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Chipset Group Transfer to DuPont???



Dear FACE Intel

I am a current employee of the chipset group in Aloha, Oregon.  I have read your page about the chipset group redeployment to DuPont, Washington posted on your site.  Since I am still employed at Intel, I would like to remain anonymous.

As you know, we had to give our decision on May 1st of whether we would relocate or be placed on the redeployment plan.  During the week of May 11th, those of us in the chipset group who have agreed to relocate to DuPont were informed that few people were willing to relocate.  Also, we have five architects, who are experienced and integral to the chipset group, and all five refused to relocate to DuPont.   Therefore, we were informed that the project was in jeopardy.  This problem is compounded by the fact that the chipset group cannot start hiring for DuPont because there is a hiring freeze in effect.

So, we have been told that the project will be split between Aloha and DuPont.  We were also told that since there are some employees who have accepted offers from other groups but have not yet joined their new group, Mike Fister would personally take responsibility of informing their new managers of the change in plans so that the employees will not face any repercussions for now changing their minds.

One would think that this would solve the problem of a shortage of chipset designers moving to DuPont, but those of us who are inside know the whole story.  Most of the people who decided not to move to DuPont have already secured other positions within Intel or in other companies.  Some, including managers, have already left the chipset group for their new jobs.  Two of my previous managers have already left the group to join the Willamette group in Jones Farm, Willamette group is now transferred to Ronler Acres.  One excellent experienced engineer quit Intel and joined Sequent.  Needless to say, all the good engineers have already left the group or have solid offers and will be leaving soon.  The only engineers who remain are those who are not relocating to DuPont and are not good enough to secure other jobs.  Mike Fister will have no problem convincing the remaining engineers to stay because they are either tied to Intel since they are waiting for our inept legal department to process their green cards, or they are so substandard that they are incapable of finding another job in such a good market.

This has created a lot of confusion within our group.  First, we were told at the meeting that we should not tell the other members of our group, namely those who are not relocating to DuPont.  We were told that they would be informed of this new plan of action at a later date.  When we were first informed of the relocation plan, all of us were under a lot of stress to decide whether we would move to DuPont or try to find other jobs.  Since many employees have spouses working in other groups or companies in Oregon, they had to immediately start looking for other suitable jobs within Intel, which are sparse given the layoffs and redeployment plans.  All of us thought that this was all settled on May 1st, when we handed in our decisions.  Now, knowing that the project is going to be split between Oregon and Washington, some of us are back to where we were a couple of months back.  There is an undue amount of stress in deciding whether we should move to DuPont if we can work on the same project in Aloha.  some of the people who accepted other jobs that were not suitable are angry they could have continued to work on the chipset in Oregon.  There were also a few others who considered moving to a group in Folsom, but we have heard that the group is relocating to Chandler, Arizona!!

Once again, Intel has succeeded in isolating people and creating a lot of confusion and chaos.  With the ongoing stress of such an important decision, the relocation and redeployment and  project split is all that is discussed in the cubes and the D1 cafeteria in Aloha.  Given all of this, the competing chipset companies will have no problem in capturing the market share from Intel.

I thank FACE Intel for providing such a useful resource of information for current and former employees and for exposing the cruel side of Intel.

Keep up the good work!!

Current employee

McKinley Chipset group

Aloha, Oregon.

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FACE Intel is informed that:  (4-7-98)

May 1st is the deadline for employees to render their decision as to whether they will relocate to DuPont or be placed on Intel's redeployment plan.

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Inside Information from Chipset Group, Aloha (4-16-98)

FACE Intel has received an anonymous tip stating that most of the employees in the chipset group of Aloha, Oregon have decided not to move to DuPont, Washington.  These employees will probably be placed on a redeployment plan as of May 1, when they are due to render their decision.  FACE Intel wishes these employees the best of luck in locating another suitable job.

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FACE Intel has just learned that:

Intel's chipset group located in Aloha, Oregon will be relocated to DuPont, Washington.  According to our sources in Oregon, the chipset group will be moved in stages.  There are about 150 people in the chipset group in Oregon, who will need to move to DuPont,   find another job elsewhere within Intel, leave Intel voluntarily, or they will be terminated with no legal liability for Intel. 

As of now, the McKinley chipset group will stay in Aloha till the summer and then move to DuPont.  The 450NX and 460GX groups will remain in Oregon for the development cycle.

FACE Intel is already beginning to receive anonymous stories from chipset employees whose lives will be in shambles due to the move to another state.     Those with homes in Portland and children in school will have to make the   difficult decision of choosing between their livelihood and their lives.   Chipset employees with working spouses will be in an equally compelling dilemma.  We are aware of at least two chipset employees whose spouses work in other Intel groups in Oregon.

Although it appears that such employees can try to find jobs in other Intel groups in Oregon, it will be a difficult alternative considering the hiring and internal transfer freeze.  Even if these employees are successful in locating other jobs within Intel, they would undoubtedly have to settle for what they can get rather than being in a position where they can choose.  With Intel being the only high-tech company in town, DuPont is a career trap for those who transfer.

Last week, FACE Intel featured the Redeployment and Job Opportunities page in which we analyzed why Intel resorts to mechanism like redeployment for reducing the workforce.  The chipset move from Oregon to Washington is yet another sophisticated way of forced termination.  Those who can not transfer, with combination of such a mass redeployment plus hiring and internal transfer freeze will find themselves between a hard place and termination.

As always FACE Intel is committed to providing information to assist employees and ex-employees of Intel. We wish the chipset employees in Aloha, Oregon all the best in making this critical decision that will affect their career and their personal lives.   


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