervisor on a couple of occasions several months prior to my review asking if he thought everything was going OK with my project. He said everything was fine, just keep moving forward with it. To me, this clearly indicates that my supervisor was either totally out of touch with what I was doing or he had to write my review based upon the outcome of a 5% quota of Ranking and Rating. I am quite sure that it was the later and I had become nothing more than a data point on a distribution.

To complicate things even more, my current supervisor decided to accept another position and I was handed over to an individual who reported directly to the director of our department. I really didn't know him and vice versa. In the meantime, things were improving with my process yields (99+%), operations and maintenance people were being trained and process documentation was being in place. In general, things seemed to be going pretty well. Now for the shocker! Mid term reviews were being administered and management decided that I should be put on a CAP-Corrective Action Plan.

Talk about surprise! I have only reported to my new supervisor for a few months and he puts me on a CAP? When I asked why I was being put on a CAP, the answer was Because you have had 2 or more successive slower thans and it's been documented. So now I've been put on a CAP and it took couple of weeks before my supervisor could present the actual document and it's accusations about me. It was totally obvious that the CAP was conjured up to fit the crime and not the other way around. He really had to do some digging to have something to accuse me of, so I decided to fight it.

Here I am working my butt off trying to do my job and now I am distracted with having to write a detailed rebuttal to my supervisor's conjured up accusations. When I presented my rebuttal to HR, the HR person was totally shocked at what I had published. It was a very clear and concise account which refuted my supervisor's claims 100% with  supporting data. She told me that she had never seen such a complete and detailed rebuttal before. I even included a statement that my supervisor made to me behind closed doors. I asked him if I was put on a CAP because I stepped on somebody's toes. And he said Yes, you stepped on somebody's toes. It was pretty clear to me at this point that I had pissed someone off.

HR presented my rebuttal to the director of my department and despite it's completeness, he refused to drop it and allowed my supervisor to put the screws to me for 90 days.

It's interesting to note that after a complete review of my rebuttal, my supervisor admitted that he was in 100% agreement with me. Except for one thing, he wanted me to drop his Yes, you stepped on somebody's toes comment from my rebuttal but, of course, he was not willing to drop the CAP. These CAP's are clearly a tool for inducing fear and intimidation in process of forcing the targeted employee out after painfully chewing them up and spitting them out and nothing more. 

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44 - From a former Intel employee:

Difference between Intel and PRISON:

IN PRISON...You spend the majority of your time in an 8x10 cell.

AT Intel...You spend most of your time in a 6x8 cubicle.

IN PRISON...You get three meals a day.

AT Intel...You hardly get chance to take a break for a meal.

IN PRISON...You get time off for good behavior.

AT Intel...You get rewarded for good behavior with more work.

IN PRISON...They allow your family and friends to visit.

AT Intel...You cannot even speak to your family and friends.

IN PRISON...There are wardens who are often sadistic.

AT Intel...They are called supervisors, managers, and executives.

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43 - From a current Intel employee:

Great site! Keep up the good work. The picture you have presented here is pretty gloomy, but let me tell you, it's sadly true.

For me, it all began back a few years ago when an Intel recruiter called about a senior equipment maintenance position in chip manufacturing. The sales pitch was pretty good. Stock options, low cost of living in the work location, paid relocation, industry competitive wages, great place to work.

It all sounded pretty good, but how about the pay? "What would I accept?", he asked. I gave him the hourly rate I was making at the time. (same industry, same position) He just about choked. So I conceeded I would accept a bit less given how much I wanted to move to the job location. We set up a date and Intel flew me in for the intereview.

The interview was my most grueling ever experienced. Aside from heavy drilling on specific knowledge, the whole battery of "how would you handle this type of situation, please give me some examples" left me completely exhausted. I slept the whole way on my return flight home. A few days later I got a call and was told Intel wanted to make an offer.

Their first offer was 20 percent less than my base pay. I declined. The next day they called back and offered 12.5 percent less than my current pay. Again I declined, but eventualy was swayed with the benifit package, stock options, and a claimed lower cost of living. I tried to get more out of them, but they would not budge. They maintained "any higher of a wage would make it too difficult to get promoted later on".

Silly me decided to put money aside and take the offer based on the location. Happiness or money...I went with happiness....or so I thought until I found out my car insurance was going to nearly triple, and I had to move 30 miles away to afford an apartment. Somehow I felt I had been deceived. This was only the beginning. Too late now, I already gave my notice.

When I got the confirmation letter I found I was hired as a manufacturing technician. They never mentioned I would be a tool operator during the sales pitch or the interview. Immediately I called Human Resources and asked specifically if I was an equipment maintenance technician or an operator. They swore up and down I would never have to run product. They swore the position would be only to fix equipment. So, I asked to have a job description mailed to me. As you might have guessed,  the job description never arrived.

Nearly half of my time at Intel has been running product. The stock options I got were granted on the same day the stock market peaked, then the following week it plummeted. My requests for an adjustment were laughed at. The first meeting with my supervisor left me with promises of a promotion within six months due to getting hired too cheapy. Never got promoted, instead recieved an satisfactory/equal too and a mere 3% raise. The moral of this story is don't  believe anything Intel tells you unless it is in writing. Further, the GAME at intel is you will NEVER get anywhere doing the job they told you about in the interview.

The only people who get ahead at Intel are suck-ups and workaholics. They will always point out something you still need to work on. I am not just saying this, it is truley fact. Further, you will be penalized and written up for every mistake you make. Never admit error at Intel. The R&R process is a scam. I have actually seen the orders from managment stating what the percentages are of who will fall into what catagory.

This is not something ficticious, it is real. Having worked for 3 other companies within the same industry, I can fully attest it is much easier moving ahead at any of them. Always remember, Intel is out there to take advantage of you, and if you speak up, they will target and find a way to fire you. Intel likes sheep, so dont be a wolf if you expect to remain there.

Please feel free to post this as you please....keeping my email confidential of course.

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42 - From a concerned citizen:

Dear Face Intel,

I was shocked about the information on your web site and have made a clear decision that my next PC with have no Intel inside. In addition, I have forwarded the links to your web pages to my friends using a computer or working in the computing industry. I think that if more people would know about these work practices less people would buy Intel products, since the same people do refuse to buy products made under unethical circumstances in the 3rd world.

I hope therefore, that you manage to place more articles on these issues in computer magazines all over the world. And yes, if more people would leave Intel and look for an employer not treating his people like dirt, Intel would have to change its practices.

Since my current employer has a clear Intel policy, please do not publish my name, but feel free to publish my message in order to encourage other buyers of computer equipment to make a concious decision, whether they want to contribute with their money to allow Intel to act like they do now.

I wish you all the luck you need

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42 - From a current Intel employee:

Dear FACE Intel

Thank you for your site. 

With the power of the Internet, people can communicate freely, directly and truthfully for the first time in human history. "Power to the people," a call to action heard 'round the world in my youth is now a reality.

Everything said on your web site is true.  And all of Wall Street should be reading it as the future of Intel is clearly spelled out there.

Intel is now experiencing the beginning of the end and is frantically consuming its' self by the abusive employee practices. I have never seen so many incompetent managers collected in one place. Never. It is just amazing.

My strategy for survival is to let Intel continue to pay for my education while I continue to practice "giving good face"....a skill taught to me by managers....get my Masters, then run like hell.

Oh yes, and today I plan to purchase a laptop and it will have an AMD chip inside. 

Of course, I expect you to keep my name out of it. "Open communication," an Intel value, would be my professional death. But you are welcomed to post my message.

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41 - From a former Intel employee:

"Evil flourishes when good people do nothing."

Ken --

It's so great that you have the courage to stand up to Intel!

Did you ever see the movie "Marie"? It's great, and is based on a true story. To paraphrase a key line from the movie, "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing."

I think the folks at Intel have rationalized some of what they do to themselves to such a point that they've lost perspective. For example, they use sanitized words such as "counseling" to describe attempts at intimidation. Although, I don't usually like to be so dogmatic, I do believe that some of Intel's actions qualify as "evil." It's only by the courage and actions of good people that they can be stopped.

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40 - From Sally Scovel Prentice:

Boy did the news article I read regarding this site, and the site itself touch a sore spot!!!

Jerry and I both worked at the Santa Clara from appx. 1976 to 1980. I quit because of stress, but Jerry stayed, and we were transferred to the new Phoenix plant in July of 1980. His job was so stressful that in 1983, Jerry had a heart attack (mild one). And after a series of diagnostic procedures he had a triple by-pass surgery.

Jerry was supervising three warehouses and he worked very hard. Due to an unbearably stressful work environment he developed heart problems again and was several times hospitalized. Jerry was totally devoted and dedicated to his job. Intel rewarded his loyalty and dedication and due to his ailment replaced him in 1988 and "laid him off".

At the time of the "lay-off", Jerry was 48 years old, which as you know, is ancient by Intel's standards. In November of 1988 we moved back to the Bay Area. Intel's merciless response took a major toll on his health and in January 29, 1990, he suffered a massive heart attack and passed away.

As I'm sure you're aware that in the Bay Area, a 50 year old ailing man has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting a job. And, of course, since Intel laid him off, there was neither medical or life insurance coverage at his time of death, (boy! They sure timed that one right!). I did contact a lawyer after he died (as I had so often urged him to do) to see if we had an age discrimination lawsuit. We did - but that chance had died when Jerry passed away.

Jerry was extremely well liked at Intel, and got very good reviews, and he was devastated when he was discharged. I don't think he ever got over the blow to his ego, he had hung in with Intel through the many "crappy" things that happened in relation to his many transfers, and was under the delusion that he had SOME value to the company. He did have a lot of value, but apparently NOT to Intel.

We were aware of at least two suicides, and a couple more potential suicides by Intel employees (both current and former.)  One, I remember, was a woman, who took her life in 1988. She worked at the Deer Valley plant. She just went home one day after a typical day at Intel, and blew her brains out!

I have always hoped someone would look into Intel's brutal practices, it is truly the EMPLOYER FROM HELL.

I would certainly advise all the people employed at Intel to RUN for ANY other job. Working at Intel is not worth losing your health, sanity, family, etc.   Intel will certainly do the same things to them that was done to many others. WHY hasn't anyone realized the enormity and number of the violations of employment laws at Intel, going back 20 years at least.

Although our (Handicapped) daughter  and I have survived Jerry's death, (barely!) and moved on with our lives, after nine long years, it shouldn't have happened this way.    I remarried after seven years to a great man, but I will never forget Jerry, we had twenty great years of marriage, and 50 is too damn young to die from job related stress.

If I can be of any assistance to your organization, please let me know - INTEL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED FROM CAUSING ANYONE ELSE'S DEATH OR DISABILITY!!! Please sign me up!

Sincerely, Sally L. Scovel Prentice

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