Independent Air Quality Tests Results


For ten years Corrales residents complained to Intel and New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) officials about frequent strong chemical odors that coincided with serious medical problems among residents who live near the Intel plant.  Intel has persistently denied any connection between these illnesses and the toxic chemicals released from its semiconductor fabrication plant in Rio Rancho, New Mexico .  NMED has generally supported Intel's denials and dismissed residents complaints by insisting that Intel is in compliance with the "sham" permit issued over our strong objections by NMED.  See the truth here.

Finally, Corrales residents decided that the only way they would ever learn which toxins are in the air they breathe is by purchasing and operating their own monitor.  This small community of 7,300 people raised $93,000 in private donations and bought a sophisticated FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) monitor, which has been used since July, 2003 to continuously measure volatile pollutants in the air.  Routine operation of this monitor has measured the concentrations of about a dozen compounds known to be released by Intel.

An independent third party is analyzing the data for additional toxic compounds detected in Corrales by the community-owned FTIR monitor.  The results of this analysis will be published when it is completed.