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October 13, 98

We have to Support Senator Harkin he is under enormous pressure

By: Rob Sanchez
webmaster and creator of www.ZaZona.com

The Abraham H-1B bill that seemed certain of passage last week has hit a snag as time is running out in the congressional rush to adjournment. Clarifications and technical corrections were needed to reconcile differences in the H-1B measures passed in the House and the Senate. The House can't vote on a concurrent resolution to approve final passage until the Senate is able to approve the revised measure. Using a collegial rule, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has put a hold on consideration of the Republican Leadership's H-1B bill in the Senate. 

Unless pressured to withdraw his hold, that means that the H-1B measure is unlikely to pass unless it can be tacked on to some other legislation. Senator Harkin needs support to sustain his hold. Constituents can call Harkin's office at (202/224-3254) or fax (202/224-9369) to indicate support.

It is also anticipated that supporters of the H-1B measure will try to attach it to the omnibus appropriations bill that the Senate will take up as early as Monday afternoon but probably not until Tuesday or possibly even Wednesday. This bill must be passed before Congress can leave, otherwise large portions of the federal government will be forced to shut down. Therefore, it is imperative that the H-1B provisions not be tacked on to this bill.

Senate and House leaders, especially members of the Appropriations Committee involved with the omnibus appropriations bill, need to hear from individuals who oppose tacking H-1B provisions on to the omnibus measure.

Calls, faxes or telegrams are needed. Don't use e-mail, it will have no impact. You can reach your Senator or Representative through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Contact information for key Members is provided below.

The message is simple. Urge the Democratic majority leaders -- Senator Tom Daschle and Rep. Richard Gephardt to oppose any effort to attach the H-1B visa increase bill to the omnibus appropriations bill.

*Tell them a recent Harris Poll found that 82% of Americans are opposed to this proposed expansion of the H-1B program. Send the same message to the Chairs and Ranking Minority Members of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees. (Senators Ted Stevens (AK) and Robert Byrd (WV) and Congressmen Bob Livingston (LA) and David Obey (WI). They are the key players in the ongoing negotiations about what does and does not get added to the omnibus bill. They have a variety of priorities and concerns and may not care too much about adding an H-1B rider. (Byrd voted no on final passage of the Abraham bill (S 1723) and Obey voted no on final passage of the Smith compromise in the House).

Key contacts include the following

Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD), Senate Minority Leader
Att: Peter Rouse, Chief of Staff
T:  202/224-5556
F:  202/224-2047
Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-MO),  House Minority Leader
Att: Cassandra Betts
T:  202/225-0100
F:  202/225-7452
Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK),  Chairman of Senate Committee on Appropriations
Att:  Mitch Rose, Chief of Staff (Personal Office)
T:  202/224-3004  
F:  202/224-2354  
Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV),  Ranking Minority Member of Senate Committee on Appropriations
Att:  Barbara Videnieks, Chief of Staff (Personal Office)
T:  202/224-3954
F:  202/224-8070
Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA),  Chairman, House Committee on Appropriations
Attn:  Paul Cambon, Legislative Assistant (Personal Office)
T:  202/225-3015
F:  202/225-0739
Rep. David Obey (D-WI),  Ranking Minority Member
Att:  Patricia Schlueter, Staff Assistant
T 202/225-3481
F 202/225-9476

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September 13, 98

Updated on September 18, 98

The Final Push Against H-1B Visa bill (H.R. 3736)

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeThe time has come for a final hard hitting push against congressional efforts to increase the number of foreign workers through the H-1b program.  The House Republican leadership is planning to bring H.R. 3736 to the floor for a vote on September 24, 98.  H.R. 3736  would double the number of foreign workers imported each year.  The leadership may continue negotiations with the White House over the important American worker protections, but no agreement has been announced, so the veto threat is still possible.  (As you may recall, the Republican leadership has weakened the protections and the White House has issued a veto threat.)

The undecided Members are just now beginning to focus on this issue so calls, letters and those personal stories are more important than ever.  Also, the White House is still negotiating with Abraham and trying to decide whether it needs to push a compromise for Gore's future.  Keep up the pressure on the White House.

Your calls, letters, and e-mails are needed as never before.   Members of Congress have been swamped by calls, letters, faxes, and information of all kinds from the business community and the immigration lawyers.  The opposition has spent all their enormous resources on trying to come up with enough votes to pass this bill.  They are claiming that the bill is pro-business and creates American jobs.   You know that is not the case, now we must make sure Congress understands that this bill is anti-American working families and must be defeated.

Call, fax, or e-mail your member of the House of Representatives to oppose H.R. 3736 because:

H.R. 3736 should not pass.

Call the White House and urge them to oppose H. R. 3736 and any bill that increases foreign workers but does not protect American workers.  The protections contained in H.R. 3736 are weak, ineffective, and will not protect the American worker.  The President should veto ANY increase in the number of foreign workers. 

Contact  Gene Sperling, National Economic Council Director (Phone 202-456-2620 and Fax  202-456-2878) and Vice President Gore (Phone 202-456-7124 and Fax  202-456-7166).

Call or e-mail as many representatives in your home state as possible  To find out the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of Members of Congress, go to the following Internet address   http://www.visi.com/juan/congress .

Thank you for all your calls and letters - they will make a difference!!

Following is a list of mostly Democratic members of the House who need pressure to vote against the Abraham bill.  Some of them are already leaning against the bill, but need more support.  


Marion Berry

Vic Snyder


Barbara Lee

George Miller

Loretta Sanchez


Diana Degette


Barbara Kennelly


Dan Miller


Sanford Bishop


Patsy Mink


Leonard Boswell


Tim Roemer


Joe Kennedy


Connie Morella


Carolyn Kilpatrick


Ike Skelton

Pat Danner

North Dakota

Earl Pomeroy

New York

Ben Gilman

John McHugh

Eliot Engel

Jose Serrano

John LaFalce


Sherrod Brown

Tom Sawyer

Rhode Island

Patrick Kennedy


Lloyd Doggett


Ron Kind

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August 21, 98

Message from Intel employee in Europe

Joachim Rissmann (General Manager Central Europe) is leaving the company (Intel) this week.  Intel is reviewing the organizations in Europe for streamlining and down sizing.  Intel Europe employees are very nervous about their jobs and their future at Intel.

Please do not publish my name and I'll report further developments.

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August 5,98

Corporate boys are selling you out!

Word is that House Speaker Gingrich is planning to force a House vote on the H-1B bill (in the so-called "compromise" version, which is a sellout to the industry lobbyists) THIS THURSDAY.  He is planning to dare President Clinton to carry out his veto threat.  

Even though Clinton has made it clear that he will not sign the bill unless the workers protections are included, but in such a situation he may find the enormous pressure from industry difficult to ignore.



By the way, if you wish to use e-mail as your form of contact to Congress, the following Web page makes it easy


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July 31, 98

Legislative Update

New Immigration Reform Legislation Introduced in the 105th Congress          

H-1B Update:

Majority Leader Dick Armey pulled H.R. 3736 off today's House floor schedule.

The bill was not debated nor voted on but is scheduled for the floor next week.

Yesterday, after the details of the compromise were made public the White House again threatened to veto the bill.

The high-tech lobby has vowed to lobby and push hard for a vote next week.  We must counter their message. 

Call as many members of the House of Representatives that you can - your entire state delegation if possible.  Use (202) 224-3121 and tell your member of Congress to vote against H.R. 3736.  Vote for the American worker by Voting "No" on H.R. 3736. (See yesterday's update for talking points.)

Call the White House and demand a Presidential veto of the H-1B, foreign worker bill.  No More foreign workers.  A country should do its own work.

CALL Office of the Vice President, Phone  202-456-2326; Fax 202-456-6231 and David Beyer Clinton's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor  202-456-2878.

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July 23, 98


H-1B, Foreign Worker Bill Update

The H-1B bill negotiations between Senator Abraham and Representative Lamar Smith are scheduled to resume Thursday afternoon (July 23rd). As reported last week, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and House Speaker Newt Gingrich will be joining the negotiations.   Hill sources tell us that Lott is supporting Abraham.  Gingrich's position is unclear.

There is still time for your calls to make a difference.  Lott and Gingrich need to hear from you that the American people are opposed to an increase in the number of foreign workers.  At a minimum, they must keep the worker protections in the bill.  Tell them to support Lamar Smith!

Use FAIR's toll free hotline to the Hill 1-800-504-0031 to call Gingrich and Lott.

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July 9, 98

H-1B visa bill is at a critical stage, we need to take action!

Our contacts in DC tell us that things are really hanging in the balance on the H-1B bill.  Our pressure so far seems to be having substantial positive effect, but more calls are needed. 


  • Immigration Subcommittee, Majority Office (Republican),                     fax (202)  225-3672   

  • Immigration Subcommittee, Minority Office (Democratic),                   fax (202) 225-1845

  • White House Comment Line, voice (202) 456-1111,                            fax (202) 456-2461

Again, the message is, "Keep the employer attestations/worker protections HR 3736!" 

Also, make sure you have contacted your own congressional representative.


The rumor on Capitol Hill is that big business is meeting this afternoon with Congressman Lamar Smith in an effort to make him cave-in to their demands for removing protections for American workers in the H-1B legislation.   If Congressman Smith retains the protections, it could very well kill the bill completely.

The time to act is now!  FAIR's 800 number to the Capitol Switchboard is back on-line.  So call 800-504-0031, through this number you can be connected to the office of your representative.  Urge your representative to vote against increasing H-1B visas.

Tell your Congressman:  Congressman Lamar Smith's office recently released data showing that 120,000 Americans have recently been laid off in the high tech industryVote against H-1B increases!  Save those jobs for unemployed Americans and American students currently in college!

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July 1, 1998

Call Governor Wilson to sign the bill

If you are a California resident, we urge you to call Governor Pete Wilson's office and urge him to sign SB 1098 (ban employer firing of older workers and replacing them with younger, cheaper ones).

Tell him age discrimination is rampant in the California computer industry (ask him to read the June 29 issue of Business Week for detail on age discrimination).


Sacramento, California

Governor Pete Wilson has 12 days to act on a bill, which Bans Age Bias in Firing.

If Wilson signs this bill, it would bar firms from raising profits by replacing staff over 40 with younger, cheaper employees.

The state Senate, intervening in a controversial issue   involving longtime employees, gave final legislative approval Monday July 29, 1998 to a bill making it illegal for companies to improve their bottom line by replacing older workers with younger, lower-paid ones.

Wilson, has not yet decided whether to sign or veto the bill, which would allow the dismissal of older, higher-paid workers only in cases in which a firm can prove it acted out of economic necessity. 

The California Chamber of Commerce immediately called on Wilson to use his veto powers while the California Congress of Seniors urged the  governor to sign the legislation.

Wilson's deputy press secretary, Ron Low, said "We're going to withhold comment until he has time to sit down with his staff and review it."

The bill by Sen. Quentin Kopp (I-San Francisco) would invalidate a 1997 state Court of Appeal decision, which held that the dismissal of older workers is not illegal age discrimination if the motivation is economic.

Allan Zaremberg, president of the state Chamber of Commerce and a    close ally of Wilson, said he believes the bill would eliminate "an     employer's ability to use economic factors in managing their work force, even if the extra costs mean shutting your doors.", "This bill goes well beyond age discrimination," he added. "It says you cannot use economic factors in making management decisions if the employee is over the age of 40."

Bill Powers, lobbyist for the state Congress of Seniors, said he has "high hopes" that Wilson will sign the bill, despite opposition from employers.         Unless Wilson signs it, Powers said, "serious consequences bode for all the older workers, meaning all those over 40. If they cannot be protected, they are going to have a hell of a time in the future."

The 1997 appellate court ruling sent shock waves through the California workplace, especially among workers 40 and older who feared that employers would use it to streamline their businesses by cutting employee costs.

Over Republican objections, the Democratic-dominated state Senate    passed the bill (SB 1098) Monday on a 25-9 vote, four more than needed. Last month, the Assembly approved the measure by a narrow 42-27 vote, one more than the majority required.

Citing what may be a fading tradition of mutual loyalty between workers and their bosses, Kopp said it is unacceptable to "fire an employee with years of loyalty, who is over 40, simply to hire someone who is younger at a lower salary."  

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June 30, 1998

Slap on Intel's face from Judge

Arrogant Intel filed a motion to compel in their case with the FTC.  They asked the Judge to compel FTC to state the markets in which Intel is a monopoly.  The Judge gave a fitting rebuff by telling Intel that they should respond to the FTC complaint as it is and no explanation is necessary.

Employees and shareholders:  Why is Intel wasting your money on such buffoonery?

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May 22, 1998

Dear faxers,


We won a major victory Wednesday in the House Judiciary Committee concerning expansion of H-1B visas for temporary skilled foreign workers!  Your thousands of faxes to the Members of the Judiciary Committee over the last month surely played a role in the major upset over massive industrial lobbying.

We won in the House almost precisely what we lost on Monday in the Senate.  Thanks to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the bill being "marked up" by the Judiciary Committee had major safeguards for American workers already in it. These are safeguards requiring corporations to recruit American workers before importing foreign workers through the H-1B program. The bill also forbade corporations from laying off American workers to make room for H-1B workers.

Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) had tried to insert those same safeguards on the Senate floor on Monday. But Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-MI) fought back the attempt and tabled Kennedy's amendment with 38 senators objecting.

Rep. Rogan (R-CA) on the House Judiciary Committee carried the water for Abraham and the industrial lobbyists. He offered an amendment to strip all safeguard for American workers from the bill.

The business lobbies were so heavyhanded early this week that insiders predicted a nearly even split, with most Republicans voting against safeguards.   But an impassioned plea from Lamar Smith and surprise backing by Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) -- chair of the Judiciary Committee -- led the way for a 24-7 vote against Rogan's amendment to strip the safeguards!  Nearly all Democrats and even the majority of Republicans voted against the industrial lobbyists!  Except for your thousands of faxes these last few weeks, those Members would not have felt much sign of opposition to the lobbyists. Thanks.


Please consider e-mailing a note of thanks to Rep. Hyde for his support of American workers and of Lamar Smith.  Simply go onto www.numbersusa.com and click on the MOVING CONGRESS button.  On the page that comes up, click on the CONGRESS LOCATOR  button.  That takes you to a map. Click on Illinois and it will bring up the e-mail link for Rep. Hyde.

I am not putting on a fax to him because I don't want to inundate a friend with form faxes. But your individualized e-mail notes will be helpful.



The Judiciary Committee added an amendment that made the bill even better.  The original language had -- like the Senate's bill -- allowed H-1B workers to come to the U.S. for 6 years. The amendment reduced that to 4 years. Since this is supposedly only a temporary shortage of computer programmers, we should have plenty of new programmers coming out of school by 4 years.



Part of our push here at NumbersUSA was to hand deliver hundreds of faxes that were not able to go through to the Judiciary Members offices.  Around 10 of the 31 Members blocked our faxes in one way or another.  When that happens, we usually get access to another fax number fairly soon and resume the faxing. All faxes that don't get through are kicked back to our office and printed on a very good printer. We then address envelopes and mail every single one of those faxes into the offices.  On Monday and Tuesday of this week -- because there was not time to mail the printed out faxes -- we brought in some teenagers who addressed several hundred faxes Tuesday afternoon and hand-delivered all of them to congressional offices Tuesday evening.



Please go to the Fax Center and note if you have sent the H-1B fax to Representatives from your own state.  If not, please send the fax.  The whole House will be voting on the H-1B bill probably early June.  It is very important that every member have heard from as many state constituents as possible before they vote. The rumor is that Sen. Abraham is working forcefully to persuade House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) to try to remove the safeguards from the House bill.




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May 20, 1998

Intel's banner is up at DEC's Hudson Plant

As of 5-18-98, DEC's Hudson Plant has been taken over by Intel and is now called FAB17.

As per our survey, employees at this plant enjoyed a satisfactory and happy employment under DEC's management.  The responses stated that the employees felt they were treated with decency.

Under Intel's reign, the very first thing that the Hudson Plant employees will experience is a rude culture shock.  Intel will immediately start indoctinating the employees with their rough, tough and cut-throat culture, the details of which are explained throughout this website.

The Hudson Plant employees need to be aware of Intel's recent redeployment trends and layoffs. Our inside sources tell us that employees with high salaries (over age 40) need to be especially cautious as they could be targeted.

To protect your employment and prevent Intel from ruining your lives, we urge all the ex-DEC employees to follow the instructions in the page dedicated to  Hudson Plant Employees .

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May 18, 1998

American Science Association Petitions Lawmakers

From Gene Nelson gnelson@cyberramp.net

Dear Friends,

The American Scientist's Association now has an on-line petition protesting the proposed increase in H1-B temporary visas for high-tech workers. The petition is attached below.

If you would like to sign it,  you can reach the signature page through the URL:  http://www2.ultra.net/~asa/H1B_pet.htm

Please forward the petition URL to your mailing lists and newsgroups.  Thank You for your help.


A Petition Protesting the Proposed Increase in H1-B Temporary Worker Visas.

Note Shortly before the legislation comes before Congress, the American Scientists Association will send a copy of the petition and signatures to the  Senate and House of Representatives.


Legislation is currently before Congress which proposes to raise the annual ceiling of  65,000  H1-B visas by  an additional 25,000 to 65,000 visas. We, the undersigned, are strongly opposed to any legislation which increases the number of H1 visas for temporary, high technology guest workers. This legislation represents an intervention in the domestic  labor market on behalf of employers and against the interests of employees. If passed, it is expected to result in a massive transfer of wealth from the families of middle-class engineers and scientists to the owners of the high-tech corporations who lobbied  for the legislation.

Industry lobbyists, led by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), have conducted a skillful and misleading campaign to convince the public and government that the U.S. is facing a critical shortage of computer workers which threatens our ability to compete.  An ITAA report claimed that the United States now has a shortage of 346,000 information technology (IT) workers.   Under ITAA guidance, the Department of Commerce issued a similar study.  These studies were used to convince lawmakers that if we failed to import hundreds of thousands of high-tech workers, we would lose business and jobs to our international competitors. The motivation for the lobbying  is that temporary guest workers are significantly less expensive than domestic workers.

In reality, there is no shortage of engineers and scientists.  Indeed, a shortage should lead to an increase in wages and a decrease in unemployment. Over the past decade, wage growth for engineers has lagged behind many other professions. There is a reported 17% unemployment rate for programmers over age 50. The type of long-term labor shortage claimed by the ITAA cannot exist in a market economy a tight labor market in any profession results in rising wages, which in turn stimulates more people to train for and enter that profession, thereby increasing supply to meet the increased demand.  This is how market economies work and why there has never been a labor shortage of scientists, engineers or IT workers of the kind currently alleged by high-tech employers. If the U.S. responds to the purported shortage by increasing the cap on H1-B visas, the result will be depressed wages and increased unemployment in IT and related  professions. This will discourage Americans from entering the field, and in the long run, hurt our economy.

Government agencies have been extremely critical of the shortage claims.  After reviewing a September 1997 Commerce Department report on the shortage of IT workers, the General Accounting Office, the government's oversight agency, concluded that the study "has serious analytical and methodological weaknesses that undermine the credibility of its conclusion that a shortage of IT workers exists." In 1996, a Department of Labor (DOL) study found widespread abuses in the H1 visa program.   The 'Labor Condition Application' on an H1 visa application, which is supposed to insure that Americans are not being adversely affected,  was described in a 1996 DOL   Inspector General report as "perfunctory at best and a sham at worst."   In some cases, U.S. workers had to train their H1-B replacements.

The ITAA would have us believe that rising wages threaten our ability to compete in world markets, ultimately threatening our prosperity. They have it backwards. When market forces drive up wages, the result is an improved standard of living for American workers, in the form of higher median per capita incomes.  Tight labor markets have other benefits. As David North, a noted labor market analyst, once wrote; "A tight labor market, when unemployment is low, may be awkward for some employers, but it does wonders for workers, particularly disadvantaged ones.  In a tight labor market, as in World War II, women got good blue collar jobs in factories; in tight labor markets the old and the young are courted, racial prejudices forgotten, and employers make efforts to improve wages and working conditions.  We should be extremely hesitant about using immigrant visas to loosen labor markets.  As we all learned in college economics, when a supply increases, its value decreases."

The annual ceiling on H1-B visas is already too high.




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May 13, 1998

Modification/elimination of the overtime pay

Message from a current Intel employee:

(I wish not to be I.D'ed)

Are you aware that Intel, due to a California law change is currently considering a modification and may be elimination of the overtime pay to their employees who are working compressed work week (CWW)?

A task force has been set up to take care of this matter.  Employees should know the decision of the overtime task force by the end of Q2 or Q3.

Most CWW employees who are non exempt salary will walk out if this happens. The general attitude is not good within Intel as you might guess.  I for myself am glad to see this stuff exposed over the Internet so all can see and read for theirselves.  I am over 40, 14years with Intel and have never been close to a layoff like this.

I am on whats called the transition team.  A redeployment tactic that Intel is using to get people out, just as you (FACE Intel) say about targeting for termination or forcing employees to leave, you are so right.

I am leaning towards quitting.  But as you say thats what they want and I won't give it up.  Not till I get that big carrot of severance they should owe me.  Anyway thanks for letting me vent.

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May 11, 1998

Pleass Call Senate NOW

A critical vote in the Senate is being scheduled for early next week.  S. 1723, The "American Competitiveness Act," sponsored by Senator Spencer Abraham, is on track to increase the number of skilled foreign workers admitted to the United States to over 100,000 per year.  

This bill must be stopped dead in its tracks, and the time to act is now.  Call both of your Senators and urge them to vote NO on S.1723.

They need to know that raising the level of foreign workers is detrimental to American workers and American families.   Voting NO on S.1723 is the right thing to do because:  

1.      There's no REAL shortage of skilled workers.  The Department of Labor reports that a  labor shortage is unproven, and that the H1B program is already widely abused. 

2.      It protects job opportunities for older workers.  High tech foreign workers earn 15%- 30% less than Americans.  This is an incentive for employers to replace older American workers with younger foreigners

3.      We are educating Americans already for these jobs.  In 1996, there was a 46% increase in the number of undergraduates enrolled in computer science and engineering programs.  The job market, not immigration, will fix any alleged shortage.  

4.      Emphasis should be placed on training American workers, not importing foreign workers.  Tens of thousands of mid-career engineers, many laid-off as a result of defense cut backs, are available and can be retrained.

Call 800-504-0031 now and ask to speak to your Senators.  Urge them to Vote NO on S.1723! Let them know America is watching! 

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May 5, 1998

Judiciary Committee Votes on H-1B Visa

The vote in the Judiciary Committee on the H-1B will take place during the week of May 11.  It is very important to contact ALL members of the committee, especially the Republicans.  You should let the committee members know your thoughts on the following two questions

1.  Should the H-1B work visa quota be raised?

2.  Should worker protections be legislated, such as the two "attestations" currently being proposed (the employer applying to hire an H-1B visa worker would have to "attest" that he has not laid off workers recently and that he has made a good faith effort to find workers who are citizens or permanent residents before turning to the H-1B pool).

If you are concerned about abuse of the H-1B program, you would say NO to the first question and YES to the second.

Remember, you can use the toll-free number ( 800-504-0031 ) to reach any telephone on Capitol Hill.  Just tell the receptionist, for example, "Rep. Gekas' office, please," or give a specific number ("225-4315, please").  (The latter works for faxes too.)

Judiciary Committee Republicans are:

Henry Hyde, Jim Sensenbrenner, Bill McCollum, George Gekas, Howard Coble, Elton Gallegly, Charles Canady, Bob Inglis, Bob Goodlatte, Stephen Buyer, Ed Bryant, Steve Chabot, Bob Barr, Bill Jenkins, Asa Hutchinson, Ed Pease, Chris Cannon, Jim Rogan and Lindsey Graham. 

Committee Democrats are:

John Conyers, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, Howard Berman, RIck Boucher, Jerrold Nadler, Robert Scott, Melvin Watt, Zoe Lofgren, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Martin Meehan, William Delahunt, Robert Wexler and Steve Rothman.

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May 1, 1998

True Face of Intel

"With one hand, Representative Smith's workforce bill offers employers help with the skilled worker shortage, but he quickly takes it back with the other hand by introducing BURDENSOME REGULATIONS," said Jenifer Eisen, human resources manager for Intel.  (5-1-98, New York Times, by: jeri Clausing)

What Ms. Eisen of Intel is referring to is a House measure introduced Wednesday (4-29-98) by Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican.  Smith's bill include the following provisions, Ms. Eisen (Intel) finds it very BURDENSOME :

a).  Employers could not hire H-1Bs if they have recently laid people off. 

b).  Employers would be required to show that they had tried to recruit American workers for these positions.  

We (FACE Intel) think what actually Ms. Eisen (Intel) means is that to expect Intel to be: Honest, genuine, real, sincere, true, unfeigned is BURDENSOME.  What also Ms. Eisen (Intel) means is that we have the gold and we write the rules, everybody else have to shut up.

Is it safe to conclude that Intel who is laying off 3,000 employees (this is what Intel says, we'll publish the actual numbers at the end) is shamelessly saying that we want to get rid of our American employees and we want to replace them with cheap foreign workers.  In the other words, Intel is saying that since we are the ALMIGHTY, leave us alone, there must not be any law, rule, and regulation to question THE Intel.  How anyone dares to expect or ask Intel to be honest.

Intel's main opposition to Smith's legislation stems from a provision that would require employers to attest that they are not displacing Americans with foreign labor.  Intel and other business interests complain that the attestation and requirement that they make good-faith efforts to recruit Americans first, are too onerous and would harm their efforts to fill vacancies.

What an arrogant expectation (The little by is not getting his way, so he is crying and kicking the dirt) and disgraceful lie.   Intel is laying off 3,000 of their employees for god's sake, Intel does not have any vacancies!.  What actually Intel is doing is, creating vacancies, to fill with CHEAP FOREIGN LABOR and wants everyone out of their the way.

After the bill was approved (Thanks to all of you who made the effort to respond to our 4-29-98 announcement!) by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Mr. Smith said "Amazingly, this is not currently a violation of the (visa) program,".

Intel and other business interests have lined up in support of a bill by Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Mich., which has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Smith's bill would add 30,000 more visas this year to the present cap of 65,000, with the ceiling rising to 105,000 next year and 115,000 in 2000 before reverting to the current level.  Abraham's bill would boost the annual ceiling to 115,000 visas for the next five years and does not have provisions like (a) and (b) of Smith's bill.

The White House prefers the Smith's bill over the Senate proposal.  But the White House wants Smith to add one provision from Abraham's bill, which requires money from businesses to improve education and training for Americans so they can take jobs in the booming high-tech sector. 

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April 29, 1998

Lamar Smith has come out with his bill.

As expected, it does include an increase in the H-1B quota.  However, it also includes two labor-oriented provisions which are worthwhile. 

a).  Employers could not hire H-1Bs if they have recently laid people off.  This provision will stop a company like Intel to shamelessly layoff Americans while they are hiring foreigners to substitute them with.

b).  Employers would be required to show that they had tried to recruit American workers for these positions.   (Recall that current law does NOT have a provision like (b).)

Today (4-29-98), an amendment will be proposed to kill (a) and (b).


TELL THEM TO SUPPORT (a) AND (b).  (Be very clear.)  The representatives are Berman, Gallegly, Lofgren, Rogan, and Wechsler (Wexler?).  It does not matter whether you live in their districts, though if you live in California (they are all from CA) it is extra important for you to call. 

Remember, you can call toll-free, at 800-504-0031.  Just tell the operator who answers which office you want, e.g. "Representative Rogan's office, please.".

The Clinton administration supports (a) and (b), so it has a chance. Please call, so that these two provisions are not killed today.

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April 19,1998


The San Francisco Examiner has set up an excellent Web site related to its coverage of age discrimination by IT employers and the dispute over the labor "shortage,".  It includes the article it ran a week ago and also the article on IT job fairs and etc. 

What is especially nice is that they have a complete collection of the e-mail messages people sent them in response to last Sunday's article.   Most of them counter the industry's claim of a shortage.  Even one of the employers who writes a sympathetic letter and admits older workers are having troubles.

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April 7, 1998

Fight the Senate Bill to Increase H-1B Visas

American Engineering Association, which has been fighting for reform of the H-1B visa program for a number of years wants us to support them:

FAIR is the Federation for American Immigration Reform.   This organization is quite active and well-respected in Congress.  FAIR has a toll free line to Congress.  This number is 1-800-504-0031.   You may use this number to fight S-1723 the Senate Bill to increase H-1B visas.  This number works to reach any and all members of Congress.  Sandra Shipshock of Sen. Kennedy's office may also be reached through this number.  Just ask for Sen. Kennedy's office and then ask for Sandra.  When calling please let your representative know that AEA is on the WEB at www.aea.org.

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March 31, 1998

"Intel treats engineers like cattle," a former contractor says.


I am tiring of the media hoopla that there is a massive engineering shortage. Arizona's governor, Jane Hull, has practically declared a state of emergency here because Motorola and INTEL say they can't find enough high tech employees to hire in this state. Let me tell you why I believe that the news media has been deceived by these and other large companies.

My first job after graduating with a BSEE was at Motorola's Government Group in Scottsdale. I was downsized in 1989. During my exit interview a human resource guy told me that I was not targeted because I had almost 9 years there and was about to receive expanded benefits. He said that an unnamed manager claimed my performance was not up to expectations. I was sent to an out-placement service to learn job hunting skills. I'm sure that it was only a coincidence that none of the engineers terminated were younger than 30. While we were being pushed out a record number of college graduates were hired into Motorola's 6 month training program. If skills were the only issue why didn't they offer to train us? Basically Motorola chose to get rid of employees that had between 4-9 years seniority.

After almost losing my house I found another job. I took a 10% salary cut from my Motorola job.  I was only months from becoming fully vested when they fired me. After almost 5 years they said that they were letting me go because of you guessed it - my performance. It took me 17 months to find another software engineering   job for $28k per year. This was 33% less than I made at Motorola 7 years earlier. So much for Arizona's great job market and expanding salaries. So what if living expenses are less than Silicon Valley?

I've had numerous bouts of unemployment. It's very difficult to get job interviews in the Phoenix area. Most of my interviews seemed to always be with young engineers who were not a day older than 30. Would you be surprised that not one of those companies ever called me back with a job offer? They usually said that they found somebody better qualified - in other words younger and cheaper.

By 1994 my difficulty finding engineering jobs contradicted everything I read in the local newspaper about how companies were begging for anybody with engineering skills. A brief look at our local newspaper classifieds in the Arizona Republic would seem to verify that there are many job openings in engineering. Upon closer examination you would find that almost all of the ads are nothing but contract agencies hunting for resumes.  I have been registered with dozens of them and they rarely are able to get me an interview, much less a job. Very few companies have an ad for engineers unless they are trying to get approval for a foreign worker visa to import somebody. You will recognize these ads because they are very  long and list more requirements than any one person could have. They have no intention of hiring a local such as me. I attended support group meetings for unemployed engineers. They were all my age or older and all of them were having similar problems. We constantly have to  endure the questions and ridicule from spouses and friends that hear the optimistic spin coming from the mainline press.

Several years ago I received two letters from the Department of Economic Security that said they were investigating two companies I sent resumes to. INTEL and VLSI claimed that there was nobody in the U.S., including me, that has the proper skills for the job. Therefore they needed H1-B visas to hire foreign engineers. I filled out the DES forms and verified that I have most of skills advertised and would work for the advertised salary - which was much better than my previous job. Of course I never heard from INTEL or VLSI  because DES rubber stamped the approval. This procedure is a sham that DES and INTEL conspire to in order to convince the American public that hiring foreign engineers is justified. High tech companies prefer to hire these indentured slaves (H1-B) because it's better for the bottom line. INTEL probably got this idea from watching grape pickers toiling in California .

Recently I was hired by INTEL in Chandler as a contractor. The first thing I noticed when I got there is how young everybody was. Engineers my age are rarely hired by INTEL unless we agree to be contractors (temporaries). They sure are on a hiring binge for college graduates though.  I saw at least a new one every week.

Without notice I was called at home and told that my contract with INTEL was terminated.  INTEL refused to give me a reason. I wasn't even allowed to go to my desk to get my personal belongings. My manager put my personal belongings in a box and left it at security. They kept two software reference books that I bought at my own expense because my boss assured me that I would be reimbursed. They kept stalling on the reimbursement while I was there. My contract company eventually reimbursed me out of their own funds because INTEL wouldn't. INTEL, Chandler is a bunch of petty, lying, cheapskates!!! INTEL treats engineers like cattle. Their new space compression program for people is supposed to foster worker cohesion. Everybody gets to be in a compartment barely big enough to sit in. They probably didn't renew my contract out of compassion. At the age of 41 they figured I wasn't flexible enough to get in and out of those cubicles safely.

I'm now contracting at a Mesa company that is expected to grow because unions are so weak in this state. They're going to move their labor to Arizona to save money and bust the unions that work at their other plants. Relocating to Arizona is very popular with CEO's because we are a right to work state. This means employers have the right to decide whether you can work based on age, race, or the phase of the moon.

40 something and sun-burned  

Face INTEL - I don't want to use my name for obvious reasons. The last thing I need is to get blackballed. I would prefer if you have questions to call me at home. If you need verification of those DES letters I could fax them to you.

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March 27, 1998


Rep. Mel Watt is the ranking Democrat on the House Immigration Subcommittee.  We have been told by a reliable source that he is extremely open-minded and independent.  Our source says that he does not have the facts on this issue of claims of a software labor "shortage," but our source feels that he may well react very favorably if he hears what is really going on.

Please give his office a call.  Ask to speak to a staffer who is handling the H-1B visa bill.  Explain why there is no shortage, and that American programmers are being shunned by the industry.  Give your own personal examples and the Intel's example:

This means that Intel is replacing the older employees with RCG's that are cheaper.  Also they want to utilize foreign workers that are even cheaper than America RCG's. 

Cite the US News and World Report article, and ask the person you talk to his/her e-mail address so you can e-mail it to them.  If you don't have the article, it's on Professor Matloff's web site: http://heather.cs.ucdavis.edu/itaa.html

Representative Melvin Watt (D 12 NC)
(202) 225-1510    /   FAX (202) 225-1512
nc12.public@mail.house.gov (the following website, suggest using this email)

Rep. Watt is in a key position, so our efforts here could pay off.

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March 10, 1998

Legislative alert for engineers and programmers

 Abraham Introduces Foreign Worker Bill Senator Spencer Abraham has introduced S. 1723, the American Competitiveness Act which would increase the number of H-1B visas - temporary foreign workers - that business could bring into the U.S.

The full Judiciary committee held hearings last week on the subject and had Microsoft, Sun Micro systems and other high-tech companies testify that their companies needed to bring more foreign workers to the U.S. because there weren't enough American workers good enough to do the jobs.  The next step is for the bill to be marked up by the committee - and that could happen soon  - with little warning.   Although nothing has been scheduled yet, now is the time to start calling Congress and telling them that Americans are Good Enough for Any Job  No More Foreign Workers!

The cosponsors of S. 1723 are Hatch (R-UT), McCain (R-AZ), DeWine (R-OH), and Specter (R-PA).

Call 1-800-504-0031 and tell the Members of the Judiciary Committee and the bill cosponsors

  1. S. 1723 Hurts American Workers!
  2. Protect American Workers!   No More H-1B visas!
  3. Any supply demand can and should be met through training American workers!
  4. A country should do its own work!

ATTENTION ENGINEERS AND PROGRAMMERS Individual Stories Matter!  If you are a programmer or engineer who's been displaced or discriminated against because of these programs, make certain you relate that to your Senators and Representative.  Also tell the Judiciary Committee members.

If you have a story - tell it. And if its in writing, we at FAIR would appreciate a copy (e-mail to fair@fairus.org ) for use with the media.  Don't let Abraham keep doing this to more and more folks.

Senate Judiciary Committee

  • Republicans:  Orrin Hatch, UT; Strom Thurmond, SC; Charles Grassley, IA; Arlen Specter, PA; Fred Thompson, TN; Jon Kyl, AZ; Mike DeWine, OH; John Ashcroft, MO; Spencer Abraham, MI; Jeff Sessions, AL.
  • Democrats:  Ted Kennedy, MA; Joe Biden, DE; Herb Kohl, WI; Diane Feinstein, CA; Russ Feingold, WI; Richard Durbin, IL; Bob Torricelli, NJ.

The text of the bill is available at  FAIR's web site:    http://www.fairus.org

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March 9, 1998

Call White House Today

Senator Abraham is currently negotiating with President Clinton over the issue of increasing the yearly cap on H-1B work visas issued to foreign nationals, as requested by computer industry lobbyists. The Clinton administration has recently announced that it is opposed to such an increase, but has a poor track record in terms of keeping its promises.

The employers' motivation for their request is that they wish to get access to cheap labor, filling good jobs which could be done by American workers. The employers' claim of a software labor shortage, much publicized in the press as a result of a slick public relations campaign orchestrated by industry lobbyists, is contrived. For details, see


Please call the White House TODAY. Sen. Abraham is trying to rush this through before the public has a chance to object, so you must call as soon as possible, before Clinton makes a deal with Abraham.

We suggest that you call the White House Public Comment Line, (202) 456-1111, and record a brief message.  (Of course, compose your thoughts beforehand.)  The briefer the better, but if you have personal experience to relate, say regarding age discrimination, it would be good to include it, though again be BRIEF.

Tell the White House you are OPPOSED to an increase in the H-1B visa quota.

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February 17, 1998


Now's the time to tell Congress: 

Americans are Good Enough for Any Job and No More Foreign Workers

The opposition is at it again: Powerful immigration and business lawyers, as well as many Members of Congress are fighting to make it easier to bring in more
cheap foreign workers to take American jobs. In fact, they want to blow the lid off the current 65,000 worker annual cap by claiming that Americans just aren't good enough to handle the many high-tech jobs available.

And Congress is Listening!! Senator Orrin Hatch, is holding hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the supposed high tech labor shortage on February 25,  1998, at 10am. (Witnesses have not yet been announced.) The truth is: There is no shortage and Americans can do the jobs! The high tech industry and its lawyers have increased applications for H-1B visas - for foreign workers - by 300% while the available software jobs only increased by 40%! Major software firms are hiring only 2% of their applicants. Some shortage! High tech firms just want to increase the supply of foreign labor to try and hold down wages.

Call 1-800-504-0031 and tell the Members of the Judiciary Committee: 

Protect American Workers! No More H-1B visas!   Any supply demands can be met through training American workers and experienced programmers and expanding career development.  Americans can do the jobs!   A country should do its own work!

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Republicans:   Orrin G. Hatch, UT;   Strom Thurmond, SC;   Charles Grassley, IA; Arlen Specter, PA;   Fred Thompson, TN;   Jon Kyl, AZ;    Mike DeWine, OH;   John Ashcroft, MO;   Spencer Abraham, MI;   Jeff Sessions,AL.

Democrats: Ted Kennedy, MA;   Joe Biden, DE;   Herb Kohl, WI;   Diane Feinstein, CA;   Russ Feingold, WI;   Richard Durbin, IL;    Bob Torricelli, NJ.

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January 14,1998

The Best Letter Of Opposition To Times Magazine

Dear TIME,

I find myself scratching BOTH sides of my head after reading your Man of the Year article about Andy Grove. No only do I believe this was a poor selection, I found the article itself to be one-sided and poorly researched.

I can think of a dozen people who were more noteworthy AND newsworthy in 1997. Selecting Grove because "He has driven Intel which has driven the computer industry which has driven this dynamic economy, etc.etc." is fallacious. Even Uncle Andy would be the first to admit that the economic growth we're experiencing now is a fragile thing.  (Look at November's stock market "correction" and the over-heated financials woes of the Pacific Rim countries.) Your account of Grove's escape from the Nazis and from Hungary was exaggerated from earlier versions I'm familiar with and even then was wholly unremarkable.

As to the article itself it is rather obvious that Grove exercised considerable editorial influence over Time's writers. In fact it reads as if they stayed home and let Intel's PR department write it for them.  For all that it has accomplished, Intel has a lot of dirty linen for anyone who would bother to look. (Like it's poor performance on environmental cleanups, billions spent on frivolous lawsuits and a
staggering number of stress-related heart attacks and suicides among its employee population.)

Where I believe you really missed the boat is in giving Grove too much credit for Intel's accomplishments. That credit is rightfully due to the PEOPLE of Intel. These dedicated, excellence-driven folks - from the techs on the factory floor, the sales people, the engineers and the dedicated administrative teams - these are the people who made Intel a success and what used to be a great place to work. (Often in spite of Grove's and Intel management's "leadership."

Sadly, after Bob Noyce died in 1990, Intel began to change for the worse. Grove and Barrett's culture of autocratic management have replaced employees being empowered to make decisions about their work.  Experienced employees being valued and treated with respect has been replaced with "redeployment" (read: forced-out), just so Intel can avoid paying out retirement benefits. What was once a great workplace of free expression and exchange of ideas has become Fortress Mother Intel, Grove's paranoid vision come true; where political correctness and fall-on-your-sword loyalty is rewarded and dissent is squashed.

Yes, the paranoids do survive and maybe even become prosperous. But does any same person really like or want to work for them? And since when do we hold pathology up as a societal value to be admired or sought after?

Shame on you TIME, you coulda done better!


Former employee
Forest Grove, Oregon

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December 22, 1997

Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform

Though it so far has not been given much press, the computer industry is planning to demand that Congress increase the yearly cap on H-1B work visas for computer programmers and other hi-tech workers.  In order to support this, the industry has been engaged in an extensive campaign to convince the nation that there is a severe shortage of programmers. This claim is false, as can be seen from the fact that, for example, Microsoft has stated that they hire only 2% of their applicants for software positions.

THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE.  The computer industry has stated publicly that it not only wants to "increase" the yearly H-1B cap, but actually will try to "eliminate" that cap entirely! In other words, they will try to get permission to bring in an UNLIMITED number of foreign workers to the U.S. (And note that H-1B, though often used for programmers, can be and IS applied to many other occupations.)

In the next few weeks, we will be asking all immigration reform activists to contact both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, asking them to slow down and use common sense to take a critical look at the claims of industry lobbyists.

This is a rather complex issue but you do NOT have to be in the computer field to become well-versed in the issues. Please take the time to read the document in the next e-mail message, and have the arguments at your command when you call government offices.

Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform                                                           P.O. Box 2457                                                                                                        San Francisco, CA 94126                                                                                       (415) 397-6669   

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December 14, 1997

Debunking the Myth of a Software Labor Shortage

Norman Matloff
Department of Computer Science
University of California at Davis
(530) 752-1953
matloff@cs.ucdavis.edu 1

December 12, 1997

Overview and Executive Summary

``Vaporware.'' That is the term used in the software industry when a  firm announces a new product which actually does not exist. Extending the term a bit, one can say that the industry's latest vaporware is the claim of a software labor shortage. The fact is that there is no such shortage.

Due to an extensive public campaign orchestrated by an industry trade organization, the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a rash of newspaper articles have been appearing, claiming a desperate labor shortages in the high-tech industries. Frantic employers complain that they can not fill many open positions for computer programmers. (We use the term programmer to include software developers having various job titles, including software engineers, system analysts and so on.) Yet readers would be perplexed if they also knew that Microsoft, for instance, only hires 2% of its applicants for software positions. One does not have to be a ``techie'' to see the blatant contradiction here. If employers were that desperate, they would certainly not be hiring just a miniscule fraction of their job applicants.

Contrary to what is claimed in the ITAA report (Help Wanted: The IT Workforce Gap At the Dawn of a New Century, ITAA, Arlington, VA, 1997):

* There is no software labor shortage. Employers hire only a tiny fraction of their applicants for software positions.

* It is not a ``seller's market.'' Most programmers are getting yearly salary increases in line with those of U.S. workers as a whole.

* The ITAA claim of a low unemployment rate for programmers is highly misleading. Employers typically shun the mid-career (age 35-55) workers, in favor of much less costly new or recent college graduates, forcing many mid-career people out of the programming field. The former programmer who becomes an insurance agent counts in government statistics as an employed insurance seller, not an unemployed programmer, so unemployment rates do not give an accurate picture of the employers' general refusal to hire the mid-career workers.

Please read the rest of this wonderful paper in the following Web page, which professor Matloff has set up.


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December 6, 1997

Over 850,000 people have visited the FACE Intel website as of December 1st.

Thank you! to all of you who recently have overwhelmingly supported our cause by visiting our website and sending E-mails from universities (too numerous to mention).  Our recent campaign of "Join Us to Save Human Resource From Exploitation" at universities has been very, very successful.

As we have requested before, stop Intel recruiters and representatives from deceiving you further by confronting them with the questions that we have provided for you in the "College Corner" page.  Also, please share our website with your friends at other universities.

Our special thanks also to the employees of the following corporations who have been identifying with our cause and supporting us:

Silicon Graphics
Northern Telecom
Intel (from outside Intel)

Congratulations to those of you who have decided to form a similar group to FACE Intel.  As we have responded to you, we would be more than happy to share our experiences with you and help you in your struggle as long as you are willing and dedicated to fighting back.

Finally, congratulations to those of you who by comparing your employers with Intel are appreciating your employment further.   We will advertise for your employers at universities and you may advertise for FACE Intel.

Together we can influence any evil corporation to shape up!

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November 7, 1997

This is a shame for # 1 Chipmaker of the World!

Is Intel A Great Place To Work?

Working Mothers Magazine No
Computerworld No
National Institute of Standards and Technology (see the note bellow) No
Former and Current Employees of Intel (surveyed) No
Intel Yes
Whom Do You Believe?

Note: National Institute of Standards and Technology evaluates the American companies that apply for Malcolm Baldridge annual quality award in seven aspects of business two which are:

  • Leadership

  • Human Resource Development and Management

Since the inception of the Malcolm Baldridge quality award in 1988 Intel has not been able to win this most prestigious quality award. For more information see Is Intel a Great Place to Work?


IBM 100 Bests   A+ WTA * * * *
Xerox 100 Bests 100 Bests B WTA x 2 * * * * *
Motorola 100 Bests   B WTA * * *
Texas Instrument     A+ WTA * * *
Solectron   100 Bests   WTA x 2 * * * *

Note: FACE Intel's report is based on other institution's ratings and a sample survey of former and or current employees of the above mentioned companies.

For more information please read: Is Intel a Great Place to Work?



BAW Baldridge Award Winners
CPERSR California Public Employees Retirement System Rating
CMI Couldn't Make It
CW 100 BC Computerworld 100 Best Companies
FACEISS FACE Intel Sample Survey
WMM 100 BC Working Mothers Magazine 100 Best Companies
WPTW Worst Place To Work
WTA Won The Award
WTA x 2 Won The Award Twice
* 5 Stars = Outstanding--------------No Star = Very Bad

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October 29, 1997


Tim Jackson and His Marvelous Book "Inside Intel"

Tim, who writes a weekly column on the computer business and the Internet in the Financial Times newspaper is the author of the Inside Intel.

He's written about technology since 1986, when he joined The Economist magazine after graduating from university. He worked for The Economist in Tokyo, and then jumped ship to The Independent, another British newspaper. He joined the FT after doing a number of London jobs for the Independent, including leader writer and technology-page editor.

Tim consults for technology and telecommunications companies through TNC Partners, a strategy consultancy based in London and Boston. He's also publisher of the Picture Book Quarterly, a newsletter and web site about picture books for young children which is edited by Emily Marbach, the American poet.


Is Inside Intel an authorized book?

In this case, the answer is that Inside Intel is definitely NOT an authorized book about the company. Although Tim Jackson approached Andy Grove and Gordon Moore before the project began, offering to tell them about the plans for the book and inviting their participation, Intel's stance towards Inside Intel has moved from cautious promises of cooperation to outright hostility, with the company attempting to prevent some interviewees from talking to the author. Intel employees as far afield as Australia and Israel have received a management memo warning them not to cooperate with the researching of it.

How, then, was it possible to write a book about Intel?

To learn more about Tim, his book, and how to order one, please visit Inside Intel web site.

FACE Intel is confident that "Inside Intel" is a MUST READ book for everyone. However, we do not recommend this book for executives of Intel Corporation, specially for the mother of all PARANOID people in the world (Andy Grove).

Book Review By: James Surowiecki

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October 11, 1997

American Engineering Association Update

October 11, 1997

The Honorable William M. Daley

Office of the Secretary

Rm. 5854

U.S. Department of Commerce

14th & Constitution Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20230

It has come to my attention the Department of Commerce is sponsoring, along with the Information Technology Association of America and others, a major effort to address an alleged skilled information technology worker shortage.

According to a June 13, 1997, memo from John Lafrance of the Department's Technology Administration, this effort includes the establishment of various task forces from academia, industry and government to generate action plans to solve the alleged problem, address public policy issues such as immigration, taxation and education and training grants and get "buy-in" for these solutions. The action plans will be presented at a conference entitled the "National Information Technology Workforce Convocation" to be held January 12-13, 1998 at the University of California/Berkeley. (1)

It is my understanding that public funds and/or resources and staff from the Department are being used to fund, partially fund or otherwise support this effort. I must strenuously object to both your funding of and participation in this convocation on the following grounds:

1. The underlying premise is that there is a long-term shortage of computer professionals. (2)

However, there has been no statistically acceptable documentation such a shortage exists beyond a report entitled "Help Wanted: the Information Technology Workforce Gap at the Dawn of A New Century" and produced for the ITAA by a former staffer of the Cato Institute. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is charged with making projections of worker oversupplies and shortages for the government, has not defined such a shortage. The ITAA is a trade group promoting its own public policy agenda, which includes the expansion of immigration quotas for computer professionals.

2. The ITAA report is based on unacceptable statistical methods and unproven assumptions. (3)

3. One of the ITAA's concerns is that it may have to pay computer professionals a wage "premium" for their work if the educational establishment does not produce an abundance of workers. Their report states that: "At a certain level, in a global market, U.S. companies risk

their profitability if they must pay individuals premiums beyond that which customers are willing to pay for the product or service those employees produce." I must question whether the Department's job is to interfere in market economics and assist in depressing wages for American workers so that corporations can maintain their profits.

4. ITAA has long promoted more open immigration and expanded quotas. Its report states that "The lack of mobility of labor across international borders, whether through practical or legal restrictions, means that a current inability to hire skilled people in America pushes U.S. companies to outsource abroad or relocate facilities internationally to obtain labor at a competitive price." By sponsoring the ITAA initiative, it appears that the Commerce Department has endorsed ITAA's immigration position.

5. The ITAA press release announcing the convocation lists the "stakeholders" as "Education", "Government" and "Industry". The computer professionals, or workers, who have a great deal to lose, are not included. Again, this initiative appears from the beginning to be dealing from a

stacked deck so that all of ITAA's predetermined conclusions are verified.

I find it unconscionable that my taxes and the taxes of our membership are being used to promote lower wages, increased production of engineers and computer professionals through the universities and fewer restrictions on importing foreign technical professionals based on an allegation of a shortage by a trade group with its own agenda.

For these and many other reasons, I urge you Mr. Secretary, to immediately withdraw both your participation and funding for this convocation.

Thank you for your consideration of this very important matter.


Billy E. Reed, President

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September 29, 1997

Update on Intel Portland, Oregon

FACE Intel members in Portland, Oregon have reported a new development in the SEXUAL HARASSMENT case that has been filed against Intel in Portland by Anita and Meera Venkataraman.

It is our belief that Intel filed for a summary judgement against this case. On September 4, 1997, Judge Malcolm Marsh of United States District Court for the District of Oregon dismissed all claims of Anita and Meera.

Since then, we have studied the claims, depositions and other public records regarding this case.
We believe that based on the material presented by the plaintiffs and the corroborative admissions of several Intel officials during the depositions, Anita and Meera's allegations have been amply proved and their claims are legitimate. We are totally appalled as to how the judge could have completely ignored the plaintiff's presented material, evidence and testimonies of harassment and the gross negligence of Intel, in such a solid case. It appears as if the judge has circumvented the judicial system by not allowing the outcome of the case to be decided by a jury. We will provide the detailed result of our research for your perusal and let you be the judge of this injustice.

It was reported to us that due to the safety concerns, Anita and Meera had to leave Oregon. Any information regarding this case and well-being of Anita and Meera would be appreciated. As it has always been our policy, we will keep identity of our supporters 100% confidential. If you like to stay totally anonymous please send your information in an unmarked envelope to:

FACE Intel
P.O. Box 1360
Citrus Heights, CA 95611-1360

We pledge our full support till the end and encourage Anita and Meera to appeal Judge Marsh's decision in the pursuit of an unbiased justice.

"The price of justice is eternal publicity."Arnold Bennett

Our plea to our member and other former and current employees is to help us fight oppression and injustice against innocent victims.

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September 24, 1997

Update on Intel, Chandler

FACE Intel members in Chandler, Arizona have reported that Intel continues to have problems attracting and retaining people to work in Chandler.

Ron Smith, Intel Vice President and General Manager for the Computer Enhancement Group in Chandler, had directed his staff to develop a positive news story for local media about working at Intel in Chandler. Of course the intention, as usual, is to deceitfully create a false perception of the Intel workplace. Create a mirage using the media to fool people about the work environment and only later will they learn it never existed.

We know of many employees that have left Intel and many others that are planning to leave. The stories these employees write to FACE Intel are horrifying in nature, but common and easy to believe. Our members in
Chandler have reported 3 suicides and 3 heart attacks since the beginning of this year. These are only the facts we know of, how many other employees and their families are sadly affected and we never know about? Everyone should consider asking their manager about health, death and attrition statistics at Intel. And don’t be satisfied with a brush off, if they don’t have an answer they should get one!

Some of our members have discussed these concerns and others, e.g., non-supportive working environment for women or anyone outside the political network, with their Human Resource Direct Representative (HRDR). They have also complained about the predatory environment currently in place. HRDR has told them, "... the HR group has discussed, and is concerned about, the fact that many experienced employees are leaving Intel.", the HRDR suggested: "... the management needs to ensure people enjoy their jobs in order to retain them." In other words, senior management at Intel needs to concern itself with retaining employees in Chandler, not just attracting new ones.

Obviously some attrition is natural within an organization, but what is happening at Intel Chandler is particularly heavy and unbearable for employees. The environment is psychologically so tough that it is driving employees either out or insane. It is too sad that HR is aware of it, and naturally Intel management is aware of it too, but has not been able to affect any change. What is Ron Smith's (Intel management's) solution? False "happy" stories in the paper.
As a matter of fact, Ron Smith’s HR Manager, Cecilia Lodico, is leaving her position. Has she given up?

A current employee of Intel, a Ph.D. from Harvard said, “...Put it this way, ‘just lure people to the Evil Empire.’"

Top.jpg (1141 bytes)

September 10, 1997


For immediate release

Sunday July 28, 1997

Contact: Robert Rivers, Chairman Manpower Committee


e.mail: AEAmanpower@webtv.net

Ft. Worth - The newly formed AEA Manpower committee of the American Engineering Association has taken on the task of reviewing and analyzing published reports of engineering shortages. History has proven these reports to be false and have no basis in fact. These reports or studies
are often quoted in trade journals and the public press to justify a
need to import more foreign engineers and scientists.

The most recent report getting a lot of play in the press is that of the
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a trade
association. The ststement of massive IT job vacancies and present and
future shortages is not supported by any data from the Bureau of Labor
Statistics. The DOL data does show huge increases in the supply to meet
the industry expansion requirements. From 1990 to 1996, the number of
employed computer programmers has declined. You will not find this
information in any shortage report. A shortage of 10% may be met with
only four hours of overtime per week.

If there wera a shortage of Programmers, Computer Scientists and SystemAnalysts, there would be a significant increase in median wages for 1996 over 1995. Computer programmers were on average receiving an increase in pay of only $25.00 per week per year and reaching a level of
approximately $775.00 per week.

American Engineering Association President Billy E. Reed said "These
shortage reports appear just before immigration is to be introduced or
considered by Congress. The name matters little whether it is the ITAA,
the American Electronics Association or the National Science Foundation,
they are the same people representing the same vested interest in
importing ever greater numbers of cheaper foreign workers. These
reports always have two things in common, they are never very accurate
and the projected shortage never appears."

"We see reports of shortages which are not based on fact, job
advertisements which only one person in the world meets the
requirements, and companies speaking of the "obsolete" engineer, all
intended to bolster the "need" to import cheap foreign labor. What
better way to "prove" my point of view than to survey myself. That is
what the ITAA did."

"If there were a shortage of computer professionals, would there be
companies who replace citizen progrmmers and analysts with foreign
professionals? Wouldn't it make sense to keep the workers you have and
add new people? I would think people in other technical professions
such as unemployed physicists or mathematicians with some programming
training could be utilized. This practice is hardly one of filling vacancies but one of replacing the presently employed with cheaper labor and producing unemloyment."

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August 28, 1997 Update

FACE Intel's mailing address is changed

FACE Intel

P.O. Box 1360

Citrus Heights, CA 95611-1360

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August 14, 1997 Update

Joseph (Joe) H. Friedrich: Plaintiff

Intel Corporation: Defendant

Case #: CV-S-94-1613

Court: United States District Court, Eastern District of California

Intel LOST phase one and two of the trial

Mr. Joe Friedrich was employed by Intel as a managing engineer from April 1971 until his termination on October 5, 1993. During his 22 years of service to the company, Friedrich accumulated an outstanding employment record. For approximately the last eight years at Intel he was employed at the Folsom, California plant as project manager.

His engineering, managerial and leadership expertise and abilities rendered Intel with millions and millions of Dolores in monetary gain.

Mr. Friedrich's long-time dedication, loyalty and constant hard work didn't conclude with a fairy tale ending. A series of medical examinations and tests during May 1992 and August 1992 resulted in a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS).

In May of 1992, as a result of his medical condition, Mr. Friedrich applied for and was granted short-term disability benefits under Intel's Short Term Disability Plan. That plan provides for a maximum of 52 weeks of disability benefits. Mr. Friedrich's health progressively deteriorated and rendered him unable to work. In fact, for weeks at a time, he was unable even to get out of bed.

Instead of showing any appreciation for the tremendous contribution of a brilliant man to the overall success of Intel, with utmost insensitivity and callousness Intel, a company who had repeatedly told Mr. Friedrich "
Employees are the greatest asset that we have" started a fight against him and deprived him of his rights.

This was first time Mr. Friedrich needed Intel's fulfillment of their promised commitment to all employees. Mr. Friedrich had sacrificed his health and life for Intel. He believed what the company told him throughout the 22 years of his employment. Mr. Friedrich had exceeded all expectations of his part of the contract with Intel. In response,
all Intel's fancy promises, values, mottoes and slogans turned out to be nothing but a bunch of worthless and deceitful lip service!

In February 1993 Intel informed Mr. Friedrich that his claim for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits was denied, and that his short term disability benefits would be terminated effective May 13, 1993. The basis for the denial was that Mr. Friedrich's "failure to meet the definition of disability" under LTD plan.

Intel's Risk Management and LTD Committee fought Mr. Friedrich for the past 4 years in order to strip him of his deserved LTD plan benefits.

Consider these facts:
Prior to 1987, outside insurance companies handled Intel's employees' disability and workers' compensation claims. Under that setup, Intel did not have the financial power they enjoy today. Actually, in 1984 they made $198 million in profit, in 1985 only $1.5 million, and in 1986 not only did Intel not make any profit, they in fact lost $203 million. Due to this disturbing loss trends Intel started to take some harsh and drastic actions. One of the measures taken to save money was to bring the disability and workers compensation insurance claims in house. Intel's Risk Management department started handling these claims.

Pam Lawlor, Intel's Risk Management Manager during Mr. Friedrich's trial, stated under oath "
we brought the disability and workers compensation in house, because we realized that insurance companies are not sensitive enough to the needs of our employees." FACE Intel now challenges Intel to provide the number of the disability claims filed and disability benefit granted from 1980 to 1987 handled by outside insurance companies. And we ask for the number of the disability claims filed and disability benefits granted from 1987 to 1996 handled by Intel's Risk Management department. Then we can see if Intel really had a benevolent intention.

Intel's Risk Management department took over the disability and workers compensation claims. This was done because insurance companies were a lot more reasonable than Intel, and because Intel wanted to rob the benefit that employees were entitled to. Despite his debilitating illness Mr. Friedrich is intrinsically a very strong-willed and spirited individual. His all-out determination to fight back was encouraged by his highly supportive family and a greatly skilled and experienced legal team. On October 7, 1994 Mr. Friedrich filed a lawsuit against Intel in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, in Sacramento. He sued to have access to his well-deserved LTD benefits.

In May 1997 the action went to trial before the Court of Honorable Garland E. Burrell, Jr., District Judge.

On July 7, 1997 the Honorable Judge Burrell issued his final judgment:
The plaintiff Joseph H. Friedrich recover of the defendant, Intel Corporation, from Intel's Long Term Disability Benefit Plan, the sum of $204,632.62, with prejudgment interest thereon calculated at the rate of 10% per year on the benefits denied to him from May 1993 to date of judgment, in the amount of $41,094.24, and his costs of action pursuant to applicable law.

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July 25, 1997 Update

Tricky Change of Employment Contract

If you were hired at Intel before 1991 and continued your employment after 1991, you probably know a very important fact about your employment contract.

Employees hired before 1991 had a fair (win-win) and decent employment contract with Intel. But in 1991 Intel decided to modify that contract to gain an upper hand and make it a win-loose contract to their own advantage. The company disguised the main objective of the new "
At Will Employment Contract," behind the protection of intellectual property. When employees posed the question of "what is the purpose of the new contract?," they were told "Intel needs to protect its intellectual properties by strengthening the Non-Disclosure Agreement," or some other diversionary answer -- but never the truth.

To change any simple plan or strategy at Intel, memos are distributed and meetings or trainings are held to explain the nature of the change and the implementation plan. But no announcements were made for this {which?} very important change. As a matter of fact, Intel went to a great extent to ensure no one could learn about the real intention behind the new contract which gave Intel
100% of the power to terminate any employee at any time for any reason without any legal liability.
It was easy for Intel to pull this trick company-wide. Intel employees, as usual, remained totally dedicated, naive and had no knowledge of labor laws and their rights. They were indoctrinated to unconditionally trust Intel - which stabbed them in the back.

FACE Intel recently learned about Intel's dishonest behavior. We conducted a sample survey and didn't find even one former or current employee who knew about the nature of the "
At Will Employment Contract." All they knew was that their managers presented new contracts and played very cool; the managers diverted the employees' attention to a {fake?} and trivial subject and urged all employees to sign the papers. {do you have supporting evidence for "fake"?}

Investigations are now underway to learn about the legal validity of Intel's current agreement which was done manipulatively and presented with intentional misrepresentation. FACE Intel's legal counsels are researching the situation to determine if Intel is guilty of fraud.

What does Intel say about all this?

Is it okay for Intel to mislead thousands of employees because it are a successful company?

Is it justifiable for Intel to deceitfully deprive thousands of employees of their employment rights because the company is so powerful?

Is it defensible for Intel to lie to their employees by telling them "Employees are the greatest asset the company has," while systematically terminating employees only to gain more profit for the stockholders?

Is it right for Intel to create a falsified perception that employees will have long-term employment at Intel, then deceitfully modify their employment contract to be able to cut them loose at any time for any reason without any legal liability, just to keep Wall Street happy?

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July 9, 1997 Update

Forgotten shareholder's power, it is the time to gain control! We believe that two-thirds of Intel employees are shareholders. Like you, we also are shareholders, making us part owners of the company.

As shareholders we have enormous power that has been totally ignored and could be utilized in a positive way for good of Intel, its shareholders and stakeholders.

We shareholders are like a sleeping elephant, totally unaware of the latent, awesome power that we possess. If an elephant had a clue of how much of power he possesses, he would never take that abuse from the little guy sitting on his back, beating him and driving him where he wants.

As shareholders we cannot afford to lumber along as submissive elephants. As shareholders, we can and should submit our concerns in the form of a shareholder's proposal to Intel, after all, we hold ownership interests in this company. Pursant to applicable rules under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Intel must include our proposals into the annual stockholder meeting agenda; our representative will have the opportunity to speak at the stockholders meeting, and our proposal(s) will be subject to a vote of the stockholders.

The deadline for submitting the stockholders proposal for Intel's 1998 shareholder's meeting is December 8, 1997.

The following are the proposals that we are suggesting at this time.Please comment and inform us of your suggestions of additional proposals.

1. Executive bonuses must be reduced to proportionally match those of the rank-and-file employees.

2. Craig Barrett must not hold more than one position, he is either President, or he is Intel's Chief Operating Officer, not both!

FACE Intel has secured the cooperation and support of a major pension fund organization. We are in process of building alliance with additional institutional investors. Alliance with this prospective institutional investor will gain us significant numbers (millions) of proxy votes....

Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

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July 1, 1997 Update

Labor TECH '97

Labor TECH 97 conference was an international gathering of labor technologists, that came together to show, share and learn to organize with the cutting edge tools of the 90's: Internet, radio, cable, TV, and print. The conference was held in San Francisco State University, on Saturday July 12 and 13, 1997.

As thousands of corporate executives throng to computer conventions held in major cities worldwide and drool over the latest Human resource Software Packages, Management Information System, or the best Internet product Marketing, labor technologists came to Labor TECH to talk about using the Internet and video technologies for social change and justice for their workforce. It is an irony in their favor however, that as the world solidifies its global corporate structure, that technology actually currently exists to facilitate solidarity and communication between the workers and their unions on the global scale as well.

The organizers of the conference who learned about FACE Intel, believed that we have been the most progressive grassroots labor movement. They were fascinated with our Internet and electronic (E-mail) campaigns. We were invited to the conference to show and share our ideas. Ken Hamidi (FACE Intel Spokesperson) participated as a panelist and speaker in two workshops and in couple of other general forums.

The following are the list of programs, sponsoring organizations, speakers, panelists and moderators.

Saturday July 12th

8-9 Registration
9-10 Welcome and Plenary
Labor, The Internet and Union Democracy
10:30-12 Workshops
Labor's On-Line Communities
Labor Video & Organizing
On-Line Research Techniques for Labor
12-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3 Workshops
Today's Labor Struggles & Technology
Multimedia Labor Education/Organizing Youth
Community Access TV- Hands on/How to
3-4:30 Workshops
Global Organizing On The Internet
Editing & Digital Video Technology
5-7 Cocktail Reception
Hosted by SF Labor Council & SFSU Labor Studies Program in the
Social Science Building (HSS 371)

7:30-10PM SOLIDARITY NIGHT with Detroit Newspaper workers and
Korean workers. Damon Hartley & Margaret Trimmer Hartley slide show,
labor music and poetry. Will be held at the Mission Cultural Center at 2868
Mission Street (at 25th St.)

Sunday July 13

8-9 Registration
9-10 Plenary
The Future of Labor & Telecommunications
10-11:30 Workshops
Internal Organizing Using Computers
Privatization the Internet & Cable TV
Labor Radio
12-1:30 Lunch & Plenary
Globalization, NAFTA, GATT & Labor Communication
1:30-3 Workshops
Race, Class, Gender & Access to Computers
The Electronic Workplace
Labor Communication in Developing Countries
3-4 Closing

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators include

Chupoo Alafonte; "Computer Access" KPFA Pacifica Radio
David Bacon; Labor Radio - KPFA Pacifica Radio, Berkeley, CA
Chris Bailey; Labournet-UK/Liverpool Dockers Webmaster
Judith Barish; Communications Director, California Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Nikki Fortunato Bas; Program Coordinator - Sweatshop Watch
Carl Bryant, Dennis Mackler; Producer, Editor-"Letter Carriers Today" TV 214 NALC
Rick Castor; AFL-CIO LaborNet SysOp
Jim Catterson; Information Officer - ICEM, Brussels
Brenda Cochrane; Director, Labor Studies San Francisco State University
Anna Couey, Cathrine Powell; Datacenter, Oakland, CA
Antonio Diaz; Coordinator EcoJustice Network Project/IGC
Peter Donohue; Economist, Labor Consultant
William Fiore; Organizing Director UFCW Local 101 "Bay to Borders" Cable TV
Julius Fisher; Producer/Director "Working" TV- Vancouver
Rick Tejeda Flores; Producer/Director "Fight in the Fields"
Sasha Futran; Member,Board of Directors, Public Broadcast-KQED
Fred Glass; Communications Director,California Federation of Teachers
Josue Guillen; Co-founder of PODER, Organizer
Ken Hamidi; Spokesperson for FACE-Intel
Bruce Hartford; Secy Treas-National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981
Daymon Hartley; TNG Local 22-Access Webmaster Detroit Newspaper Worker
Steven Hill; Center for Voting & Democracy, LaborNet Steering Committee
Luke Holmes; Bay Area Video Coalition
Tom Kerr; "Labor in the Heartland" KKFI Radio, Kansas City
Myoung Joon Kim; Seoul,Korea Labor Video Production, Journalist
Howard Kling; University of Minnesota Labor Educator,President - UPPNET
Alfredo Lopez; People-Link, NY
Charles Metzler; Chairman, Computer Department,City College of SF
Maureen Mason; WomensNet Program Coordinator, IGC
Onder Ozdemir; Turkish Trade Union Rep-DISK -Telecom Activist)
Jagdish Parikh; PeopleLink, Solinet, Human Rights Watch
Giselle Quezada; CWA Local 9410 V.P.
Steve Roach & Mark Hunnibell; Activists/Webmaster APA Pilots Defending the Profession
Ed Rosario; SF Coordinator "Hemispheric Labor Conference Against Nafta & GATT" ,
President SF LCLAA
Jim Smith; Communications Director, California Faculty Association
Bill Sokol; VanBourg Law Firm, KPFA & KQED
Norman Solomon; Writer, Columnist,- media issues
Ellen Starbird; LaborEducator, Organizer, MSW
Michael Stein; LaborNet/IGC - LaborNet Coordinator
David Walters; Labor Party Webmaster
Meryl Webster; CWA Webmaster
Chris Witteman; Telecommunications/Consumer Attorney
Steve Zeltzer; Labor Video Project, SF
Erica Zweig; LaborTECH '97 Coordinator, LaborNET Steering Committee

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May 30, 1997 Update

NOW - National Organizaiton for Woman

Help NOW to keep your work environment free of discrimination.

Check NOW's web site and share this address with others:


NOW work on achieving and defending the rights of women and children on a wide range of issues. We currently have a nationwide campaign called "Women Friendly Workplace" where we are asking employers to sign a pledge to promote a work environment free from sexual harassment and discrimination. Those who refuse (Mitsubishi, Smith Barney) are listed as "Merchants of Shame" and publicized. I am Calif. NOW's State Action Coordinator and on the National NOW Board, and am curious to learn more about the INTEL situation. I will explore the address you have provided.

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May 19, 1997 Update

Former And Current Employees of Intel

We would like to thank the employees of several electronic firms for their continued support and mention a few of the companies where the employees are most active.

Network General




Thanks for your kind cooperation.

We would also like to thank university students around the world for their show of support and inquiries. We are in process of creating a section on our web site particularly for students, where we can publish the information specific to the needs of graduating students.

We have studied several information packages that electronic firms have supplied to the universities. Most of these packages lack vital information that students need to make a decision about their future career. Some of these employers are brainwashing students by presenting misleading information without any mention of unjust and inhumane practices. We will provide you with more information and focus questions that you can ask your prospective employers.

Our special thanks to the supportive students from the following universities:


Arizona State University

Sheffield Hallam University

Last but not least by any means, we thank all of supportive personnel in

Brooks Air Force Base.

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May 14, 1997 Update

IT and Telecommunication Conference:

Heads of American and European IT and Telecommunication unions gathered in Washington DC for a conference on May 1, 1997. The IT and Telecommunication unionists were brought together to develop a response to the economic and structural changes taking place in the industries.

Several unions have been following the developments of the FACE Intel organization and Ken Hamidi, (FACE Intel's Spokesperson) was invited to this conference. Some of the unconventional approaches of this grass roots labor movement, like effective utilization of the Internet and mass e-mailing has aroused interest amongst many labor advocate

The following topics were discussed during this conference:
* Global Economic Trends and Corporate Strategies in the IT and
* Telecommunications Industries.
* Industrial Relations in the IT and Telecommunications Industries in the
* US and Europe.
* Strengthening Unions is the IT and Telecommunications Industries.
* International Trade Union Solidarity.
* Unions and the IT and Telecommunications Industries.

The Telecommunication, Publishing, Entertainment, and Computing industries are converging into the Information Services industry. At the same time many of the multinational corporations in these industries are merging. 1,711,000 employees are working in Information Services industry in United States. These converging industries take in $270 billion a year in revenues. As corporations grow larger and more powerful the corporate greed also will grow stronger. The negative impact of the new corporate behavior is already shockingly effecting workers and communities.

CWA - Communication Workers of America represent 650,000 members, 500,000 of whom work in the converging industries. CWA is very powerful and a progressive organization. The workers they represent are very happy and secure. On the other hand the companies that CWA's members work for are very successful and internationally competitive.

FACE Intel will contemplate any future cooperation and closer ties with CWA and other labor advocacy organizations.

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April 30, 1997 Update

A very exciting trial:

Joe Friedrich who worked 23 highly successful years for Intel, developed a type of disability (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Intel denied long term disability for him. Joe has sued Intel and his trial began on April 19, 1997 in Federal Court of Sacramento. On April 29, 1997 first phase of the trial was completed and Joe Friedrich WON this part with flying colors!!!. We will publish the court proceedings once the transcripts are available.

FACE Intel has been very actively supporting Joe and his attornies prior to intiaition of the trial and during the trial. We are extremely elated and encouraged that our support has played a very effective role in Joe's litigation against Intel. We are helping other former Intel employees who have lawsuit against Intel, and so far the information, documents, and witnesses that we have provided in support of these cases have been instrumental in success of the cases.


Now over 100,000 visits to our site:

Our special thanks to all of our supporters who visit our site, comment, write articles for us, and introduce our site to others.

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April 15, 1997 Update

Intel is misleading the public!!!

Stacy Koon, Intel's representative, in response to the interview by Brian Santo, editor from EE Times, said that three lawsuits filed by known FACE Intel members have been dismissed as being without merit.

This is a totally deceptive and very misleading. By falsely stating that these three cases were dismissed without merit, Intel intends to imply that there were judgements ruled on these cases and as a result, they were dismissed. We want to expose this manipulation. Let's see what happened and how Ms. Koon (Intel) falsified the facts to mislead media and the public.

As of January 1997, eleven of FACE Intel members had filed lawsuits against Intel relating to employment practices. Within a few months of filing the civil suits, two of the members dropped their cases based on their own decision and due to the family reasons. The third case was was scheduled for trial in February 1997. A few days prior to trial, Intel and the plaintiff's attorneys negotiated a settlement out of court. FACE Intel has won one of the three cases via out of court settlement.

When a plaintiff files a claim against a defendant and later decides to drop the charges or agree to a settlement, his/her attorney has to "dismiss the charges". And the attorney of the above mentioned FACE Intel members filed a dismissal of the cases with Superior Court of Sacramento, California. As you can see Ms. Koon has totally twisted the facts in her interview with the editor of EE Times with intent to mislead the public.

Ms. Koon also mentioned that Intel blocked access to the FACE Intel’s Web site based on the request of employees. On the contrary, we have documentation to show that Human Resource (HR) representative while briefing the managers at Intel, clearly states that it was Intel's own decision to block the FACE Intel Web site access and the e-mails from FACE Intel. Once again, we believe that Intel is twisting the facts to mislead the reader of EE Times article.

We appreciate very much the objective coverage provided by Brian Santo and EE Times. You can read more about the article at EETimes

Chandler FACE Intel Chapter:

Formation of the FACE Intel chapter in Chandler, Arizona is progressing very nicely. If you would like to participate in the group activities send us an e-mail or write a letter to the following address:

FACE Intel

P.O. Box 1360

Citrus Heights, CA 95611

We are coordinating the research, interview and selection of attorneys in the Arizona area. Those of you who need legal assistance urgently, please contact FACE Intel for attorney referrals.

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April 10, 1997 Update

Intel Deprives Employees To Learn About Real Issues

On April 2, 1997, FACE Intel sent over 30,000 e-mails to Intel employees to inform them about the following:

1. Intel has blocked access to FACE Intel's web site from all Intel locations.

2. We did not receive most of Intel employees e-mails.

3. They did not receive the e-mails that we sent to them.

These e-mails were meant for those employees who do not have access or denied access to Internet at Intel. We provided many other options to view our Web site from outside of Intel.

The content of the e-mail had to do with Intel's attempt to censor communication to their employees. Why would they want to deprive employees to hear ex-employee's views on Intel. What are they afraid of? If our complaints are not legitimate then Intel has nothing to worry about. We heard certain managers within Intel questioned HR folks as to why Intel is blocking the FACE Intel web site.

Within 24 hours of our e-mail campaign on April 3, 1997, two (CWO - Costal Web Online and Calweb) of FACE Intel's Internet Service Providers (ISP) canceled our services. We were told by CWO that there were threats from Intel and other companies who provide service to CWO to shut their business down if they did not discontinue service to FACE Intel. But the issue has gone much farther than that. CWO not only canceled our service but also destroyed all the emails from Intel employees, thereby violating many federal laws related to tampering with mail. There are 100's of ISPs that we can choose from. As far as violation of our rights, our attorneys are investigating this matter. We are also seeking assistance from civil liberty groups and other first amendment watchdog groups for further action on this gross violation.

These ISPs accused us of violating the email laws. We maintain our position of not violating any laws or regulation regarding our email campaign. As a matter of fact we have an email from Intel confirming that it is legal to send emails to Intel employees. We basically exercised our first amendment rights i.e. freedom of speech. We elected to use the electronic channel to communicate our messages. We conducted mass mailing but whenever anybody asked us to stop sending them e-mail, we obliged by taking their name off our mailing list. If Intel has blocked your message to us either directly or indirectly, then we are unable to correct the mailing list.

Those of you who sent us e-mails in support of our work or wanted your name off of our list, please be advised that we have not received any of your messages. If you receive unexpected email messages from us after requesting removal from our mailing list it is due to Intel's blocking tactics.

We will not tolerate intimidation by any corporation no matter how mighty. Our goal is to educate our fellow employees. It is pity that a corporation like Intel has elected to deprive their own employees of information that could help to improve themselves.

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April 6, 1997 Update


* We are very pleased that FACE Intel’s membership is increasing and continues to grow at an increasing rate.

* In the near future chapters of FACE Intel will be opening in Portland,Oregon and Chandler Arizona.


FACE Intel's Web Site Popularity:

* We have observed a dramatic increase in activity on FACE Intel’s web site. Intel employees are really showing, which is definitely valid, interest due to Intel’s current review cycle that is coming up very soon.

* Our web site is increasing in popularity with employees of other companies, specially in Silicon Valley. For those of you who are asking for our assistance in helping you to form your own group, it would be a pleasure for us to do that, but we need to seek legal advice on this matter before we can get involved in any endeavors of such. We are sincerely grateful for your kind support of our cause!!!


Legal Alliance:

* The information in the FACE Intel’s web sit and our legal archive is proven to be extremely valuable to any lawyer that has filed a case against Intel for their client. We are continually adding information to this area of the web sit and our legal archive as well. As it is discovered or made available to us by individuals and specially lawyers. This information, which has been acquired through exhausting research and effort, is available to everyone with a valid cause.


Why become a member:

* A member benefits from FACE Intel’s data base and legal archive, the Legal Alliance, and the support provided by the other members.

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March 27, 1997 Update

Last week Intel announced a new benefit - plan

"The Golden Parachute for highly paid executives and managers"

or as Intel is posing it:

"Intel adds early retirement definition and stock option acceleration".

Take a closer look!

Using the "Rule of 75" if for example, you are 50 years old and have 25 years of service at Intel you can ask for acceleration of your future stock options and a prorated bonus pay out. Intel is continuing to create a false perception of great benefits. The majority of employees may not last to retirement.

Look at your total compensation package - Does this help you in any way? Probably NOT! In a SAMPLE phone survey which was conducted by a FACE Intel's member the majority of Intel employees that were surveyed said "so what!" They are right. This is another maneuver by Intel to push out employees that are over the age of 40. But, in this case, it is also to avoid costly litigation from highly paid executives and managers.

Who really benefits? The upper middle managers and executives with those huge stock options. As a stock holder this makes me angry. You might watch for a possible share holders class action suit in the future.

Here is an example from reality. An Intel employee that is no longer in FAVOR or part of the "good ol’ boy" system has an opportunity to take early retirement and walk with 20,000 - 30,000 shares of Intel stock. That is great for that person and Intel can basically dump the person without the worry of age discrimination or other law suits, because the person has voluntarily terminated. So, Level 10, 11, and 12 managers keep looking over your shoulder. At some point your manager might be approaching you with a suggestion that you take the "Golden Parachute" before you are forced out.

This is a method to push out highly paid employees without the possibility of legal action because you have to VOLUNTEER to take the GOLDEN PARACHUTE.

We believe that there are thousands of managers and executives at Intel with 5,000 - 100,000 shares of future stock options. So, Keep your eyes open and watch them as they jump ship.

Executives of Intel enjoy looking out for themselves, while the vast majority of employees have little or no benefit. A side note to the Executive Staff - I thought those stock options were granted for future work and value of an employee - Not a gift to push them out the door or a Golden Parachute thank you.

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March 15, 1997 Update

FACE Intel group conducted an e-mail campaign on March 3, 1997, to announce the inauguration of our Web site. We sent about 35,000 e-mail messages throughout Intel sites. Since our e-mail messages are screened at Intel's cc:mail gateway, only 7-10,000 of these messages reached Intel employees. On March 3rd and 4th, 2,842 people visited our Web site. Intel attempted to block access to FACE Intel's Web site from all Intel locations. We started to receive reports in this regard on Wednesday, March 5th and by Friday, March 7th, we received confirmation from various sites that access to FACE Intel's Web site from all of Intel locations was not possible.

FACE Intel is the only opposition group formed in Intel's history (see who we are). Intel started to target employees for various reasons and victimized them in isolation. Employees could not find out what happened to their disappearing colleagues. You can imagine that it is extremely uncomfortable for Intel to see that a group is formed and with total sophistication are peacefully utilizing the power of the Internet in turning Intel's inside out.

Instead of attempting to resolve the issues, Intel is arrogantly making it worse. They censor the FACE Intel's Web site, with the intention to keep employees from learning the facts which would render conduction of Intel's brain washing techniques formidable and further implementation of Intel's predatory Ranking and Rating policy would become more difficult. Of course, this very desperate effort by Intel, makes obvious to employees that Intel is trying to hide the secrets, otherwise they would totally ignore the whole group and their claims, allegations and complaints.

The reports from inside Intel strongly testify to this fact. On Monday, March 3, 1997, Intel employees reported to managers regarding FACE Intel's e-mail message and their Web site. Excited and nervous managers turned to HRDR's (Human Resources Development Representative) to seek remedy. After some deliberation Intel's Human Resource and Legal Departments decide to block access to FACE Intel's Web site and any future e-mail broadcast.

Many of Intel's middle managers question and argue HR's decision. They think that this will only send a message to employees, "what is Intel trying to hide? Can't Intel stand up to scrutiny of the allegations?" Also, they argue the fact that Intel does not block Web sites of other potentially offensive material. What is the risk or harm in just ignoring this group and their allegations?

The general answer as to the concerns, questions and arguments of Intel managers was:

"Please provide this coaching to employees when asked about the FACE Intel group, their e-mail messages and Web site:

Tell them that Intel believes that allegations by FACE Intel group are totally unfounded and untrue.

Also tell them that we are taking steps to block further messages and access to the FACE Intel's Web site from Intel sites."

Intel blockage of FACE Intel created a predicament for managers and lots of curiosity for employees. Since Intel cannot block access to FACE Intel's Web site from people's houses, libraries and etc. thousands more of Intel’s employees have visited our site.

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March 14, 1997 Update

Over 5000 people have visited our site. That's great! Thanks for forwarding our site address to your friends. Although Intel has blocked its employees from entering our site from work, many alternatives still exist, such as libraries, home systems and friend's computers. Many employees at other companies, including several at AMD, have visited several times. Thanks again for getting the word out.

Another unique turn of events is that lawyers representing other Intel employees have been thankful for the information provided at our site. Perhaps our efforts are working in favor of YOUR labor rights. Attorneys, please note that our legal data base will be expanded within about a week.

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March 6, 1997 Update

Since the introduction of FACEI's Home Page on March 3, 1997 the response from Intel employees has been overwhelming.

As you commonly realize we all benefit from accomplishing this mission, even those who do not identify with our cause. Please be aware of the positive changes that have been and will be influenced by our collective efforts.

We have tried to respond to your inquiries, but from our previous experience we believe that the cc:mail gateway at Intel is now blocking our messages again. Also we have reasons to believe that your e-mail messages sent to us from inside Intel are being blocked at Intel's discretion. Therefore, we request that if possible contact us from outside of Intel. This can be done via e-mail, if you do not have access to Internet at home you can try your local library. Another option is to mail us a letter:

FACE Intel

P.O. Box 1901

Loomis, CA 95650

Due to the HIGH VOLUME of e-mail messages being sent to us, we have not been able to respond to all of your questions. We will be updating our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to reflect the majority of your concerns. Please review our FAQ's every time you visit the FACE Intel Site.

We appreciate your constructive inputs and as you notice we are correcting and enhancing our Home Page according to your valuable suggestions.

Your informative comments will be discreetly reflected in the Weekly Posting or Comments pages.

Thank you very much for your interest and support!!!

A few hours after this announcement page was published on 3/6/97, we received an e-mail from one of our supporters, who informed us that Intel has at least blocked the access to FACE Intel's Web Site from Proxy server (Santa Clara). This explains why several other employees have been informing us that they could not reach our Web Site.

Please relay this information to those friends and coworkers who have to access Internet from inside Intel.


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