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Intel Corporation vs. Ken Hamidi


FACE Intel and its members support Ken Hamidi in his quest to disperse useful information to the current employees of Intel. Based on the numerous emails from current employees thanking us for providing information, we know that the email campaign was a success. Then again, that is probably why Intel is so furious. They are pursuing legal action so that their employees don't learn the truth about Intel's unfair policies and practices.

Here are links to some of the articles in the press about this case. Please check back often for updates.


July 24, 2000

The Register (London) -   Intel vs Hamidi e-mail case continues


September 19, 1999

The Filter (Harvard Law School) - Intel v. Hamidi in OpenLaw Forum:  The Berkman Center will shortly introduce the closely-watched case of Intel v. Hamidi as a clinical study in the OpenLaw Forum.

http://usa.derecho.org/filter/15  (2/3 down the page about Intel v. Hamidi)

September 1999

Ingenioren/net - Den iransk fødte ingeniør Ken Hamidi havde realiseret den amerikanske drøm. Han var ansat hos verdens førende chip fremstiller, Intel.


August 13, 1999

Freitag - Zegen wir's Intel


August 2, 1999

Info Tech - Ken Hamidi arrived at the Santa Clara headquarters of his former employer, chipmaker Intel, atop a horse and flanked by the American flag.


July 17, 1999

Dogpile - Face-Off At Intel Corp., corporate executives are fretting over former employees. Why, you wonder, when they should be celebrating the completion of Merced designs? Check out www.faceintel.com for an answer.


July 7, 1999

PC World - Former Intel engineer challenges last month's anti-spam ruling.


July 7, 1999

ZD Net - Intel critic takes to horseback.  Barred from sending e-mails to Intel employees, Ken Hamidi delivers his message on horseback.


July 7, 1999

The Register - Intel cowboy talks to Intel cowboy

July 7, 1999

GEEK.com - Delivered on horseback.


July 7, 1999

Yahoo News Reuters - Former Intel Engineer Delivers Message On Horseback.


July 7, 1999

IDG - Is Spam Back in the Saddle? 

Former Intel engineer challenges last month's anti-spam ruling.


July 6, 1999

San Jose Mercury - That mass mailing placed Hamidi at the center of a legal battle that could determine how far the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech extends into cyberspace.


July 5, 1999

ZDNet - Ex-Intel employee delivers email on Ponytium III


May 28, 1999

New York Times - For the past eight months, Ken Hamidi, a former employee of Intel Corp., has carried out a lonely and poorly financed legal crusade in California State Court. He is trying to uphold what he believes is his right to send Intel workers unsolicited mass e-mail criticizing the giant semiconductor company.


May 18, 1999

TechWeb - The system (Third Voice's software) could also give more power to people such as Ken Hamidi.


May 3, 1999

CNN - A ruling in an Intel lawsuit against a former employee may set a precedent that will let e-mail service providers ban certain types of messages.


May 2, 1999

Vampire Inside - Some former employees of Intel have set up a website which complains bitterly about Intel’s employment practices.


May 1, 1999

Contra Costa County Bar Association - Modern Day Pickets Gripe Through the Internet Intel's Counter-Attack on Disgruntled Employee Spammer Tests Convergence of Technology and Speech.


April 30, 1999

Network World Fusion News - Intel lawsuit calls barring e-mail fair game 
By Cheri Paquet
IDG News Service,


April 29, 1999

The Freedom Forum Online - A former Intel Corp. employee who sent a barrage of company-bashing electronic mail to workers has been ordered to stop sending the


April 29, 1999

The Register - Although Hamidi, as reported here earlier, had forced Intel to back down on sueing him for money, or for being a nuisance, a judge in Sacramento said today that he was not allowed to bombard Intel employees with email.


April 28, 1999

TechWeb - In a case that could have wide-reaching implications on Web freedom of speech and spamming, Intel has won a suit against a former employee who was using the company's employee e-mail directory.


April 28, 1999

ZD Net - Free Speech advocates worried the case will curtail e-mail freedoms.


April 28, 1999

New York Times - Intel e-mail ruling raises free speech questions


April 28, 1999

Wired News


April 28, 1999

GEEK.com - Disgruntled Intel worker loses e-mail battle


April 28, 1999

Sacramento Bee - Ex-Worker Loses e-mail fight with Intel


April 28, 1999

San Francisco Chronicle


April 23, 1999

The Register - Kourosh Hamidi, who runs employee ginger group Face Intel, has forced the biggest chip company in the world to drop two charges it made against him.


April 21, 1999

San Francisco Chronicle - "Intel Speech Online Dispute Comes to Head Soon"

In a case seen as having broad First Amendment implications for speech online, a state court judge will rule next week in a dispute between Intel Corp. and a former employee.

Although Intel initially sought monetary damages from the former employee, Ken Hamidi, the company is now seeking only to make Hamidi stop sending his mass e-mails to thousands of Intel employees.

April 20, 1999

Bay Insider - Intel drops case against former employee, but e-mail ban still in question.


April 19, 1999

San Jose Mercury - "Intel shifts strategy on e-mail..."

Intel Corp. abandoned efforts Monday to obtain financial damages from a former worker who criticized the company in mass e-mails to tens of thousands of current employees.

The company's change of strategy reduces the financial exposure of Intel antagonist Ken Hamidi, but it leaves intact the lawsuit's broad implications for free speech rights on the Internet.


April 19, 1999

LA Times - "Ruling Is Due on Mass E-Mail Campaign Against Intel"

The question of whether a company has the right to keep others from sending mass e-mail to its employees could be answered today by a Northern California judge in a widely followed lawsuit involving Intel Corp.


April 17, 1999

Sacramento Bee - "Ex-Intel worker wins court round"

In a case with implications for free speech on the Internet, a judge sided with a Citrus Heights man who is battling Intel Corp. over the right to send Intel-bashing e-mail to thousands of employees at the microchip company.

Friday's preliminary ruling by Superior Court Judge John R. Lewis allows Ken Hamidi to file a motion or go to trial to overturn a ban on his e-mail issued last December.


April, 16, 1999

Anchorage Daily News - Former Intel worker wins preliminary court battle
over Intel-bashing e-mail.


April 4, 1999

New York Times - In a closely watched case pitting notions of free speech against a corporation's right to control its property, a California state judge has issued a ruling that will essentially order a former employee of the Intel Corp. to stop sending bulk e-mail messages to company employees at work.


February 7, 1999

Los Angeles Times - Those with a beef use Web to grill foes.


January 11, 1999

Law Journal - Mr. Hamidi's messages were not sent in such great numbers that they overwhelmed the company's e-mail server.


January 11, 1999

Re-Soft - Recent Ruling in Intel Spam Case Highlights Increasing Threats from Email .


January 11, 1999

TechWeek - "Intel-related sites focus on management and chip issue"

The part of article about FACE Intel is after interview with Mr. Robert Collins.


January 11, 1999

WendyTech Articles - E-Mail Abuses Abound


December 17, 1998

Detroit News - Intel critic ordered to stop mass e-mailing.


December 17, 1998

Boston Herald - Intel critic was ordered to stop sending e-mails to Intel employees. Hamidi has been a vocal critic of Intel since the company fired him in 1996 from an engineering job in Folsom. As a form of requital, he has orchestrated mass e-mailings - a practice called spamming - alleging unfair treatment by Intel of its workers.


December 17, 1998

XNET Consortium - Is e-mail free speech?


December 15, 1999

U-Geek - Hamidi’s message expressed an opinion.


December 14, 1998

San Francisco Chronicle - "Corporate America is Eyeing the Outcome..."

This article was the main feature of Business section of the San Francisco Chronicle on 12-14-98.


December 13, 1999

XNet - Is e-mail free speech?


December 11, 1998

New York Times - "A case of spam and free speech at Intel"

Note:  The following is the link to the article, but New York Times requires a free subscription. 


December 9, 98

NEWSBYTES - The Court of Sacramento County told Ken Hamidi that he could no longer send unsolicited e-mail to Intel employees.


December 8, 1998

NPR - Hamidi maintains the First Amendment guarantee of free speech allows him to send e-mail over the Internet. Hamidi is appealling the ruling.


December 7, 1998

Wall Street Journal - "Intel obtains court order..."

This article was the main feature of Law section of the Wall Street Journal on 12-7-98.

Intel has obtained a temporary court order against a former employee and his company to keep him from sending electronic mail to 29,000 Intel employees. They intend to ask the ban be made permanent. An Intel attorney said that Kourosh Kenneth Hamidi sent at least six mass mailings to Intel employees after being fired by Intel and ignored Intel's requests to stop. The Sacramento County Superior Court judge said Hamidi's action amounted to illegal trespass into Intel's computer system. Hamidi denies it and says it was not the "trespass" which concerned Intel but the content of his messages. The ruling troubles free speech advocates who worry that Intel targeted Hamidi because of his opinions and that the decision could become a precedent for curbing electronic forms of speech.

[SOURCE Wall Street Journal (B14), AUTHOR Scott Thurm]

December 7, 1998

Reason Express - Spam or Speech?


December 7, 1998

Freedom Forum - Intel wins temporary relief from ex-worker's mass e-mail campaign.

December 5, 1998

Los Angeles Times - "Ex-employee of Intel ordered to halt emails"

Note:  The following is the link to the article, but Los Angeles Times does not allow access unless you purchase the article from them.


December 1998

Virtual Recordings - Free Speech Thwarted on the Net 
by Robin D. Gross 


December 4, 1998

C/NET - "Intel scores in email suit"


December 3, 1998

Mercury News - "Anti-Intel e-mail halted"

This article was the main feature of top fold of front page of San Jose Mercury on 12-3-98.


December of 1998

Virtualrecordings.com - Free Speech Thwarted on the Net 

In an unprecedented decision that sent a chilling message to cyberspace rights activists.


July 24, 1998

Contra Costa Times - Ken Hamidi has some very unflattering things to say about what goes on inside Intel.


December 30, 1997

DISGRUNTLED - Names Former Intel Engineer Ken Hamidi The 1997 Disgruntled Employee Of The Year.


June 25, 1997

Metro - A revolutionary Web site launched by rebel Intel employees brings the nation's biggest communications union to Silicon Valley.


May, 1997

EE Times - Employee group attacks Intel labor practices.